In this article, we have mentioned about how to remove and delete malware from any Android smartphone or any Android device like the tablet. Here we have said Three methods to eliminate all types of malware virus and malware application from your Android device. It was also helpful to remove all unwanted third-party application from your Android smartphone that you have installed. The Anti-malware software also can be necessary to remove and delete all types of malware virus from your device. Now follow all three methods to remove and delete malware software from your smartphone.

Uninstall Malware from Android Phone

Boot your Android smartphone into Safe Mode

With this method, you can remove all malware applications and another third party Android application that creates a problem on your Android smartphone. In this approach, only you have to boot your Android smartphone into the Safe mode.

Once you boot your smartphone into safe mode, all third-party applications are automatically disabled, and you can see “Safe Mode” badge at the left bottom of the screen.

Now Follow few steps to boot your any Android Smartphone into Safe Mode:

For Android 4.1 or above

Boot your Android smartphone into Safe Mode

Step 1: Long Press the Power button on your Android smartphone until the “Power Option” appears on the screen

Step 2: Now Long Tap on the “Power Off” option until you will be asked to reboot your Android device into Safe Mode.

Step 3: Finally tap on “OK” button to complete the process

Once you Boot your device into safe mode, all third party Apps you have installed will be disabled.

Uninstall Doubtful Apps

You can also uninstall any doubtful application from your Android smartphone that creates a problem on your Android device. Once you find the app that creates a problem, Open Settings on your Android device, then scroll down and select “Apps.” Now swipe to “All” Section. Here you can find all apps that installed on your Android smartphone and also you can uninstall from here. To Uninstall from your Android smartphone follow these simple steps:

Uninstall Doubtful Apps

Step 1: Once you’re in “Apps” or “Application manager” then Swipe to “All” section

Step 2: Now Scroll down and find doubtful App

Step 3: Once you find the questionable app that installed on your android device

Step 4: Tap on it to open App Info

Step 5: Now tap “Uninstall” button to uninstall the app from your Android

Using the Anti-Malware Android application

You can also remove all malware virus from your Android device without performing the factory data reset. Only you have to download the anti-malware Android app from Google Play store then open it. You can also use “Malwarebytes Anti-Malware” Android application that you can find on Google Play Store. To Download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Follow few steps:

Using the Anti-Malware Android application

Step 1: First of all, Open the Google Play Store on your Android smartphone

Step 2: Now Search Malwarebytes Anti-Malware using the search bar of Play Store

Step 3: Once you find the Application, tap on Install button to download the app on your Android. Click here to download it directly.

mal-ware device application

Step 4: Now follow on-screen instructions to install the app correctly

After installing the app, open it. It may take a few minutes wait. Now you have to start scan to remove all malware from your Android device. To launch the scan, you have to tap on “Scan Now” button that you can find at the bottom side of the app screen.

We have also created a video tutorial on that, you can check out video guide on removing malware from your android smartphone below.

We hope this steps on removing malware from your android has helped you. Do share your comments in the comments section below if you need any assistance in following those steps.

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