We all know APK is an extension for android apps that are usually supported by most of the Android-based smartphones. Here in this article, we are going to discuss How to Edit apk Files and APK File Editor tool for you that help you to edit or modify apk files directly from your computer.

In this article, we will show you how to edit an android apk file directly from your PC or laptop. Also, you can edit the icon and name of the Android application using PC icon and name editor software. With this apk editor software, you can modify the application name and icon within a few minutes.

This is easy to change the name or icon of an Android application, in the google play store you will find lots of apk editor apps for an Android smartphone that help you to decompile apk files directly from your smartphone.

APK Editor for PC
APK Editor for PC

If you want to change only the name or icon of any apk file, then you can download apk editor android application for your Android smartphone because the Android apk editor allows you to change the name or icon on your smartphone or tablet.

You don’t have to go any computer to edit the apk file because the apk editor app for Android gives you full freedom to change the name and icon of any Android application. But if you are an Android developer and want to study some apk files for your knowledge, you will need APK Editor Windows software that helps you to learn new Android apps development ideas.

Below are Android APK Editor Windows software that helps you to edit and you can learn new Android apps development using them.

Disclaimer: This post here is only for educational purpose only, you should not use this software for piracy nor other non-legal uses. You should not do any modification in any official apps and make a clone of them or republish them; you might be in a legal problem from the original copyright owner of respective apps.
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Best APK Editor for Windows

Sometimes you may need to make a modification to an Android app. For example, you may not be happy with a specific font choice in the application and want to make a change to a font of your choice.

There are apps you can download on Android that will get the job done, but to have a full depth of features and more screen real-estate, you should consider a PC option. By using a Windows-based APK editor you can sign files, decompile, and recompile.

As you may expect, there are numerous Windows tools that will allow you to reverse engineer an Android app. However, in many cases, the best APK tools are limited to the Android ecosystem. This presents an obvious problem because Android does not run on Windows. Well, actually it does with a little help.

For APK editing tools that only work on Android, you can use an Android emulator to run the platform on your PC and use the tool through the emulator. While there are numerous solutions on the market, the best emulator is BlueStacks.

Below are our recommendations for APK editors on Windows. Some of these examples are dedicated Windows tools, while others will require an emulator.

Apk Studio

APK Studio is a free and open-source tool that allows you to decompile APK files and edit secure codes and resources then recompile it. With the apk studio, you can change anything inside the apk file. If you are a professional Android developer, this is the best software for you to work on.

If you are a beginner as an Android developer, it will take a time to learn this software for you because it’s too complicated. Apk editor comes with most of all Android development tools to edit and rebuild an android application.

How to Modify APK
How to Modify APK

Features of APK Studio

  • Decompile & Recompile APK files.
  • You can manage multiple frameworks
  • Automatic signing and zipalign feature
  • XML and SMALI code assist and syntax highlighting feature
  • Comes with Shell launcher
  • Batch Install APKs feature to pull, disable, enable, uninstall android applications.
  • File browser, partition, and mount manage feature
  • You can view the source codes and resources of the Android application.
  • You can edit any existing Android APK file if you don’t have the source code/files.
  • Allow you to customize or modify an Android APK file.
  • Analyzing feature APKs for security and suspicious code checking
  • You can add extra functionality using Adding features
  • Best  for debugging an Android app

Download APK Studio

Apk Icon Editor

If you don’t have any knowledge of apps development of any Android application and you’re looking for a normal editing tool that requires no technical knowledge to editing name, icon, and version. You should try the apk icon editor.

Apk Icon Editor is free and easy to use apk icon and name editor tool for a computer. You can edit any android application using the apk icon editor tool. This tool allows you to edit the application name and Icon quickly. For editing any Android application, you have to download and install  Apk Icon Editor on your computer.

After downloading or installing a tool just follow the onscreen instruction to set up the apk icon editor tool on your computer.

Image 10

Feature of Apk Icon Editor

  • Change APK fileName and Icon
  • Change Icon size
  • Upload to Google Drive, Onedrive, Cloud storage, or Dropbox
  • Pack and Unpack to edit apk
  • Change version and version cond
  • Change icon color

Download APK Icon Editor

APK File Manager

APK File Editor - Best APK Editors for PC 1

Perhaps the most complete software for reverse engineering Android apps that is available for Windows, APK File Manager does everything. Users get some unique features too, such as information directly from the Play Store with screenshots for storing offline. The software achieves this by reading the APK’s directory and taking icon data and basic information.

Other features include a tool for moving older APK versions to separate folders to be inspected before removal. There is also a customer renaming mask for giving files new titles and you can even perform batch renames with this mask. APK File Manager also looks the most professional of Windows APK file managers and editors.

Download APK File Manager

APK Easy Tool

APK File Editor - Best APK Editors for PC 2

As the name suggests, using the APK Easy Tool makes reverse engineering Android apps simple. It is a lightweight Windows program that allows users to compile and decompile APK files, as well as sign them and perform general management tasks. Because it is a lighter tool, it can work more efficiently, and its UI is clearer to understand.

For example, thanks to drag and drop support, you can move files you want to compile or decompile easily. Other core features include the ability to enable or disable update checks and extract APK files from ZIP archives. Finally, the APK Easy Tool has a framework management suite that includes the ability to change paths and tag.

Download APK Easy Tool

APK Editor Pro

APK File Editor - Best APK Editors for PC 3

APK Editor Pro is a free tool that allows users running Windows 10 or Windows 8.1 PCs to edit and manage Android app files. Specifically designed to work with Android up to version Oreo, this tool will not run natively on Windows so you will have to fire up the BlueStacks emulator and download APK Editor Pro from the Google Play Store.

Once you do, you will have a feature-rich APK management tool. The editor comes with an updated resource building program which allows you to get smoother performance when working with apps from Android 5.0 Lollipop or newer. APK Editor also lets you select a file directly from the app, saving the time of unpacking data.

Download APK Editor Pro


APK File Editor - Best APK Editors for PC 4

One of the best solutions for reverse engineering third-party Android apps is APKTOOL, a free and lightweight program that allows management of closed binary apps. Among its many talents is the ability to decode resources from just about any app and restructure them through editing. The interface allows for easy app management thanks to some neat automation abilities that handle repetitive tasks.

Features available on APKTOOL include organizing APKs that use framework resources and the ability to rebuild decoded resources after disassembly.

Interestingly, APKTOOL is also one of the best maintained Windows APK solutions receiving regular updates, the latest arrive during March 2019. These updates bring new features to the app and importantly make fixes to known issues, allowing for a better overall experience.

Download APKTOOL


Whether you download a dedicated Windows program or use an Android emulator and use Play Store apps, there are plenty of APK file editors available. Let us know in the comments below if you use a different editor or know of other Windows tools that a worth us checking out.

Do let us know, which is your favorite apk editor tool that you use for developing new Android apps for apk modification purposes?