How to Fix Can't Play this Video on Android Device 1

How to Fix Can’t Play this Video on Android

To take a joy of the watching movies and videos, the Smartphone is a most appropriate device. Even, it fulfils your requirement of watching videos online as well. For that, some Android apps allow you to have a great experience of the videos through your Android mobile. But, sometimes due to some problems, an error message appears as “Can’t Play this Video” while watching videos. At that time, the user thinks that what to do and by which this error …

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SANMIN Tempered Glass 9H Hardness Glass Protector

Best Tempered Glass Screen Protector For HTC 10

The safety and protection of the smartphone device is an important thing after purchasing any smartphone. To protect the device screen, there are so many screen protectors and screen glass are available in the market. All the smartphone users have used the screen protector to protect the screen of the smartphone. If you are a user of HTC 10 smart device and have a query that which screen protector is the best for the device, then this discussion is for …

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How To Backup & Restore Whatsapp Messages on Android

We have already explained how you can take backup of your android text messages, call logs, contacts, etc. As technology grow peoples are using Whatsapp messenger, Wechat, skype, line message etc. instead of default android messaging clients. However mostly people are using WhatsApp messenger as messaging client. How to Perform Whatsapp Backup Here we have explained in few easy steps on How to Backup Whatsapp Chats. Follow those steps to backup Whatsapp message from WhatsApp app. First of all, open Whatsapp …

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Telegram Android App 1

Telegram Android App -Whatsapp Alternative for Smartphone Users

Nowadays, for most of the people, social networking sites are one of the daily needs. There are also some individuals who are buying best budget smartphone only for to use the social sites. We all know that how many of the social sites are currently in actions. In which the most favourites are Facebook, Whatsapp, Hike, Snapchat, Instagram, and more. Also of that, there are also some other sites are in the way to get introduced. So, as we are …

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How to Save Whatsapp Conversation

How to Restore Whatsapp Conversations

We have talked about backup and restore Whatsapp messages from Android smartphones before a few weeks ago. On that post, so many users are asking about how to restore WhatsApp conversations, my conversations on WhatsApp deleted by mistake and what to do, etc. If that guide on How to Restore Whatsapp Conversations was not useful for you, here is an update that works perfectly if you wish to Restore Whatsapp Backup on your Android smartphone. Restoring Whatsapp Messages on Android Manually …

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360 Security App 1

360 Security App for Android – is it Best Android Security App?

Security is one of the most necessary features to protect our smartphone device from unauthorised person. The security will not allow them to use your Android mobile. Also for that, nowadays all the devices are coming with one or more built-in security features. More than that, there are also some sources that offer you Android apps to protect the phone securely. For the stable security of your device, here we will also discuss an app, 360 Security. This app also …

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delete facebook messages

How To Delete Messages on Facebook Messenger

Sometimes you want to delete a conversation from Facebook messenger but don’t know how to remove it. Well, you can remove a particular conversation or group conversation using Facebook messenger on android. Here in this article, we are going to discuss on how to delete a conversation on Facebook on messenger android app. How to Delete Messages on Facebook Messenger Method #1 Step 1: Open Messenger app on your Android smartphone Step 2: After this, Select and open conversation that …

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TV Remote for Android

Best TV Remote App for Android

The IR Blaster is a unique feature in the android smartphone that allows you to control your television via your smartphone. Android TV Remote Control App gives you fully remote control access and other many features similar to that you get with your original TV remote. Only you need to download any TV remote app and enhance your television experience with new remote control app on your Android smartphone. You don’t need your tv’s remote to change channels on your TV because you can …

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Backup & Restore whatsapp chat data

Backup & Restore WhatsApp to Google Drive in 5 Steps

We have discussed restoring chat backup data from Whatsapp messenger in our earlier articles. Recently WhatsApp has implemented a feature which helps us to auto backup WhatsApp to Google drive efficiently. Here in this article, we are going to discuss on how to backup and Restore WhatsApp Conversations to Google Drive. WhatsApp, the most popular messaging service app for connecting or sharing their memories, pictures, videos, and also can share your voice clip. The Backup of your WhatsApp is the best …

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WallMate - Wallpaper Animator App

How to Make Your Own Wallpaper

There are so many ways, by which you can easily customise your Android smartphone. Like smartphone accessories, case, cover and more. Likewise, the beautiful wallpaper will also help you to customise your device. For that, nowadays all the mobile coming with different wallpapers. Also of that, it also allows you to set your favourite image as a wallpaper. But, have you ever thinking about to create your wallpaper for your android phone? If no, then now it’s time to create …

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