Singing has become a passion for many boys and girls nowadays. We also have seen many guys singing lyrics with the song. As they can not afford the studio, they must have to satisfy in that way. But, what if we suggest the best way by which you can improve your singing quality? We know that it will be very beneficial to you. And, that’s why here we are coming with the Best Voice Recorder App For Singing. You can also call as Karaoke Music apps.

So, here we will list up the Best Voice Recorder App For Singing. It will help you to record many songs with your voice. Also of that, it offers many other features to use and will probably improve your singing. Let’s go through the detailed description of the best apps for singing.

Best Voice Recorder App For Singing

The apps containing the guide are readily available at the Google Play Store. You can freely download all these apps from there.

Best Voice Recorder App For Singing


The Sing app by Smule will create a path for you to improve your singing quality. To use the features of the app, you have to register yourself first. For that, it offers you Facebook and Google options.

You can also get yourself registered by using your phone number. After registration, it will ask you to choose what you love to sing from various available categories. Based on it, it will provide the tracks to sing. To sing the song, just tap on the Sing button. With this app, you can sing a new and classic song with music and lyrics.

Sing App

You can sing personally or duet as well. It will let you join the many artists. You can also share the song which is sung by you through this app.

To feel like a professional, you can also have video effects while you are singing the track. The songbook of the app will let you choose any of the songs to sing with your voice. But, for the perfect song, the use of a headphone is recommended.

It helps you to eliminate the other voice to have a perfect recording. You can also make a score on your every recording to be a Karaoke Star.

Features of Sing

  • Improve Singing Quality with Sing
  • Various Available Categories to choose the track from Pop, R&B, Rock, Rap, Hip Hop, and more karaoke songs
  • Sing classic songs with music and lyrics
  • Sing personally or duet or group
  • Video effects while singing the track
  • Songbook lets you choose the songs to sing
  • Be a Karaoke Star with the maximum score
Smule: Karaoke Songs & Videos
Smule: Karaoke Songs & Videos
Developer: Smule
Price: Free


The StarMaker Karaoke Sing app lets you sing your own best covers with your favorite tracks. You can make a collab with your favorite artists and friends too. You can also use edit tools to edit the recordings and add various effects to them. To record the best karaoke song, Cutting-edge voice enhancement technology helps you.

It will capture your voice with the best quality while singing is in process. While singing, you can also use various beauty filters to look gorgeous.

StarMaker App

To let you allow for a soft recording, the new feature is introduced as Chorus. It will let you sing only the main part of the singing to improve the recording. You can also listen to other users recordings.

You can easily find your favorite song by searching for the artist’s name and title. After recording the song, you can also share it on various global social platforms. For the enhanced quality of the recording, the headphone is recommended by the experts.

Features of StarMaker

  • Collab with your favorite artists and friends
  • Edit tools to edit the recordings
  • Add Various effects
  • Cutting-edge voice enhancement technology captures your voice with the best quality
  • Beauty Filters to look gorgeous
  • Chorus feature lets you record the track flexibly
  • Find your Favorite Song
  • Share your recorded karaoke song on various social platforms

The Voice

The Voice app helps you to record your favorite tracks. To do so, it provides a wide range of voice effects and other features. By using this app, you can easily collaborate with your favorite artists and other users of the app. Also, it teaches you how to sing the song on a particular TV music show.

The features like Auto-Tune, Pitch Pointer, Vocal Guides, and Audio effects let you sing like a singer. You can save your recording as a music video. You can also share your recording with the traffic of the app and on social media platforms.

The Voice App

To start with the app, you have to register yourself first. After doing so, it allows you to sing your favorite tracks. With this app, you can sing a song in any language with amazing features. You can also listen to the songs of other users.

It also shows you categories like best solos, most shared, best collaborations, and more. With the news feed of the app, you can also comment and like the recordings of the app. They recommend using headphones while recording the song to eliminate the extra voice effects.

Features of The Voice

  • A wide range of voice effects and features
  • Make a collab with your favorite artists and your friends
  • Lets you sing the song like you are singing on a particular TV show
  • Auto-Tune, Pitch Pointer, Vocal Guides, and Audio effects features
  • Save the recording as a Music Video
  • Share it with the app community and on the social media platform
  • Compatible with many languages to sing a song
  • Best solos, Most shared, Best collabs, and more categories to find what is trending now
  • Comment and Like the recordings


This Singing app comes with a limitless collection of songs. It lets you sing the songs at no cost. To add some attractive effects, you can have amazing audio and video effects for recording. You can sing any track with its music and lyrics. To improve your singing, it has a variety of genres and themes that you can sing.

You can also find the songs that have been already sung by your favorite singers and artists. It also lets you sing in any language. At the time of singing, you can also add some voice effects and echo to make it melodious.


Like other karaoke apps, this app also needs registration first. To do so, you can use either your Google ID, Facebook ID, or Mobile number. The songbook has many tabs like Recent, Popular, Pop, Rock, Love Songs, Hip-Hop, and more categories to sing from.

You can also listen to a recording of the other singers through the Feed option. You can also like other recordings. It will let you share your recordings with the community and on social media also to get likes and comments. Here also, to record the clean voice, the use of headphones is mandatory.

Features of Karaoke

  • A Limitless collection of the songs
  • Audio and Video Effects for recording songs with their music and lyrics
  • Variety of Genres and Themes to sing a song.
  • Find your favorite artist’s songs easily
  • Sign in any language and add voice effects and echo
  • Recent, Popular, Pop, Rock, Love Songs, Hip-Hop, and more categories to sing
  • Listen to a recording of other singers
  • Share your recordings also on Social Media to be a star
Karaoke - Sing Unlimited Songs
Karaoke - Sing Unlimited Songs

So, in the end, we hope that this guide on the Best Voice Recorder App For Singing will be very helpful to you. All these apps offer you some amazing features to record your voice in the form of a song.

If this is a handy guide then also share it with other singers to let them be a star. Do let us also know your views on the guide in the below Comment section.

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