As we all know that all the components of the mobile will consume the battery power. In which, some apps are using much battery power, while some are using less. As an Android user, you also will have heard a word Media server.

In some devices, the media server also comes as an Android Media Server. You have at least once noticed that after using the mobile sometimes, the battery drain problem occurs. In addition of that, sometimes the device will become overheated due to the continuous use. In which, the Media Server plays a major role to make the device overheated.

The media server battery draining problem is taking place mostly because of the custom ROMs. This problem of overheating can be seen in the devices in which ROM is full with the data. So, first of all, we will discuss what is Media Server on Android and what does it do in below discussion.

What is Media Server or android media server player ?

The Android Media Server service comes with all the smart devices. You might be thinking what does media server do ? Well, the Media server is a server which can scan all the media files of the devices. The media file means Images, Videos, Music files and much more. If once the media server have scanned the media files, then there is no need for scanning the files whenever you are opening it. Because of it, you can easily access the media files whenever you required.

So, we can say that the Media server is added to the device which reduces the disk Input and Output. It will also helpful to you which gives faster response. But, it will be one of the reasons behind the fast battery draining problem of the device. But, the media server is using most battery power within minimum time. Most of the users have faced such kind of issue. You can also check that how much of battery power is used by the Media server and other apps. To do so, just follow the steps mentioned below.

  • First of all, go to the “Settings” of your Android powered smartphone device.
  • Then, under the section of “Device”, you can see the option of “Battery”. Tap on it.

What is Media Server on Android

  • Here, you can check that different variables are using how much percentage of battery power.

So, the battery draining issue because of Media server is the major problem nowadays. If you are also one of them who have faced it, then do not worry. Because here we will be discussing some steps, by which you can get rid of this problem.

Fix Android Media Server Battery Draining Problem

Here, we will discuss the number of fixes, to solve the overheating and battery draining issue. Now, take a look at the solutions and keep solving the battery draining issue.

  1. The very first thing that you should do is delete the unwanted files from the storage of your device. You will have to delete files from the internal as well as external storage. If you noticed that there are so many files contains the SD card whose size is small, then delete it. Whenever you download the web pages, then all the small data related to it, will be automatically downloaded on the device. It will also increase the amount of media file.
  2. After following the above step, if you continue facing the same issue, then move further with this. In this fix, you will have to change the micro SD card with an existing SD card. Also, keep in mind that insert the new micro SD card along with the less capacity. It may resolve the issue.
  3. Even after following the above step, still you are facing the issue, then you can get relief by an app. The app known as Mediaserver Killer will help you, which is available at the Google Play Store.

Here, in this discussion, we have discussed what is Android Media Server. We have also seen that what kind of problems are causing due to the Media server. In terms of additional details, we have also discussed the solutions to fix the problem of battery draining and overheating.

We hope that this discussion regarding the Android Media server will be very helpful to you. If it is really helpful to you and your Android device, then also share it with others. If it works for you, feel free to share on your social accounts so that you can help other users facing similar problems.