Key Takeaways

  • Universal USB-C Compatibility: Compatible with all devices featuring a USB-C connection.
  • Charging Protocols: Uses Samsung Fast Charging 2.0 and USB Power Delivery PPS standard.
  • 45W for the Big Guys: S22 Plus and S22 Ultra feature improved 45W charging.
  • Third-Party Chargers: Numerous third-party chargers work due to the universal USB PD PPS standard.
  • Is Upgrading Worth It?: Perhaps not, unless your charger is several years old.

What Kind of Charger Does the Samsung Galaxy S22 Use?

What Kind of Charger Does the Samsung Galaxy S22 Use

As we tread deeper into the age of USB-C, it’s refreshing to see the Samsung Galaxy S22 embracing this universal standard. With the included 1.5m cable, expect blistering charging and transfer speeds. Whether you’re transferring your latest playlist or a hefty video file, the USB-C cable won’t keep you waiting.

What’s in the Box? Or Not.

No Charger in the Retail Box

To the surprise of no one, Samsung has continued its trend of not including a charger in the box. You can opt for Samsung’s charger lineup, but let’s be real—you’ve probably got a drawer full of chargers from yesteryears. So, the question is, can you repurpose any of these for the Galaxy S22?

ModelCharging CapabilitiesProtocol Used
Galaxy S2225WFirst-gen Fast Charge
Galaxy S22 Plus45WFast Charging 2.0
Galaxy S22 Ultra45WFast Charging 2.0

Breaking Down the Charging Specs

How Fast is 45W?

Samsung has amped up the charging capabilities with its new Galaxy S22 Plus and Galaxy S22 Ultra.

The regular Galaxy S22 is still lounging at 25W, but the Plus and Ultra models have rocketed to a 45W peak. But the devil, as always, is in the details.

Charging Times Comparison Table

Charger TypeTime to 100% (Minutes)
45W USB Power Delivery PPS62
25W USB Power Delivery PPS69
18W USB Power Delivery91
Qualcomm Quick Charge92
Samsung Adaptive Fast Charge98
Standard 5V USB135

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use Any Charger with the Galaxy S22?

Technically, yes. But to squeeze out maximum efficiency, a USB PD PPS charger is your go-to.

Is the 45W Charger Worth the Upgrade?

Depends. If you’re using a significantly older model, maybe. But don’t expect a night and day difference between a 25W and a 45W charger.

Do I Need a Special Cable?

Not necessarily. Any e-marked cable capable of handling the power requirements will do.

What are the recommended Chargers for Samsung S22?

Curious about charger options for your brand-new Galaxy S22? Stick around; we’ve got some killer recommendations below.

Conclusion: To Upgrade or Not to Upgrade?

While Samsung’s 45W charging capabilities may sound like a big leap, the real-world differences are marginal. It’s a modest gain and should be seen more as an “bonus” rather than a game-changer. But hey, if you’re the “always in a hurry” kind of person, you might appreciate those few extra minutes saved.

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