There are many android apps are works very well with all the Android powered smartphone devices. In which, all the Social networking site apps are also included like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Instagram etc. All the peoples are connected with each other easily with the help of these Social networking sites. But, some android smartphone device user have some problems and query about that. We have already discussed regarding using two Facebook account on android smartphone device.

Some Whatsapp user have a question that they should be able to use 2 Whatsapp accounts on a Dual SIM support smartphone or even on a single SIM support smartphone ??? Now here, we would be discussed about a procedure or method about How to use 2 Whatsapp accounts on a Dual SIM smartphone or single SIM smartphone.

Use 2 Whatsapp Accounts on Android Phone
Whatsapp Android Tablet

If you want to use 2 Whatsapp accounts in a particular smartphone device, then it is necessary that your smartphone device is must be Rooted. You must be have SwitchMe app for create 2 accounts with Whatsapp. With the help of this SwitchMe app for android, you can create a secure accounts similar to that we create users in Computers. This app is now designed for the AOSP, AOKP, CM systems. But, it may be or not may be work on any other operating system (OS). A file size of this SwitchMe app is around of 3.4 MB. If you want to use this app then it is required that your smartphone is runs on an Android operating system with android version 2.3 and more. This app is works very well with latest and current version Now, we would mention here some easy and good steps for construct 2 Whatsapp accounts on a Single or Dual SIM support smartphone device.

Download WhatsApp for Tablet
Download WhatsApp for Tablet

Steps for Use 2 Whatsapp Accounts on a Single or Dual SIM Smartphone :

  1. First of all, you must be have downloaded SwitchMe app.
  2. Now, install the SwitchMe app on your single or dual SIM Android based smartphone.
  3. Start the SwitchMe app in your device and create 2 user accounts differently in this SwitchMe app. These newly made 2 different accounts has its own system settings, apps and data.
  4. Now, you can use 2 different Whatsapp on these recently made 2 accounts on SwitchMe app. 
  5. First account that you have constructed with the SwitchMe app will work as a Director. It will consist of all the data and applications that has been saved in your device.
  6. This SwitchMe app account will be able to show your Whatsapp which has been already installed in your smartphone device.
  7. Now, Download Whatsapp and install it on your 2nd account of SwitchMe app.
  8. For verification, use a number of 2nd SIM card and after that you are done.

After this all the process, you can use 2 Whatsapp accounts on your Dual SIM support smartphone. But, if u don’t have a Dual SIM smartphone device and if you want to use 2 different accounts of Whatsapp then you can do it. Only at the time of verification, insert your 2nd SIM card in other phone and do complete the necessary verification. Afterward, you can use both the Whatsapp accounts without any kind of problem and query.


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