Who does not need a Personal assistance in the life? From daily life to technological life, and everywhere demand of personal assistance increases as the day passes away. And currently, Microsoft decides to change the world. They choose to provide a Personal Assistance to every smartphone users. But this assistance is not a human and not a robot, but it is an intelligent personal assistant, named Cortana. It can listen to the voice and interpret it in output as a listened word. Get a brief idea regarding the Cortana App for Android.

What is Cortana

Cortana is voice-based virtual assistant just like Google Now for Android and Siri for Apple devices. With Cortana, you can command your smartphone to perform a specific task on your smartphone.

Cortana is an application of the Smartphone. In Earlier time, Cortana is only supported on Windows smartphones. But as the increased demand for Android phone, Microsoft has to develop Cortana for Android smartphones too. Well, Cortana is created by the Microsoft and released on April 2, 2014. Cortana is a real looking artificial intelligence character from the Halo gamed series. It has also become the official voice-operated digital assistant from Microsoft. As the current scenario, Microsoft’s Cortana is compared with Apple’s Siri. It has a cute voice assistant in Android phones.

Cortana App for Android

Cortana is a Microsoft’s coding development to service like Apple’s Siri. It is a digital personal assistance app, which helps you to organise your complex life in a better way. You can do it well with the voice commands. Cortana can set alarms, handle your calendar, collect details about the latest hot topics, games, contact people and much more. Cortana has a good sense of humour so it can even joke.

How to Open Cortana?

  • First of all, open the Google Play Store > Search > Download Cortana app from there.
  • Tap the Cortana application from your app drawer once installed

Cortana Home

When you open Cortana App for Android on your phone, you will see an attractive screen. Most of the unbelievable things occur at here. At Home screen of Cortana, where you can start a voice action to get your result. You can see “What can I help you do now?” this question is asking by Cortana.

At the Top of the left page, you can see three shorts lines. And also you can see microphone section at the right bottom of the page. Just tap that button and speak whatever you want.

Cortana App for Android


Only, tap on the menu button on the top and left corner and tap on ‘Notebook”. And you can see many options to customize the experience. You can also make a list of your favorite’s places from the same location.

Academics, Cortana tips, Eat & Drink, Events, Finance, Getting Around, Meetings & Reminders, Movies & TV, News, Packages, Reservation and Many more options are shown on the screen when you hit three lines menu. Moves down and you will find more option.

Add your personal detail in the “About me” tab. And you can add loads of other information from the list of different topics. Make it enable if you want Cortana to keep you updated on it.

Basic Cortana Commands:

  • Call ____.
  • Call ____ on Speakerphone.
  • Press____ (number).
  • Text___ : (speak the Message).
  • Send a Message to ____: (say the message).
  • Show me a message from ____.
  • Create a meeting with ____ on ____ at ____.
  • Add ____ to my meeting with.
  • Cancel meeting with ____.
  • When is my next appointment?
  • Where is my next appointment?
  • What is on my calendar for ____?
  • Take note :(say a list of things to do, factors, etc.).
  • Navigate home.
  • How is traffic on my way to home?
  • Navigate to ____.
  • Where am I?
  • Are there any ____ restaurants near me?
  • What is the status on flight ____?
  • Play ____.
  • Pause the music.
  • Resume the Music.
  • Play the next track.
  • How tall is Barack Obama?
  • Who is the president of the United States?
  • What is 2*1235465?
  • Open Camera?
  • Show me the headlines.
  • Will you marry me?

There is an infinite command you can use with this app. These are the only the ones which are most useful and helpful. Are you already using Cortana app on your Android smartphone? Share your comments below.

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