Audio and Video player is one of the best features comes with all the smartphone. Based on the screen resolution of the device, you can watch videos with various resolutions.

To play the videos, there is also a pre-installed player to do so. But, we all have some special moments in the videos that we want to keep as near as possible. For that, we all have to keep that video of full size. But, what if you got only that special moments in the form of video? To do so, here is all you need to know about Best Video Editing Apps for Android.

In this guide, you will see Best Video Editing Apps for Android devices. By using which, you can edit any videos with some easy effort. You can also create videos by merging the images.

Best Video Editing Apps For Android

We are going to discuss the Best Video Editing Apps for Android smartphones and tablets. All these video editor apps will provide all the tools edit the videos. You can easily download below-discussed Best Video Editing Apps for Android from the Play Store.

They all are having high compatibility with all of your devices which is powered by an Android OS. All these apps can be downloaded free from the Store, but some of them also have In-app Purchase. So, to use some additional features, you will have to make an in-app purchase.

Best Video Editing Apps for Android

Now, have a great ride over the Best Video Editing Apps for Android guide.

VideoShow Video Editor

The VideoShow Video Editor app offers you some unique video editing tools. The free version of the app will provide such great but limited features. To expand these set of features, there is also in-app purchase is available. It also contains ad which may annoy you. So, the in-app purchase will also get rid of it. This app will let you create the videos by using your favorite images and music.

VideoShow Video Editor 1

Edit option will let you edit the videos with some creative and effective tools. The tools like effects, music, themes, sticker, filters, sound effect, and more will be there. After selecting the video for editing, you will also get some features to make it more elegant. The features like trim, split, reverse, copy, rotate, and zoom let you allow to do so. In terms of effects, you will have many such as themes, music, GIF, stickers, sound effects.

VideoShow Video Editor 2

With the help of this app, you can also compress the video. It also lets you trim and split the videos. You can also use Video-to-Audio feature to get just Audio from your favorite Video. Also, by using the Slideshow feature, you can create videos by adding the multiple images.

At that time, you can also use all the effects, filters, music, and more features. This app will contain ads, so to get rid of it in-app purchase is also there. The in-app purchase will also open a door for some extra features.


For video editing and video making, the FilmoraGo is one of the professional video editing apps. With some easy steps, you can easily create a new video and edit the video too. You will have to follow just three simple steps, Select, Create, and Share. First of all, select the images from your mobile gallery or else video to edit it. Then, by using some useful tools, create the video or edit the existing and you will be done.

In the end, you can also share it to the various social networking platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, and more.

FilmoraGo 1

If you want to edit the existing video, then it offers you many of the editing tools. The tools like voiceover, audio mixer, filters, overlays, elements, speed, rotate, etc. You can also use various frame ratio including 16:9, 1:1, and 21:9. These ratios will be suitable for different social platforms to upload the videos. You can also add your favorite music to the new video as well as edited videos.

FilmoraGo 2

You can also various features in the making of a new video by adding the images. The duration option will let you set the image duration for all the images.

The best thing about this app is no video will contain the app watermark. It does not contain any ads. You can also create new videos by adding the images from directly Facebook and Instagram. This app also offers you in-app purchase for some more effective creation.

Magisto Video Editor & Maker

Magisto Video Editor can also be considered as a professional app for video editing. This app offers in-app purchase to expand the more features for more beauty of the videos. To make a new video or edit a video, first of all, just choose the video or images. Then, select a video editing style. After that, it also lets you choose the music for the same video.

The effects and video styles of the app will really make you happy. For that, you can either use app music or your music library.

Magisto Video Editor & Maker

By using this app, you can also create the special videos for the Instagram profile. The famous social videos offered by the app are Birthday videos, Wedding videos, Selfie videos, Baby Videos and more. You can also add your videos to the timeline of the Magisto.

To share your creation, it also has shareable option including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google+, Twitter, Whatsapp, etc. In the end of the video, the name of the app also appears, so that may annoy you.

Quik – Free Video Editor

The Quik is one of the best apps for video editing and making as well. Like other apps, this app will also offer many of the best video editing tools. You can add up to 75 images in a making of a new video. Also of that, it can automatically find the wow moments from the video and then adds some filters and effects. You can also customize the video by adding or writing text.

Quik – Free Video Editor 1

At the time of video editing, the app will evaluate the moments with a smart cut. You can also add your special moments to the video. It offers you more than 20 video styles to customize the video beautifully. It also has some special features like filters, text, fonts, layout, rotate, speed, crop, split, and more.

The trim option will let you trim any video. You can also make the video slower and faster as per the requirement. To add the music to the videos, you can have more than 80 songs offered by the app.

Quik – Free Video Editor 2

To make it more personalized, you can also use your music library. You can also save the video in terms of a shareable link. To share it to the various social sites, the app offers you many.

This is a totally free app to download and use. You can also make videos by adding the multiple images. For that, there are many themes and effects to make it more beautiful. You will also be able to set the time duration for a particular picture.


VivaVideo is the app that lets you create the best videos in a few minutes. To use the app, you have to sign up by making a new account. You can also register yourself by existing accounts on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Line, and Instagram.

The VivaVideo app lets you make a video by merging the images using the Slideshow feature. You can also add your favorite music to the same video. On the main page of the app, you can find all the useful features to create and edit the videos.

VivaVideo 1

If you want to edit the existing video, select Edit option. It will let you choose the video from the available contents. After selecting the video, on the next screen, you have two sliders. In which, one is at the starting point and second is at the end. By using those sliders, you can easily cut or edit the videos.

You can also add some filters to that edited video. For that, there is Filter option. If you want to add your own music, then Music option will let you do. You can also add text to the same video. You can also make it beautiful by using different themes into it.

VivaVideo 2

By using the Slideshow feature, you can create a video by adding the pictures. Just tap on the Slideshow. It will let you select the pictures that you want to add. After that, tap on next and you will be done.

You can also add music over here to make it more memorable. Also of that, there are other features that we have discussed above. With every video, there is a watermark of the app. To get rid of it, you have to make an in-app purchase.

So, we hope that you can easily choose the best from Best Video Editing Apps for Android.

If it helps you a lot, then do not keep it to yourself, spread it over the many users.

What’s your view on the guide? Do let us know in the commenting section.

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