The Samsung Galaxy S4 is Samsung’s flagship smartphone. It is equipped with magnificent hardware and the latest features like smart scroll eye tracking. It has various interesting features like Sound & Shot, S Travel, Story Album, S Translator,  WatchON (to control TV using IR LED) and S Health. Now in this post, we would be discussing about How to connect Galaxy S4 to a TV. It’s an interesting feature of this smartphone and it helps you to mirroring your Samsung device to TV using HDMI cable.

Connecting Samsung galaxy S4 with TV is useful when you do not like to see photos and videos on small screen. When you are around with your friends and family members and you want to view photos on big screen, this option would help you. So you can enjoy big movies and pictures from your smartphone to your HDTV. Here is the quick procedure to Connecting Samsung Galaxy S4 to TV. To connect your Samsung Galaxy S4 to TV you would need following things :

  1. 11-pin MHL adapter
  2. Micro USB Wall charger
  3. High Speed HDMI Cable

Samsung Galaxy S4 is equipped with an 11-pin Micro USB port that supports the Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL) feature.  If you have the right adapter, you can easily send high quality HDMI signals using that port. How to Connect Samsung Galaxy S4 to TV Using HDMI

Setup Get an 11-pin MHL Adapter with your device:

This image would explain you everything.You would need to connect your 11 pin MHL adapter to your smartphone. Galaxy S4 HDMI Port  would be connected with your HDTV. Next thing is to plug in the included micro USB charger cable with wall charger.

Older older MHL adapters are working perfectly with Samsung Galaxy S2 and are not compatible with Galaxy S3 or S4. So whenever you are thinking to buy MHL to HDMI adapter make sure your phone is supported in the specifications. You can also get official MHL adapter from Samsung but you have to spend around $40 USD for the same. But you can buy 11-pin MHL adapter at cheaper rate from amazon.


Power Supply:

You can also research online about what others are recommending the best and Galaxy S4 HDMI Adapter and get it for you. Now power micro USB wall charger. There is no need to connect power source to Samsung Galaxy S4 because it uses MHL 2.0 and no need power source like Samsung galaxy S3 device. But it is recommended that you connect external power source to prevent battery drain. Your phone would be charged while you listening to musics or playing movies online.

Connect everything to your HDTV with an HDMI Cable:

Now you have to connect that HDMI cable to your HDMI TV. It is important that you choose appropriate length HDMI Cable for Samsung Galaxy S4, because you have to control your HDTV using your smartphone. And hence long wire would helps you to operate it from little more distance.

Now choose the right HDMI input channel on your TV where you have connected your device. Now you can easily enjoy the High Definition image from your smartphone on your TV.  You can now Mirror Galaxy S4 to TV and your smartphone screen would be visible on your HDTV.