Surfing the internet through mobile has become a hobby for many of the youngsters. Some of the users spend much of their time with the smartphone by digging the Internet. To have better utilization, there are many internet browsers are available. In which, Google Chrome and Safari is topping the list in terms of popularity according to the use. But, there is also one Chinese-developed browser is making its way to top the list. Yes, we are talking about UC Browser.

So, to be familiar with the UC Browser and its features, have a look at the guide.

UC Browser Android App

UC Browser is developed by a Chinese developer. Interns of the popularity, now it is only behind the Google Chrome and Safari. Also, it offers some amazing features that attract users towards it. This guide is mainly concentrated on the UC Browser Android App.

UC BROWSER - theandroidportal.comSo, let us go through the whole guide to know US Browser’s Features. You can also find some helpful process to have the better browsing.


UC Browser can be used on all major platforms like Android, BlackBerry OS, iOS, and Windows Phone. In terms of Desktop use, it smoothly runs in Microsoft Windows OS. For the Android users, this browser in terms of the app can be downloaded from the Play Store. It is freely available to download on the device.

UC Browser Android App

UC Browser will come with around 42 MB size. To run it on your device, your device must run on Android 4.0 and later OS. It is rated with the high ratings on the Play Store.


UC Browser is a browser app that enables the user to browse the internet through the mobile. It offers various features to use. The UC Browser comes with Fast Download, Data Saving, and Ad-Block functionality. Also of that, the app itself offers a float window feature for the multitasking at a time. You can also reach to all the latest news, videos, live score, and so more.

To browse the internet privately, you can also use Incognito Mode. This mode will not save any data and history that you have browsed. With the incognito mode browsing, no one can get to know about your browsing. It offers a data saving feature while browsing the internet. A special Facebook mode will be provided to all the facebook lovers which enable the users to use it even when having low-data speed.

You can watch all the latest videos under various categories. It also offers news under the categories like Cricket, Entertainment, Trending, Tech, Offbeat, Politics, Fun, Education, and more. For the comforts at night, it also offers Night Mode browsing. At the time of downloading something, it provides the stable speed. If somehow you lose the connection, it will start to download again from the breakpoint.

How to Add a New Tab

Add New Tab - UC Browser

UC Browser offers a lovable UI to use its features. To search out various things, we might need more than one tab at a time. Like we do in Google Chrome on the Desktop. So, you can find the same feature of adding a new tab in every browser whether you are using it on mobile or PC.

It is very easy to add a new tab while using the UC Browser on your Android mobile.

  • First of all, check that you have UC Browser on your mobile or not.
  • If not, then download it from the Play Store.
  • After downloading, wait till the proper installation of it.
  • Open UC Browser on your mobile.
  • On the main screen, you can see the search panel alongside the shortcuts of some of the famous sites.

Add New Tab -

  • Now, look at the bottom of the display. Five options are placed there. In which, tap on the fourth option which signs as a 1 inside the box. It helps you to add a new tab for browsing.
  • A tap on it will contract the display.
  • At the bottom, click on the + sign which is placed inside the circle. It will add a new tab to browse the internet.

Change Background Theme

Theme - UC Browser

UC Browser can be considered as an All-in-one app as it provides everything that you have as an app. Also, it offers a user-friendly interface. Asides it, it lets you change the theme that you see in the background. You can choose from the variety of various background themes. You can also use the pictures or images that you have on the mobile.

  • Open the UC Browser on your device.
  • On the main screen, alongside the search panel and shortcuts, you can see some options at the bottom. 
  • Here, go with the Menu options which is placed at third with three horizontal lines.
  • It will open a small screen which brings some options like History, Bookmarks, My Videos, Downloads, Themes, Tools, and more.

Change Theme -

  • Go to the Themes option.
  • On the next screen, you will get four themes to choose from. To download new themes, tap on the + sign to have lots of themes.
  • Also, you can set your favorite image as a theme. To do so, click on Local photos option located at the left bottom corner. 

Enabling Night Mode

Night Mode - UC Browser

Alongside the benefits of using smartphones, it might be the reason behind some serious eye cases. Continuous Looking at the mobile screen with full brightness will harm your eyes badly. So, to avoid the bad effects, there are many smartphones are offering the night mode use which creates some substantial effect.

Similarly, UC browser also provides the same feature to not harm your eyes while using it. Here is how to enable it.

  • Open the UC Browser on your device.
  • On the main screen, alongside the search panel and shortcuts, you can see some options at the bottom. 
  • Here, go with the Menu options which is placed at third with three horizontal lines.

Night Mode -

  • It will open a small screen which brings some options like History, Bookmarks, My Videos, Downloads, Themes, Tools, Night, Share, and more.
  • Now, just tap on Night option to enable the night mode while browsing through UC Browser.

The Night Mode browsing will not disturb anyone from sleeping.

Using Incognito Mode

Incognito Mode - UC Browser

We all want to maintain our privacy from others and it is very essential to do so. For that, smartphones users also use some lock apps to prevent others access. There are tons of apps that let you hide and secure your critical contents.

Likewise, nowadays all the browser also lets you surf the internet with full security. This feature is called Incognito Browsing. By enabling this mode, you can securely and safely browse the internet. So, here is how to do so.

  • Open the UC Browser on your device.
  • On the main screen, alongside the search panel and shortcuts, you can see some options at the bottom.
  • Now, at the bottom of the display, Five options are there. In which, tap on the fourth option which signs as a 1 inside the box.
  • tap on it will contract the display.

Incognito Mode 1 -

  • At the bottom, on the left side of the + sign, you can see Incognito Mode’s sign.
  • Now, tap on that sign to enable the safe or private browsing.
  • For the confirmation, it also shows you a message at the top of the display as Incognito Mode On.
  • Then, you are allowed to browse privately.

Now, whatever you surf, the record and history will not be saved at all.

Also of that, you can also use other procedure as mentioned below.

  • Open the UC Browser.
  • The main screen shows you the search panel and shortcuts. There are also some options at the bottom. 

Incognito Mode 2 -

  • Click on the Menu options which contains options like History, Bookmarks, My Videos, Downloads, Themes, Tools, Night, Share, and more.
  • In the Tools, you can find Incognito option. Enable it from there.

Capture Screenshot

Screen Shot - UC Browser

What to do when you come across something interesting while surfing the internet or watching the videos? We might want to save or store that part, but how to save it while surfing the internet or watching the videos online?

At that time, the Screenshot will help you. Just select the part and click the screenshot of it. Nowadays, all smartphones offer a screenshot feature.

The same feature is also available in the UC browser. It offers a screenshot feature to capture everything you think this is useful or interesting. To do so, do as the steps say.

  • Open the UC Browser on your device.
  • The main screen shows you the search panel and shortcuts. You can also find some options at the bottom. 
  • Click on the Menu option which contains options like History, Bookmarks, My Videos, Downloads, Themes, Tools, Night, Share, and more.
  • Under the Tools, a Screenshot option is placed.

Screenshot -

  • As soon as you tap on it, it asks you to select the area that you want to cover in the screenshot.
  • Make a selection and tap on the Cut button at the bottom.
  • And, on the next display, you will meet that selected part as an image.
  • Here, store it by tapping on Save.

This is how you can save the content using screenshots.

Stop Push Notifications

Notification Settings - UC Browser

We all know UC Browser is one of the most popular Web Browser. Also, it offers some of the best features compared to other browsers. But, do you know about the most irritating thing about the UC Browser? Yes, it is about Notification. If you open or not, the push notification always pops-up on the display. This might be one of the bad experience that you will have to face.

But, there is a way to stop the push notifications. And, for that, you need to disable the notification. Once you do so, you will not get any notification more from the UC browser until you turn it on again.

  • Open the UC Browser on your mobile.
  • Then, click on the Menu option which offers some other options like History, Bookmarks, My Videos, Downloads, Themes, Tools, Night, Share, and more.
  • Right below it, there are two more options as Settings and Exit located at each corner.
  • Here, go to the Settings option which on the left side.
  • On the next display, go to the Notification Settings.

Disable Notification - UC Browser - theandroidportal

  • It will bring more options as Push Notification, UC Update Notification, Just IN Notification, and Facebook.
  • In front of each option, you can see an active slider.
  • So, to stop the Push Notification, tap on the slider to make it disable.

After doing so, you will not receive any notification from the UC Browser. If you want to get UC Update NotificationJust IN Notification, and Facebook notification, you can keep it on. If you want to get rid of from all the notification, then turning off all the options are the best.

Change the Download Path

Download Path - UC Browser

UC Browser provides the fastest speed to download the media from the Web. Also, it offers Data Saving features to do not let you run short with the data. Even when you are suffering from the low data speed, it does not affect your happiness of surfing the web. Like all other browsers, UC Browser also offers the pre-setted Download Path.

Download Path means the location of the files or media that you download through UC Browser. That can also be changed by the users as per their comfort. To change the Download Path on UC Browser Android App, below steps will help you.

  • After opening the UC Browser, tap on the Menu option at the bottom of the screen. It offers more options like History, Bookmarks, My Videos, Downloads, Themes, Tools, Night, Share, etc.
  • Below it, you can see two more options as Settings and Exit located at each corner.
  • Here, go to the Settings option which is at the left side.
  • Then, go to the Download Settings.

Download Path - UC Browser -

  • Here, tap on the first option Default Path.
  • Now, from here, you can change the download path as per your need.

As soon as you change the download path, now all your downloaded file can be accessed from that location.

Clear All History & Records

Download Path - UC Browser

There is some specific time that we spend behind surfing the internet. The browser will save all that records of what you have browsed in terms of history. Also, it saves cookies to have easy access to the website. But, when those data cross the limit, it may start to cause issues. At that time, it is essential to clear all those records. Also, if you clear the history, no one can get to know that how long you go while browsing.

Here is how you can clear the record on UC Browser.

  • Open the UC Browser Android App.
  • Then, go to the Menu option which contains options like History, Bookmarks, My Videos, Downloads, Themes, Tools, Night, Share, and more.
  • Right below it, two more options as Settings and Exit are there. Both this options are located at each corner.
  • Here, go to the Settings option.
  • Then, tap on Clear Records option.

Clear Records - UC Browser -

  • Next, it asks you to choose for what records you want to clear. Choose from the Cookies, Forms, History, and Cache option.
  • Just tick the box and click on a Clear button.

A tap on the Clear button will erase all the records that have been saved by the app. Then, it will record the data from afresh.

Check Data Saving

As we have mentioned earlier, the UC Browser will save the data while you are browsing the Internet World. This data is saved through the technologies like Website Proxy, Super Image, Ad Blocker, and Smart Transcoding. The data saving features will never let you feel lack of the data.

  • Open the UC Browser.
  • Then, tap on the Menu option which offers you options like History, Bookmarks, My Videos, Downloads, Themes, Tools, Night, Share, and more.
  • Right below it, see two more options as Settings and Exit located at each corner.
  • Now, go to the Settings option.
  • Then, go to the Add-ons option which is topping the list.

Data Saving - UC Browser -

  • Again, you will have two more option as Ad Block and Data Usage.
  • The Data Usage option will tell you that how much amount of data has been saved by the app while surfing through it.

You can also share the data saving with others using the sharing option.

So, this is the full details you get from this guide about UC Browser Android App. In the end, we would like to know your perspective towards the guide? Do let us know below in the comment section. Also, we would like to hear anything like suggestions, opinions, view and more from your side.

Download UC Browser for Android smartphones from below.

UC Browser-Safe, Fast, Private
UC Browser-Safe, Fast, Private
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