Do you want to troubleshoot your Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphone? Reset Samsung Galaxy S7 to get rid of all the issues today.

If you are facing hardware problems in your Samsung Galaxy S7, then it’s high time to reset your device. Resetting is the mother solution for all of the issues in your device.

Today, in this guide, we will discuss all possible ways and solutions to reset Samsung Galaxy S7. So, please read our article further you will get all the details in that matter.

Samsung Galaxy S7 offers impressive performance in the last few years and gives its remarkable slate of hardware. There is no that it should be freezing or slowing down. But if your phone shows the sign of slowing down, it means that you have somehow downloaded a malware-infected app. In that case, please search for the right app and uninstall it; otherwise, your phone reach to severe damage.

Thanks to its resetting option as it is the most effective way to restore your device in its normal position. A factory reset erases all your data and back your device to its default settings. Erase everything means you can lose all your selfies, videos, documents, and other things that you saved on your phone. So, to avoid this situation, make sure that you have backed-up all your data; otherwise, you cannot recover your data again.

So, without further ado, follow the step by step guide below.

Guide To Reset Samsung Galaxy S7

We recommend you two ways to reset your Samsung Galaxy S7. Both the methods are 100% genuine and work in all Galaxy S7 smartphones. The two ways: Reset via settings menu and Reset through recovery mode. Let’s take a look at both methods.

Reset Samsung Galaxy S7

How to reset galaxy s7 via Settings Menu

If your phone is in working condition, then you can use reset through settings menu option as it is easy and straightforward to use. So, to reset your Galaxy S7 follow the quick steps below.

  • Open the “Settings Menu” from the home screen apps or swipe the notification shade and open the settings menu.
  • Scroll down until you see “Backup And Reset” option.
  • Click on the “Backup And Reset” option.
  • In the lists, tap on “Factory Data Reset” which is at the very bottom in the list.
  • Then tap on the “Reset Device.”
  • A warning message appears on the screen. Read the message carefully and tap on erasing everything.
  • Wait until the process is done.
  • Then turn off the device and restart it again. When restarting your device, you will see the initial load screen with the green android logo in the center. It will take a few minutes to complete the process, and your phone will back to its original position.

Aren’t these steps easy? Well, these steps are straightforward; you just read the steps carefully and follow them.

Reset Through Recovery Mode

Reset through recovery mode is useful when your phone doesn’t startup, or you cannot be able to perform any software methods in your device. It is called the hard reset because it takes a few little steps extra than the above process. So, don’t wait to follow the step by step guide quickly.

  • Turn off your Samsung Galaxy S7.
  • Press the “Power Button, Volume UP Button, and the Home Button” simultaneously until the Galaxy logo appears on the screen.
  • You have seen the black screen with coloured text where you have to search for Wipe data or Factory reset option by using the “Volume Up and Down Button.”
  • Once you reach on wipe data option, press “Power Button” to confirm your action.
  • Again use “Volume Down Button” to toggle on yes and “Power button” to confirm the action.
  • Wait until the process is done. It will take a few minutes to clear all your data.
  • Once completed, go back to the primary recovery mode and select the reboot system now.
  • Wait until the process is finished.

So those are the steps to reset Samsung Galaxy S7 through recovery mode. It solves all the issues and bugs in your device.


So, those are the methods to reset your Samsung Galaxy S7. We hope these methods help fix all the issues and bugs in your device.

Thanks for reading this post. We hope you enjoyed reading this article. For more updates and latest posts, do follow us and stay tuned with us at The Android Portal.

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