Most of the Android devices have high megapixel cameras so when you click any photo, it will occupy about 1-5 MB size on SD card. Suppose if you are capturing 10 photos from your device, it will occupy an average 30 MB size.

Image Optimizer - Shrink Images To Save SD Card Space On Android -

Now you might not have captured only 10 images, you know how many images you have in your device’s SD card. Majority of the device has a default setting to save all captured images on SD cards is a good point. You might have to capture images of small size (it’s not possible) or increase device SD card /memory storage. Google play store has an awesome android app that can shrink your image file size without losing your image quality.

Resize image after capture it from native camera

Image Optimizer optimizes allows you to save space on your smartphone by optimizing your image files. Image Optimizer supports two optimization techniques, you have the choice:

1. Compress your photos to save a big amount of space with a slight, often unnoticeable quality loss.
2. Just optimize your picture while retaining the original quality.

The main advantage of this android app is that it supports for both JPEG and PNG file format. Some devices with few spaces already compress images with a high ratio, so it’s normal to save a few bytes or nothing at all since Image Optimizer will never save a new image bigger than the original!

You might have heard or tried the option in GIMP or Photoshop, that has the option to optimize images on a computer. The option is Save For the Web. What this option do is compress your file/images/picture size effectively without losing your original image quality.

Shrink Images To Save SD Card Space On Android

You can check the image optimizer work from the above image. The original captured image size was about 1.03MB which was compressed up to 148.04 Kb, saved space is 87%, that’s good for low memory android devices. By optimizing the images on the device, you will save your precious memory of your device/SD card & store more than it can.

Maximizing Storage on Your Android Phone

The above screenshot is of the Image optimizer app internal look. You can set image search path, which was set to your captured image folder by default. You can select file compression level in percentage for JPEG & PNG.

How To Optimize Image On Android

1. First of all, go to the Google Play Store & search for Image Optimizer.

2. You will get a list of search results, select Image optimizer by teknoraver & install it on your device.

3. Once installed, launch the Image Optimizer app on your device, select refresh button on the top, it will load images from your device to image optimizer app dashboard.

4. Now choose the images you want to shrink/optimize.

5. Now click on optimize button and it will start optimizing the process. Please note that if you have chosen lots of images, then it might take time to process.

6. Once process completed, you will see results as shown in the image below.

Shrink Images To Save SD Card Space On Android

As with any image compression, there is always the possibility of the image being slightly distorted or showing a loss of quality. You can play around with the settings to find a happy medium between the compressed size and retention of quality.

Image Optimizer Android App Feature:

  • Shrink/optimize images from your device effectively.
  • Supports both JPEG & PNG formats.
  • Save space on your device by compressing the image with retaining actual quality.
  • Free image optimizer app for android.
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Download Image Optimizer

Image Optimizer
Image Optimizer
Developer: teknoraver
Price: Free

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