How to Block Spam Messages

How to Block Spam Messages on Samsung Galaxy S4

Most of the users are feeling angry whenever they receive unknown or spam messages or call from telemarketers. It is always irritating to all of us when we receive spam text messages or calls. The number of spam text messages from numbers would be increasing day by day. You might want to block such text message spammers. So, to block unwanted texts messages here is the solution for you. Here, we will discuss the method of how to block spam messages …

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    Zenfone 3 Overview

    ZenFone 3 Review – Premium Looking Midrange Smartphone by ASUS

    ASUS has launched very good smartphones in the past. E.g. Zenfone Zoom was my favorite smartphone that I have been using since last few months. But ASUS is working hard to continuously improve their UI and smartphones. Zenfone 3 has attracted me by its premium golden look and affordable price with a fingerprint sensor. Look & Feel of ZenFone 3 ASUS has recently launched zenfone 3 smartphones that are having a rugged looking plastic body for a premium glass body. It’s …

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      Apps like Showbox – Best Showbox Alternative Apps

      There are so many apps are available for an android device, by which you can streaming movies and TV Shows. The important thing is that you can stream all the things with free of cost. Whenever we talking about this kind of apps, the first name comes in mind is Showbox app. The Showbox app is an app which will allow users to watch movies and TV Shows along with HD resolution. But, for android users, the Showbox app does …

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        What Are Miscellaneous Files & How To Remove It From Your Android

        Most of the Android users have found that there are so many files is stored up on their device. Whenever you checking the internal storage of the device, it shows the info. The info is related to that how much space is using the different file. In that list, you should see an option of Misc files or Miscellaneous files. This kind of files also being used many of space from the internal storage. But, Most of the users do not …

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          ZenFone 3 – Built for Photography

          Over the past few years, smartphones have undergone a radical transformation. From being considered gadgets meant to only talk and text one’s contacts, their role has become versatile enough to include a plethora of tasks which earlier required specific gadgets. A visible change in the user’s busy lifestyles meant that they required gadgets that could excel at more than just one function. Photography has, quite understandably, emerged as one of the key functions of a smartphone. Camera is often considered …

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            How Do You Clear Snapchat History

            how do you clear snapchat history ? This may be the biggest question for you if you are using Snapchat on a regular base. To clear snap history from your smartphone, you need to follow some steps. Check out below procedure on how to clear snap history easily from your smartphone. There are so many of works can be easily done by using smartphone device. The smartphone device can easily fulfill the many of requirements like messages, the internet, multimedia, camera etc. But, …

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              Micro SIM VS Nano SIM – Difference Between Micro SIM & Nano SIM

              Do you know difference between Micro SIM & Nano SIM? Check out Micro SIM Vs Nano SIM from this article.The SIM card is one of the components which is really useful whenever you are using smartphone device. The full form of SIM card is Subscriber Identity Module card. As we all know that, the SIM card is useful while making a call or receiving a call. The SIM card is an integrated circuit which safely saved data to certify and identify …

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                How to Find MAC Address on Android

                How To Find Your MAC Address on Android

                Want to know what is your MAC address of your smartphone? Check out this useful guide about how to find mac address in android phone easily in just a few steps. If you are an Android user then you should have info about the MAC address. The full form of the MAC address is Media Access Control address. Whenever you are connected with any Wi-Fi network connection, your device will show you the MAC address. The MAC address can be used …

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                  Changing the Mode into Battery Saving

                  How to Fix Google Play Services Battery Draining Problem

                  For all the required apps of the Android, all Android users have to take help from Play Store. Because it is an only way that by which the users can get any app from that. There are many sources are available from which users will get the apps. But, the Google Play Store has its own unique features. This is the reason that’s why the people most preferred the Google Play Store. But sometimes, the services of the Google Play …

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                    The GrooVe IP Lite or GrooVe IP VoIP Calls & Text App

                    GrooVe IP Lite Lets You To Make Calls for FREE

                    One of the best function of mobile devices is to make a call and to receive a call. By using mobile devices, you can call any of the people who is far away from you. You can talk with those people, by just dialing their contact number of mobile. But sometimes, because of the lack of the balance, you will be not able to do this. You can not contact those people, even at that time when carrier minutes of …

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