Google Contact is the best tool for us because it allows you to save and sync your all phonebook contact to Google’s cloud-based storage. You can also access them via your Google Account. Google’s contact tools also help when you switch your old phone to new phone. But for all of this, first of all, you need to sync contacts from phone’s phonebook to Google contact. You are looking for how to sync contacts from phone to google? No need to worry about it. Only follow these simple steps:

how to sync contacts to Gmail

how to sync contacts from phone to gmail

Step 1:  Press the Android’s Menu button and launch “Settings” of on your phone.
Step 2:  Scroll down and choose “Account” option under the personal section.
Step 3:  Open “Account” option, then select “Google” option.
Step 4: Under the Google section, choose your desired google Account that you want to use for sync.
Step 5: After selecting Google Account, open it.
Step 6: Here you can see all Google services like App Data, Calendar, Chrome, Contacts, Drive, Gmail, Google+ and Google Keep etc.
Step 7: From the list of all available services, Choose “Contact” option and use slider button to Turn ON Sync feature or you can also tap on “Three dotted buttons” on the top right side of the screen then choose “Sync Now” option to Activate sync process on all services.

Check our video guide on how you can sync your smartphone contacts with your Google account from below.

Do let us know if you want us to create more tutorial guide for you. Comments below if you need any help in processing steps.

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