Android phones and tablet devices come with the best security features. Most of the privacy related protection features allow you to prevent unauthorized access and use of your phone from others. However, the problem happens when you have set a pattern lock on your device and forget the same. That time, you don’t have any ways to bypass the android lock screen. Here in this article, we are going to discuss How to bypass Android lock screen.

How To Bypass Android Lock Screen

Warning: You should note that the guide here we have provided is only for your personal use. You should never use those methods on other’s phone without a prior consent of phone owner. This guide is only educational purpose only. You will be responsible for any action taken against you.

How To Bypass Screen Lock, Pattern Lock on Android

Check out few methods below to find out how to bypass any types of the lock screen that locked by password, pattern, or Pin code on your Android.

  • Using ADB
  • Android Device Manager
  • Safe Mode
  • Factory Data Reset

Bypass Android Pattern Lock from ADB

By using this method, you can disable your Android Smartphone pattern lock using ADB(Android Debugging Bridge) quickly. First of all download the ADB on your PC, it also works with Linux Operating system. After downloading, you have to install on your computer or laptop. ADB supports all Windows operating system, Download ADB Setup for Windows 10, Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 operating system.

To use this method, make sure you have enabled USB debugging on your Android smartphone. You can not use this method if your Android USB Debugging is not enabled on your Android device. First of all, download and Install ADB Drivers on your Windows PC. After downloading

  • Right click on ADB Setup and choose “Run As Administrator.
  • Now press on “YES” button to complete process
  • In the ADB Setup, Follow the screen instruction to install Setup and Drivers

download and Install ADB Drivers

  • Do you want to install ADB and Fastboot? –> type “Y” and Hit the enter
  • Install ADB system-wide? –> type “Y” and Hit the enter then wait for next
  • Do you want to install device drivers? –> Type “Y” and Hit the enter

After installing driver or setup, it will close automatically. Now connect your android device to your PC using USB cable.

  • Now open “C Drive” in PC
  • Then press the “Ctrl + F” key combination and type “ADB” in search bar
  • Here you can see ADB folder and open it

ADB on ComputerNow press the Shift key and do Right-click on the blank screen in ADB Folder. This will open a Command prompt on your PC. Now type these following command to disable the pattern lock screen.

  • ADB shell rm /data/system/gesture.key

This is the command to bypass pattern lock on the Android phone. Type this command in CMD window and hit the enter. Now your phone will reboot.

After rebooting, enter any pattern on your Android smartphone, and you can quickly unlock your lock screen. But this is temporary so change your pattern lock from setting as well. 

Another way to bypass the Android lock screen is by using the android device manager. Check out more details about bypass screen lock from below.

Unlock Android Pattern Lockscreen from ADM

To use this method, Your Android smartphone must be turned on & connected to the internet or any WiFi network. It must have configured your Google account to access the Android device Manager. Follow these simple steps to unlock your android device. You can also reset or change the lock of your phone directly from here.

Go to, and you will see a screen as shown below.

Unlock Android Pattern Lockscreen from ADM

  • Enter your registered Email id with your phone Google account and hit the “Enter” to login
  • Now Google will start searching your phone location(If GPS enabled on your phone)
  • Here you can see three option
    1. “Ring device.”
    2. “Lock.”
    3. “Erase.”
  • Here you have to choose the Lock option. You can replace your current screen lock with a password lock. (Use any numeric passcode here)
  • After typing lock code, press the Lock button to lock your device with new password

Set Lock Password using Android Device manager

  • Now try to unlock your Android device with new passcode

This password is temporary so change your phone’s lock after this from setting.

Unlock Android Pattern Lockscreen using Safe Mode

This trick is quite simple, and you can use this method if the lock screen in third party lock app not. It should not be default lock configured from setting. If your phone is locked with third-party app, you can easily bypass your lock screen using safe mode on android

  • Boot your phone into Safe mode by using the power button

Press the power button until you see power option on screen, tap and hold on Power off option until you see Reboot to Safe Mode popup option

Safe Mode on Android

  • Now click on Ok button to confirm this process

Sometimes, safe mode can be enabled by power off phone > press & hold power button + volume up/down button together.

This will deactivate all third party app temporarily on phone

  • In the safe mode, go to Setting and choose Application Manager
  • Clear third party apps data & uninstall it
  • After uninstalling recently installed an app, reboot your phone normally.  

Note: This method will work only on third party lock screen app, not on the stock ROM lock screen.

Bypass Android Pattern Lock using Factory Reset

This process will erase your all important phone data including contacts, SMS, etc. from your smartphone. This is quite a simple way to remove or bypass screen lock in just 5 minutes.

To bypass screen lock using Factory Reset, follow these simple steps:

  • First of all, Turn off your Android smartphone
  • Now tap & hold Power + Volume Down button until you see “Recovery Mode” screen.
  • To navigate up and down, you can use volume rockers button
  • So push the volume down button, to select “Wipe data/factory reset” option and select it
  • Now press Power button to confirm selection of recovery mode
  • Press Volume down button to choose “Yes – erase all user data” option
  • Now press Power button to confirm process
  • Wait until you see Reboot option
  • Tap on Power button to reboot your phone

Don’t like the reading? You should try checking out below video on EASY WAYS How To Unlock Android Passwords published on YouTube by Tampatec.

Follow the screen instruction to setup your Android device. Still facing an issue with lock screen? Please share your problem in the comment section below.

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