This article is for you if you are using a PlayStation 5 console and facing charging problems with your controller.

These cables are not very durable and can get damaged if they are used roughly or kept in a place where they might get entangled or stretched too much.

If the charging cable of your controller stops working, it could be because of one of the following reasons:

Is Your PS5 Charging Cable Not Working? Try These Fixes

The Cable Might Be Defective

The first thing that you should check if your controller charging cable is not working is whether it is a problem with your cable or not. If you are sure that the cable has not been damaged and is in good condition, then you should check the pins on your controller.

The charging pins on your PS5 controller can be damaged if they are used roughly or placed in a position where they can become trapped or pulled too far. If the charging pins on your controller are damaged, they will not be able to charge your controller correctly.

The Pin On Your Controller is Broken

If the charging pins are working fine and the cable is also in good condition, then one of the charging pins on your controller may have broken.

In this case, you would have to get the pin replaced by a PS5 service center.

There is Dirt or Dust Inside Your Charging Port

The charging port of your PS5 controller houses type C cable. There may be dirt or dust in the charging port of your controller. This could make the cable unable to fit into the charging port properly and charge your controller.

To fix this problem, you would have to clean the charging port of your controller with a cleaning brush, toothpaste, or soap. Make sure that the cleaning solution does not get inside the charging port. You can also try blowing air into the charging port to get rid of the dirt or dust that has accumulated inside.

You Might have Inserted the Cable in the Wrong Direction

The PS5 charging cable has a marked side. If you have inserted the cable in the wrong direction, then the charging pin will not fit into the charging port of your controller. In this case, the charging pin would remain outside the charging port, and your controller would not be able to charge.

To fix this problem, you must check if the cable has been inserted in the wrong direction. If the cable has been inserted in the wrong direction, then you would have to remove it and insert it again in the right direction.

Your PS5 Battery May Be Dead or Depleted

If you have tried all the solutions mentioned above and your PS5 charging cable is still not working, then there could be another problem. Your controller battery might be dead or depleted. A controller’s battery has a life of 10 hours. After that, it takes approximately 8 hours to charge the controller fully.

If you have played games on your PS5 for a long time and are not using your controller, your controller’s battery may be dead or depleted.

You can charge your controller by plugging the charging cable into your PS5 console. Ensure the charging cable is plugged in properly and the red light comes on. Once the light turns off, it means that your controller’s battery is fully charged.

What charging cable does the PS5 use?

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A PS5 charging cable is an essential component of your PS5 controller. If you are using a PS5 controller and are facing charging issues, then one of the problems mentioned above might be the reason.

You should check if your charging cable is in good condition and if the charging port of your controller is free from dirt or dust.

If the PS5 charging cable is not working, then you should get it replaced by a service center to avoid the hassle of charging your PS5 controller manually.

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