While copying, backup or restoring any data from android phones, sometimes we copy the same folder/file twice or more than twice. This create duplication of files and it occupies more space on SD card or phone memory. Manually searching for file from File manager app, it would be difficult for anyone. But if you have any App to Find Duplicate Files on your smartphone, it would be the best.

It would be also difficult if we connect device to PC and search it from computer explorer. Here is recommended duplicate file finder for your smartphone, that helps you to find duplicate files and remove them from your device.

how to erase duplicate files on your android phone
App to Find Duplicate Pictures

Sometimes you might have seen, there are unnecessary duplicate/dupe files that may take up a lot of space. We have researched latest android app that lets you search for duplicate files from your device and help you to kick them out of the device. This app is recommended App to remove duplicate photos & images or even other types of file from your device.

With Search Duplicated File, an Android smart utility app, you can locate and remove these duplicate/dupe files on your Android device easily and accurately. It will free up a lot of storage space on your Android device! And this one is the best Application to Find Duplicate Files on your smartphone. There are a lot of feature of this duplicate file finder android app, some of them are listed below.

Search Duplicate File(Super) Features:

  • OneClick to search and select
  • Save/load search results
  • Specify path/size to search for
  • Best App to Find Duplicate Photos on android
  • Support searching hidden files/folders
  • Support internal/external SD card
  • Support previewing photo/apk/storage
  • Notify you when a search complete
  • Search results are grouped by file size
  • View file content before deleting/excluding it
  • Batch select/deselect files/groups
  • Batch delete/exclude files/groups
  • Batch expand/collapse groups.

You can check out Free Duplicate File Remover app for android smartphone that we believe the best App to Remove Duplicate Files from your smartphone.

Search Duplicate File (SDF)
Search Duplicate File (SDF)
Developer: NeedJava
Price: Free

We hope this duplicate finder for the Android smartphone has helped you. If you are using any other apps like this, feel free to share it in the comments below.