Is the space on your Android phone running out quickly? If yes, the culprit may be the .estrongs folder. The storage issue is something faced by almost every Android user in one way or another. However, few people face serious storage problems on their smartphones.

If you are the one who faces a severe space problem or your phone shows the message “out of memory,” the main culprit of the situation could be the .estrongs folder.

But the question here is what the .estrongs folder in Android is, and can you delete this folder? To know the answer to the questions, read or article further and get detailed information about that folder.

Some Android users use ES file manager instead of the default file manager because it is free, safe and straightforward to manage your files in one place. ES file explorer is one of the best file explorers globally. It helps you to manage all your files and folders efficiently in one place. You can also share files directly without data cost.

It also allows you to manage your files with cut, copy, rename, and compress operations. This file manager also supports Zip and RAR files and creates encrypted files. It also provides full access to the entire file system and data directories.

As this file manager is the hub of your Android files and folders, that’s why it creates some cache folders called .estrongs. Of course, each folder is for specific use on your phone. So without further, let’s take a quick look at the main content in the sections below.

What Is The Estrongs Folder?

If you have an ES file manager installed on your phone, you will notice a few folders and files in it, and the .estrongs folder is one of them. The work of this folder is to save the recycle bin files that you permanently deleted through this file manager.

File manager does not automatically save any files in this folder unless you select the recycle bin option from the settings. This folder is the hidden folder in your file manager. When you open hidden folders, you will see the .estrongs folder at the top of the file manager. The folder size varies on the data you delete from the ES file manager.

In the .estrongs folder, you will notice some database files and multiple subfolders. When you click on the subfolder, you will find a recycle folder under it. This recycle folder contains all the deleted files of ES File Manager.

Each file is in a different folder according to its original file path. These recycled files are not shown in your library because this folder contains .nomedia files hidden in the phone library.

Can We Delete The . Estrongs Folder?

.Estrongs folder contains all the deleted files that you delete from ES File Manager. If any of your files or data are removed by mistake, this folder helps you to recover it. But if you don’t want already deleted data on your phone, then removing the .estrongs folder from the ES manager is an excellent option as it saves a lot of space on your device.

So, yes, it is safe to delete the .estrongs folder from your phone. Deleting this folder means free space for your phone. Once you remove the folder from ES File Manager, it’s hard to recover the data again.

Final Words

So, in the end, we conclude that yes, it is safe to delete the .estrongs folder from your device as it frees up a lot of memory on your phone. We hope now you know what the .estrongs folder is.

That’s all for now, and thanks for reading this post on The Android Portal. We hope this article clears your vision. For more new posts, do follow us and stay tuned for the latest updates.

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