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What Is VPN? The first question will come in your mind if you are reading about VPN for the first time. Well, it’s “Virtual Private Network” that help you to secure your online privacy during internet surfing, watching online videos, net banking etc. Also, most of the people are concerning about their online privacy & security on priority while using the internet on your smartphone, tablets or laptops. With the VPN you can do everything securely on the internet without any risk.

The Second thing is “ Is that support VPN on Android Smartphone ?” Yes, Every latest Android Smartphone supports VPN feature. Approx every Smartphone manufacturer company give this feature on his smartphone.

It secures your smartphone’s internet connection to guarantee that all of the data you’re sending and receiving is encrypted and secured from spying eyes. So that you can access to secure websites, net banking sites or your social networking sites on public WiFi too without worrying about your online privacy. Here in this article, we are going to write about Best Free VPN for Android.

Best VPN App For Android

Check out below article for best VPN for Android smartphones and tablet devices. If you are already using any of them or other than this, we would like to hear your reviews from you in the comments.

SuperVPN Free VPN Client

SuperVPN is total free VPN app for Android smartphones and tablets. The SuperVPN has protected your privacy on the internet and secure from 3rd party tracking. Super VPN allows you to unblock geographically restricted websites with no registration required and no any settings required.

Free VPN for Android Tablet

The best feature is it can be connected by one click and no any rooting process needed. The SuperVPN is encrypted your internet traffic and gives you top server speed & reliability.

Features of SuperVPN Free VPN Client:

  • Protect your privacy, keep you safe from 3rd party tracking
  • Unblock geographically restricted websites
  • No registration required, no settings required
  • No speed limitation, no bandwidth limitation
  • One-click to connecting VPN
  • No root access needed
  • Encrypts your internet traffic
  • Top server speed & reliability
  • Using most secure VPN solution

The app provides 20 days trial. After 20 days, you can use the app for 60 minutes each session. When the session ends, a simple reconnect will get another session.

App Name

Hola Free VPN Proxy

Using Hola, you can easily unblock restricted websites & content, Stream media content, Keep your activities safe, secure and private on the internet.

Best VPN Software for Android

For the benefit of their users, hola is sharing the idle resource of its users. Hola keeps their service for FREE for its user, by selling their commercial version of peer to peer hola VPN service with extra features. Hola is also having a browser extension that can be found here for Chrome and Firefox.

Features of Hola Free VPN Proxy:

  • you can directly access to your favorite censored or blocked websites
  • Unblocks applications and websites from around the world
  • Hide your IP address to browse the web privately & anonymously
  • Absolutely 100% Free
  • Switch countries with ease
  • Speeds up web browsing
  • Reduces data plan costs

App Name

Hotspot Shield Free VPN Proxy:

Hotspot Shield VPN is the most trusted VPN service provider with the best performance on speed, stability as well as security. Hotspot Shield allows you to do online activities, sites visited, searches and personally identifiable information to always stay private and secure on the internet. 

Hotspot Shield for Android Free Download
Hotspot Shield for Android Free Download

Hotspot Shield free VPN proxy easily unblock gaming sites as well as some blocked social sites like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter etc. This secure VPN tunnel ensures your security by encrypting all of your transmitted sent and received data. It will block all incoming potential threats outside the network. Hotspot Shield VPN offers a free ad version and a premium version.

Features of Hotspot Shield Free VPN Proxy:

  • Unblock online gaming sites, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn
  • Enjoy securely & privately browsing at public WiFi hotspots
  • Protect your device from malware threats and another online hack
  • Available on PC, Mac, iOS, and Android platform

You can get VPN Free Download Hotspot Shield link from below.

App Name
AnchorFree GmbH

Free VPN Proxy by Betternet

Betternet VPN helps you access to the most blocked websites and applications in your country and your workplace. Betternet is a best VPN proxy for Android smartphones and tablets without any ad and no any registration. You can access blocked site and also can unblock sites. You can also unblock Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat, like other social sites without any facing problem.

Free VPN for Android Download
VPN Android

Betternet offers you to do surfing on the web anonymously without any risk. Betternet VPN helps you to change your IP on the internet and reduce a risk of tracking you on the internet. Betternet VPN secures your Smartphone’s connection while you’re connected to the web, public wi-fi hotspots, and other public connection.

Features of Betternet:

  • It’s free
  • No, any credit cards needed
  • No, any Registration or Login is required
  • No, any log is saved from any users
  • Simple, one click connect
  • Connects you to the fastest Server

App Name
Betternet LLC

Cloud VPN (Free & Unlimited)

Cloud VPN is totally unlimited and 100% free VPN service provider with no any login, no any registrations, no any bandwidth limitations and no any trials so this is absolutely free forever.

VPN Free Download for Android
Download VPN for Android Mobile

Cloud VPN helps you to access blocked sites without any facing problem while you’re connected to the internet. Cloud VPN allows you to access many social sites like Facebook, Google Twitter, Skype and also unlock app and gaming online gaming sites.

Cloud VPN work with WiFi, cellular data plan 3G, 4G, and public hotspot. Cloud VPN allows you one-click interface without any rooting process and no any setup configuration.

App Name
Network Services

Here we have listed some of the best VPN apps for your Android smartphones and tablet devices. If you are already using any one of them, feel free to share its review with us. If you think any other VPN apps that should be included in this list, feel free to suggest us that one. We will review it and include that in this list if we think it should be here.

Last Updated On: June 25, 2017

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