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Firmware Updater Android

Last Updated On: May 17, 2017

Nowadays, all the Android smartphones are coming with the periodic updates of their Android operating system. It is also known as Android firmware update. Whatever the updates come with the smart device is generally provided by the manufacturer of the phone. Although, most users of the Android phone do not know that how to update the android firmware. So, for those who do know that here we are coming with a better solution for the firmware update. But, before that, we will discuss some points regarding the Firmware Updater Android.

As we discussed above, the firmware upgrade automatically comes with the Android smartphone. However, most of the users also download and install the latest firmware which is not available by the manufacturer. By taking the help from the third party, they are upgrading the firmware on their device. The Firmware updates always require permission of the device. There are also some advantages of keeping your Android firmware up-to-date. The benefits are as shown below.

Benefits of updating firmware on Android

  • It will improve the battery life.
  • For better connectivity.
  • It will also improve the process of data transfers from your device to the other devices.
  • It will change the design of the device internally.
  • To Improve the compatibility of your device with all the latest apps.

It is also a good idea to put your device in the charging while upgrading the android firmware from anywhere. By doing so, there is no chance of running out the device due to the insufficient battery. You can update the latest Android firmware without worrying about the battery. Now, we are going ahead with some simple ways of upgrading the Android Firmware on Android device.

Firmware Updater Android

Here, we will discuss the methods or tricks, by which you can easily upgrade the firmware. To do so, you are free to use any method as per your wish. But, before that, we would like to tell you that apply any of the processes at your own risk.

  1. From official website
  2. OTA update

1.) Check Official Website to Download Latest Firmware Update

The updates of the firmware from the manufacturer’s site are the best way to do so. Every smartphone manufacturer provides all the latest updates from their official websites. The users can also download the latest firmware from their manufacturer’s official website.

To download the latest firmware updates from the website of the manufacturer, you will have to need some information. This info is regarding your Android device. Such as the Model number of the device and build number of the device. You will have to enter this info while downloading the firmware from the official site. You can note down both the number from the Settings app on your device.

  • First of all, go to the Settings of your Android device.
  • Here, scroll down the display and find the option of About device or About. You should see this option at the bottom of the screen. Tap on it.

Firmware Updater Android 1

  • From here, you can note down the info, which is necessary to download the firmware from the official site.

Now, we will discuss the steps to download the Android firmware official update from the website. To download the updates, you must use the computer with the secure internet connection. Otherwise, you will not get a proper idea regarding the updates. So, the use of the computer is a wise decision while downloading the update.

  • Go to the Official Website of your Android device’s manufacturer. 
  • Here, find the firmware downloading page.
  • After finding it, it will be asked you to enter such info about the device. Here, enter the necessary info which is required to download the firmware.
  • Then, Download the official latest firmware update for your Android smartphone.

After downloading the update files from the internet, now transfer it to your Android device. After that, tap on install to install it on the device.

You can also try this second method to update the android firmware on your smartphone. The second trick is also mentioned below, check it.

2.) By using the OTA update Method from Android Mobile:  

Android firmware upgrading by using the OTA update is one of the safest ways to upgrade the firmware. It is the method which is often used by all the Android mobile users. The full form of the OTA is Over-The-Air. The OTA is a useful program for the Android mobile, which is used to distribute the software updates. It is also useful to configure the Settings directly on your android device. OTA is one of the great features for the updates. 

If you also want to upgrade the firmware by using this method, then you will have to follow some steps. The steps are as mentioned below.

But, remember that, this is the steps for those who uses the device which running on the 5.1 Lollipop Android OS. For other users, the process is same, but steps may be different.

  • First of all, unlock your Android device and launch the Menu of it.
  • Then, go to the Settings app.
  • Here, by scrolling down the display, find the option of About device which comes under the section of System. Tap on it, to go into the option.
  • On the next display, you should see the first option of the Software update. Tap on it.

Firmware Updater Android 2

  • Here, tap on the option of Check For Updates. It shows you the update of the Android OS if any will be available. If your device is updated with the latest update, then it shows text as your device is updated.

If you select this process for the update, then you can get all the features of the latest firmware. But, if you are upgrading the firmware using the third party, you will not get all the features. So, this is a preferable method or trick to update the android firmware.

So, here we are going to complete this discussion regarding the Firmware Updater Android. As per your choice, you can select any process to follow. If this discussion is useful, then also share it with those who need to update the Android firmware.

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