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Slow Motion Video Apps for Android & iPhone

VideoPix App

There are so many mobile applications are launched each week. Mostly, all of them are easily compatible with all the smartphone devices. While it doesn’t matter that device is powered by an Android OS or iOS. So as an application point of view, here we are going to talk about few Slow Motion Video Apps for android. By which, you can record slow motion video or convert your videos on slow motion movie. Best Slow Motion Video Apps : These apps can …

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Set Video Ringtone For Incoming Calls on Android

How to Set a Video as Call Ringtone on Android Phone

We are reviewing the best android apps on our website or also if anybody asks for something about Android. We would write tutorial or guidance on their query. Recently one of our readers has asked how to set video ringtone for incoming calls on Android. How Video Ringtone Maker Works I have searched for the same, and I got one best android app that would allow you to create video ringtone for incoming calls. You can find that app available for …

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RealPlayer Cloud – Upload & Stream Videos On Any Device

Real Player Cloud Free 2 GB

We have discussed the best android player last time. I have not tried RealPlayer Cloud. Recently Theandroidportal has tried RealPlayer Cloud player and it’s a very good android app for cloud storage lovers. You can create a free account with RealPlayer Cloud and get 2 GB of free storage. You can also avail 250MB extra when you upload your first video to your 2 GB cloud service. You can get another 250 MB when you share your first video with your friend. Once you …

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How to Fix AC3 Not Supported Error in MX Player

AC3 Format Not Supported in MX Player

Are you facing problem after updating MX player app to the latest version? Mostly it will be related to playing dual audio movies on your smartphone, isn’t it?? Whenever you are trying to play dual audio movies, your MX player will show an error that AC3 not supported, and a movie will start playing but you will be unable to hear it’s audio. If You can’t listen to the sound in video because the AC3 audio format not supported error …

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RealPlayer – All-in-One Media Player for Android

There are number of best video players available for android device but Realplayer is the standalone player for android which is best player for video, music and photos is the best way to search, discover and play online and on-device videos on your android device. The dashbord of the player is simple and easy to use. You can browse videos, photos from your SD card or open and play audio file from your device directly. You can manually sort out the …

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How to Use Your Android Device As Webcam

SmartCam turns your Android phone into a handy webcam

Webcam are mostly used when we wants to make video conference between our loved one,leaving abroad.We can make free video calling by using webcam online, but what if we don’t have webcam and still wants to make video calling from computer over internet?? Well, there are lots of android apps that makes it possible. SmartCam turns your Android phone into a handy webcam ready to use with your PC. SmartCam is more than a webcam, it’s a wireless webcam,so you …

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MX Player – Best Video Player for Android Tablet

MX Player for Android - Play YouTube Videos on MX Player

There is so many BFree Media Player for Android, but out of all of them, I just like MX Player. I use MX player since I have started using it, till date I have never found other apps like MX player and here is a quick review of MX player.We also discussed RealPlayer Android; that was having the capability to play files from a cloud as well as store media files on free cloud storage account. The interesting thing is you …

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Top 5 Best Photography Apps for Android

Top 5 Best Photography android

Smartphones have many features to boast about including the massive processors, HD displays, sleek designs and much more. Out of many features, the camera is a significant addition that offers users with high standard features to click photos with ultimate clarity. Is that enough? Check out the list of the best photography apps for Android devices given below. Snapseed Snapseed is Picture Apps for Phones for sensitive photographers who wish to make some granular adjustments. Different attributes like brightness, white …

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Image Optimizer – Shrink Images To Save SD Card Space On Android

Resize image after capture it from native camera

Most of the android devices has high megapixel cameras so when you click any photo, it will occupy about 1-5 MB size on SD card. Suppose if you are capturing 10 photos from your device, it will occupy average 30 MB size. Now you might not have captured only 10 images, you know how many images you have in your device’s SD card. Majority of device has default setting to save all captured images on SD cards is good point. …

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