It’s always good to stay happy and laughing. Here are the 9 best funny apps for Android to take your fun and laughter to the next level.

Do you know that most diseases in this world are caused because of stress and tension? Well, yes. It’s bitter to accept, but that’s the truth. Having at least a few minutes break from work routine and good content to laugh can work like magic to get rid of stress. 

However, it is not that easy to find good laughable content on the internet. Also, there are many apps with claims to be the best entertainment and laughter source. However, they aren’t. Some have paid subscription with huge charges, and some are just filled with pop-up ads. Well, there are others too that actually provide Android users with great laughter and fun source. Here we will be talking precisely about those apps only.

So, after complete research and testings, here we are with the list of best fun apps for Android that will give you enough laughter dosage. Let’s not get into the jargon, and start with the best fun apps for Android list now. Have a look below to get familiar with the listed apps.

Best Funny Apps For Android


Everyone wants to do some funny tasks or exciting activities in their leisure time. 9GAG is the best android app which gives you quick access to thousands of jokes and memes, which is posted in the image sharing site.

Users can easily navigate the videos and images of this app, and it also has some distinct features. It frequently adds new stuff within no time. Furthermore, people love this app not only for jokes or videos but also because they enjoy the hilarious comments shared by the people on images and videos.

This is one of the wonderful apps for your leisure time, and it keeps you busy and helps you in socializing. Also, it’s free to download among one of the steadier funny apps. Overall, it’s one of the best funny apps for Android with lots of entertaining contents.

Best Vines

Best vines as the name suggests is one of the funniest vine apps which helps you in finding the short vines or short six-second video clips in just a simple click. Also, you don’t need to scroll too much on a social network because you can easily find a number of vines according to their categories.

Furthermore, you can also check your friend’s short vines, which they have been posted on a regular basis. Overall, this one is among the best fun apps for Android for those who are interested in very quick and simple to use platform. Download and check yourself; we bet you won’t be disappointed. It’s among best funny video apps for android to go within 2019.

Developer: Twitter, Inc.
Price: Free


BuzzFeed is another exciting app to spend your leisure time. This app is available for both android and IOS users. It is a very ubiquitous app which can easily be found in everyone’s phone because it offers funny articles to read, entertaining quizzes for enhancing your knowledge and much more.

Also, it contains articles related to food, your favourite shows or politics. One can also find some of the hilarious funny videos to make their mood cheer. Overall, It is the all in one package app, where one can find something interesting to do every day. You can easily go for it because it makes a great addition to your lineup funny apps.

Developer: BuzzFeed
Price: Free

Comedy Central

If you want to connect with the real world and watch your favourite funny series on your mobile screen in just one tap, then comedy central is the best app for you. It is one of the best funny video apps for the android platform for those who want to tune out with real-world with funny shows.

Again, this app is available for both Android or IOS users. You can easily watch and find the latest episodes of your favourite series anytime and anywhere in the world, or you can sign in with your cable provider for more episodes or unlock some of your favourite episodes. The most famous episodes in this app are South Park, Inside Amy Schumer, and Board City.

Developer: Comedy Central
Price: Free


The hyper app is the app only for those who are fond of watching online videos. This app is available for IOS as well as Android. However, please note that it supports only some android versions.

Furthermore, It delivers one hand-picked video every hour and some of the trending comedy videos, mini-documentaries, explainers, and entertaining videos. If you need to fresh n up your mind from your daily routine, then hyper is an excellent place for you.

Also, It helps you in finding funny videos if you need a pick-me-up. One of the most unique features of this app, which makes it different from others is that it helps you in creating your own playlist.


Imgur is another platform among best funny Android apps which are available for both android and IOS users. For your information, it is an image hosting website and therefore rests assured that you will be able to find the best funny posts here from people worldwide.

Funny,  Imgur is the best platform to keep your smiling face shining. The platform is known as one of the best ways to procrastinate on the web. Also, It offers you millions of hilarious images or GIFs or maybe even better fun formats.

All you need to do is just scroll down through the app, and you will find a hundred tons of funny images and GIFs of your choice very easily and quickly to watch. One of the most exceptional features this app is that you can quickly and easily share something via social media or you can create your own account on this app and upload your stuff easily and quickly. Overall, it’s another best funny apps for Android with everything to make you laugh and entertain.

LOL Pics

If you’re a fan of image humour, and meme, this one is for you. LOL Pics is one of the best funny apps among all because it is an all in one image package with hilarious pictures that make you laugh.

Moreover, it offers you dozens of GIFs, cartoons, jokes, Tumblr, posts, tweets, quotes and memes. Also, this app helps enhance your sense of humour, or you can even post and vote on the main feed content, and you can see the content category wise.

So, it is accessible in finding your favourite content, and you can also follow various blogs at this app. Overall, it’s another app among the best funny apps for Android to go within 2019.


Reddit is another funny app and a big name that you must have heard a lot about. The most significant advantage is, besides daily entertainment dosage, It helps enhance your English vocabulary. This is because it gives you a practically endless array of topics to read.

Furthermore, It is also a great platform for those who want some funny content like articles, videos, jokes or memes. Reddit can give you hilarious articles, funny jokes, viral photos, funny memes and many other things at your fingertips.

Also, App is available for all android and IOS users. You can even comment on other posts if you like the content. Some users find it challenging to use, but I would suggest that it is a natural part for you if you know the trade.

Developer: reddit Inc.
Price: Free+


So, those are the top 9 best funny apps for Android that we, at TheAndroidPortal, suggests you have on your phone. Well, we know that you can’t install and try all these apps at once. However, you can install an app, given that a one week trial, and see if that has some interesting content matching your taste. If not, switch to another. Just do this, and you will find the best fun app that will match your humor taste.

So, that’s all for now and thanks for reading this post here at TheAndroidPortal. We hope you have enjoyed reading this post, and it has introduced some of the best funny apps for Android that you will love. Furthermore, do follow us so that you never miss any updates from us and stay updated with the Android trends.