Samsung has offered microSD card slots on Samsung Galaxy S10 series mobile phones except for 5G functionality. With the help of an external microSD card slot, you will be able to expand your mobile phone’s storage capacity to save more data, including songs, videos, movies, and photos.

Samsung Galaxy S10e comes with 128GB & 256GB variants, Samsung Galaxy S10 has 128GB & 512GB variants while the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus phone is packed with 128GB, 512GB & biggest storage capacity of 1TB. All three variants of Samsung Galaxy S10 family mobile phones support microSD cards up to 512GB.

But which one should you use with your Samsung S10 family mobile phone? Here are our picks for the best microSD cards for Samsung S10 family mobile phones.

Best MicroSD cards for Samsung Galaxy S10 Series

We have considered the biggest microSD cards that are compatible with the Galaxy S10e, the Galaxy S10, and the Galaxy S10+ mobile phones in this list. Still, you can choose a lower storage capacity variant memory card if your budget is low or you require less storage.

What is the biggest microSD card capacity that the S10 series supports?

Samsung Galaxy S10 series mobile phones, including the Galaxy S10e, the Galaxy S10, and the Galaxy S10 Plus, support the biggest microSD card up to 512GB using a microSD card slot.

How To Put an SD Card in Galaxy S10 Phones?

You can access the Samsung Galaxy S10 SD card slot using a SIM ejector pin & insert a microSD card on the device from there.

If you have any confusion about that, you can refer to the video above for further help.


That’s our recommendation on the top microSD cards for the Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphones. We have even considered the Samsung MicroSD card in the list from Walmart, and it’s best suited for Samsung mobile phones.

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