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Top 10 Best Powerbanks in India in March 2017

Last Updated On: March 1, 2017

Most of the peoples are using smartphone device for their regular usage. Smartphone and tablet devices have become an important part of our daily life. But, it is a painful moment for all of us, when smartphone device goes to down because of low battery. So that, we need a power socket and charger to recharge dead smartphone or tablet. But, at the time of traveling or when we outside our home/office, we are not able to charge because of lack of electricity while traveling. But thanks to power banks that give us the option to charge smartphones from anywhere anytime.

What is a Power Bank

A Power Bank is a mobile charger that helps you to charge your smartphones, tablets or laptop easily, even when you have not accessed to electricity.

What is a Power Bank

A powerbank is a very handy gadget that can charge smartphones without a power socket. We need to charge it using power socket similar to we charge a smartphone; some powerbank comes with battery indicators. Those power indicators show how much does powerbank is charged.

Power bank one kind of portable charger, which can charge your smartphone device like a charger does. If you want to charge the device, then it simply needs a USB charger cable without charging adapter. USB cable’s one end plugged into the power bank and micro USB part to be connected to the device which to is charged.

How to charge a power bank

To charge your smartphone using powerbank, you will need to charge your powerbank first. You can charge up power bank through computer or laptop by using an external electrical adapter. You can also charge it by using wall socket by an adapter.

In addition to that, some power bank also featuring LED light or battery indicators. By which you can easily get information about the battery status for your powerbank. When power bank is fully charged then LED light will automatically turn off. Some powerbank will show a green or red light when it is fully charged, depending upon power bank’s option.

Top 10 Best Power Banks in India

For your simplicity, here we also have listed top 10 power bank for your smartphone or tablet device. All the power bank comes with some extra features, which is optimal for your device.

Best Powerbanks in March 2017 Capacity USB Ports
F-EYE 3 in 1 Power Bank 5000 mAh 1
Lappymaster Mobile Power Bank 5200 mAh 1
COOLNUT High Capacity Power Bank 13500 mAh 3
COOLNUT Power Bank 14400 mAh 2
CATZ PBCZ4 Power bank 13000 mAh 2
F-EYE Fast Charging PowerBanks 10400 mAh 2
Romoss High Capacity Power Bank 16000 mAh 2
Callmate Power Bank 10400 mAh 1
Samsung Power Bank 20000 mAh 2
Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 20000 mAh 2

F-EYE 3 in 1 Power Bank

An another best power bank for you is F-EYE 3 in 1 power bank. As mentioned in the title, it is a multi-function device. It means this device comes with a Wireless Bluetooth Stereo, High Capacity 5000 mAh power bank, and Mobile stand. So you can make use of this powerbank in three way you want.

F-EYE 5000 mAh power bank review
Power bank review


It will support Bluetooth with version 3.0. The Bluetooth wireless stereo works very well along with high clarity of sound. This power bank also has One USB output port, to recharge your smartphone or tablet device with high speed. It also has a built-in mic and an auxiliary 3.5 mm jack port to playing non-Bluetooth devices. The Bluetooth range of this device is so great which is up to 10 meters and there is no need for wire connection.

A 5000 mAh capacity battery provides long playtime. It is easily compatible with most of the smartphone and tablet devices. It is designed with simplicity to carry easily. It is also one of the best power banks with its multi-function features. 

This F-EYE 3 in 1 5000 mAh power bank is now available at the e-commerce site Amazon India website. Check out this powerbank’s pricing details, discounted offers and user reviews from below.

Lappymaster Mobile Power Bank

The Lappymaster Mobile Power Bank is another best power bank device, to charged up your smartphone or tablet device. It comes with a function of electricity saving and also has cell along with high capacity. It is very easy to use a device, which provides fast charging speed along with a high amount of reliability. This power bank is portable and you can also put up it in your pocket.Lappymaster Power bank 5200 mAh

It also consists of 5200 mAh power Li-Ion battery. It comes with only one USB port along with LED torch. This device is easily compatible with the smartphone manufactured by the companies such as Samsung, Sony, Microsoft and more. It is protected with the Short circuit. The package of this power bank also contains a cable for easy and fast charging speed of your device.

This powerbank has rated as 5 stars out of 5 from their customers, and you can check out user reviews and pricing details from below.

COOLNUT High Capacity Power Bank

The COOLNUT Power bank comes with a high capacity of power which is around of 13,500 mAh. It is designed with the durable outer body and is easy to carry. The best thing about this power bank is that it comes with 3 USB port. It means you can charge up 3 devices at a time.COOLNUT High Capacity Power Bank

It has two USB port with 2.1 A, to charge a tablet and iPad devices. It also has some safety features, to protect your smartphone or tablet device. It also protects your device from such charging accidents. It also comes with LED flashlight. You can charge up a single device for 4-5 times.

It comes with the slim and compact design. It also comes with four LED light, which indicates the level of charging. This Coolnut device also consists of automatic power off function, which is useful when the device is not in use. This power bank is easily compatible with all the smartphone and tablet devices.

You can easily buy this COOLNUT 13500 mAh Power bank at the e-commerce site Amazon India website. Check out current price and discounted offers online from below.

COOLNUT Power Bank

COOLNUT 14,400 mAh Powerbanks
COOLNUT 14,400 mAh Powerbanks

This is one another power bank device from Coolnut, which also has a high capacity up to 14,400 mAh power.It comes with a Lithium battery. The Coolnut power bank is easily compatible with most of the smartphone as well as tablet devices.

It also featuring LED light indicators, which shows charging status of power bank. This power bank device comes with Dual USB output port, it means you can charge two smartphones at the same time. It also contains one port for a smartphone with 1 A and other is for tablet or iOS with 2.1 A. It also has some protection features which protects your digital devices from the effect of the over-charge, over-voltage, over current and short circuit.

It is designed with ABS plastic material for high durability of the device. It is very lightweight and compact device that you can carry easily in hand and also put it in a pocket.

It seems this is newly launched latest powerbanks, however, you can buy this powerbank online from amazon India website. Check more details about this powerbank using below link.

CATZ PBCZ4 Power bank

Catz PBCZ4 13,000 mAh Powerbanks
Catz PBCZ4 13,000 mAh Powerbanks

The Catz PBCZ4 power bank comes with high capacity up to 13,000 mAh power, to boost up your smartphone and tablet device many times. It provides a maximum charging current that is needed by a device that too is charged. It is one of the most suitable and portable power bank devices to charge up your smart devices. It will also able to provide fastest charging speed.

With the purchase of this power bank, you will also get 1-year limited manufacturer warranty on it. It consists of Dual USB charging ports, it means you can charge two smartphones and tablet device at a time. It also has LED display along with Four Level.

Over-charge and Over-voltage protection also come with this device. This device is compatible with all the smart devices. it has been rated as 5 out of 5 stars on amazon India website. Check more details about it from below.

F-EYE Fast Charging PowerBanks

F-EYE Fast Charging Powerbanks
F-EYE Fast Charging Powerbanks

This F-EYE power bank comes with a feature of fast charging. It has a high capacity up to 10,400 mAh power. This power bank is a suitable portable charger for most of the smartphone and tablet devices.

It contains a bright digital LCD display, which shows you exactly the percentage of charging when you left it. This F-EYE device has Dual USB output port along with 2.1 A and 1 A.

By using these two output ports, you can boost up your two smartphone devices simultaneously.

It also consists of protection features to protect your devices from the effect of over charge, over voltage, over current and overheating. It is designed with a unique design for users simplicity. It is also one of the best power banks for you.

It is compatible with almost all brand’s smartphones, digital camera and tablet devices. Check out this power bank price in India from below.

Romoss High Capacity Power Bank

Romoss 16000 mah Powerbanks
Romoss 16000 mah Powerbanks

The Romoss high capacity power bank comes with 16,000 mAh power. With its high capacity power, you can charge up your iPhone device at least 8 times.

This device has built-in Fitcharge Technology. It is designed with some superb protective features. It provides optimal charging speed to charge up your smart devices.

It comes with Dual USB output port, it means two smart devices can charge up at the same time. It is simply compatible with all the smartphone and tablet devices. Most of the smartphones that need only 1 An or 1.5A,  this “smart charger” batteries will not deliver them more than that amount of power.

You can buy this Romoss 16,000 mAh best power banks in India from amazon website using below link.The manufacturer also provides a 1-year limited warranty with the purchase of this device.

Callmate Power Bank

The Callmate power bank has a capacity up to 10400 mAh power. It consists of Samsung cell type battery. This power bank device also featuring some protective features.

Callmate 10400 mAH Powerbanks
Callmate 10400 mAH Powerbanks


It is easily compatible with all the smartphone devices manufactured by the popular companies. This device can be easily measured with the dimensions of 90.5 mm x 77 mm x 21.6 mm.

This Callmate device comes with one USB output port, to quickly charge up your smartphone device. It is designed with high durability as well as reliability. The Callmate 10400 mAh best power bank in India is now available for ordering on amazon India website.

Samsung Power Bank

This power bank is manufactured by the most trusted smartphone manufacturer company Samsung. This Samsung power bank has a high capacity up to 20000 mAh power.

Samsung 20000 mAh power bank samsung price
Power Bank Samsung Price in India

It is easily compatible with all the smartphone and tablet devices. It comes with two USB output port, to charge up two smart devices at the same time.It also has LED display, provided for charging status. It is lightweight device and easily portable power bank. It is easy to carry and easily get fit in the size of the pocket. 

Samsung 20000 mAh Powerbanks
Samsung 20000 mAh Powerbanks


This Samsung high capacity power bank is available in a White color variant. It is the perfect power bank device to boost up your smartphone or tablet devices along with high-speed charging. Like all Samsung smartphone, the reliability of this power bank is also high. It is one of the best power banks by Samsung you should use.

Xiaomi Mi Power Bank

MI 20000 mAh Powerbanks
MI 20000 mAh Powerbanks

A famous Chinese smartphone manufacturer company Xiaomi MI has launched its power bank. This MI power bank is coupled with the massive 20,000 mAh battery capacity, to charge your device at least 5 to 6 time. It is also featuring fast charging speed to your device.

This Xiaomi Powerbanks consists of DC input voltage of 5.0 V and an output voltage is as same as the input. For long time durability, it is designed with the ABS Plastic body. The weight of this power bank is around of 338 grams. It is easily compatible with all the MI smartphone devices as well as all the leading company’s smartphones. A standard cable also comes with the package of this MI product. It is the best power bank with its high capacity power.

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In the discussion of Top 10 Best Power Bank in India, we have listed 10 superb power bank which contains so many features along with the affordable price. So if you are planning for power bank online shopping, make sure you are referring to this list of best-branded power bank from this list.

Are you already using any of those powerbanks? Feel free to share your experience with your powerbank in the comment section below. If you are planning to buy Powerbanks in India, do let us know which one you are planning to buy? What kind of specification are you looking for, in powerbank?

Image Credit: Eachine Mini Y5 Power Bank by Neil Turner

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