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Unfortunately System UI Has Stopped on Galaxy Note 5 & Other Phones

Last Updated On: April 7, 2017

Have you ever seen the error message as “Unfortunately, System UI has stopped” in your smartphone? This error message mostly appears after updating the existing Android Operating System. Nowadays, all the Android smartphones are coming with the upgradation facility to provide more flexibility to the users. After updating the Android OS, most of the users have faced error message “Unfortunately, System UI has stopped.”

Unfortunately System UI Has Stopped on Galaxy Note 5

Recently, Samsung has also started the Android OS version 6.0.1 Marshmallow update for Galaxy Note 5. This update is a blessing for all the Samsung Note 5 users. After hearing about the updates, most of the Note 5 users have also tried to update the OS. But, after updating, most of the users have complained that they have faced “Unfortunately, System UI has stopped” message. So, at that time, what should be the action that has been taken against this error message?

To answer this query to you, we are here. Yes, here we will discuss some methods by which you should get rid of from this error message of UI. Along with the tricks, we will also be mentioning the most likely factors which affect to the System UI.

Fix the Error Message “Unfortunately, System UI has stopped”

The process will be discussed here are too simple to apply to the device. So, have a look at the discussion in detail and keep using the Marshmallow OS on your Galaxy Note 5.

1.) By uninstalling the App or Launcher which cause the Issue:

In most of the cases, the app or launcher you have installed recently will cause such error. After updating the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, then you have installed any app, then the answer is you have. Most likely the item you have installed on the device is causing the error. So, the best option is uninstallation of that item to get the solution of it. Uninstall that app or launcher and then see what happens.

If the problem still occurs, then you will have to reboot the Galaxy Note 5 into the Safe Mode. By rebooting the device into Safe mode, you will get sure info if any apps or items causes any issue. To bring the device into Safe mode, the steps waiting for you.

  • First of all, turn off the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 smartphone completely.
  • Then, press and hold the Power button of the mobile.
  • Release the Power button when you see Samsung Galaxy Note 5, then immediately press and hold the Volume Down button. Press and hold the same button till the Phone is restarted.
  • If you have successfully entered, then you should see Safe Mode at the lower left corner of the screen. Now, you are free to release all the buttons.

2.) By Performing the Wipe Cache Partition Process:

The Wipe Cache Partition is also one of the best troubleshoots. It will clear up all the data which seem to be caused the issue. More than that, sometimes the firmware update also plays a significant role in such issues. To detach the issue from the device, you all need to erase the system cache. For that, the Wipe Cache Partition is the best option. To do so, follow the below steps and go ahead.

  • Very first, switch off your Samsung Note 5. Then, press and hold the Volume Up button, Home button, and Power button simultaneously.
  • Leave the Power button when the mobile vibrates, still, continue press and hold the rest of two.
  • When you see the screen as Android System Recovery, you can release all the buttons.
  • Here, find the Wipe Cache Partition option by using the Volume Down button.
  • Now, to select the option, use the Power button.
  • Wait till the process of Wipe Cache Partition gets completes. Once the process has completed, the message Reboot system now appears. Allow it to proceed.

Do not worry about the data which are deleted after the completion of this process. After restarting the device, the new cache will automatically be replaced. This new cache also has high compatibility with the system. The Wipe Cache Partition is a most efficient way to get rid of. 

3.) By Performing the Wipe Data/Factory Reset Process:

After performing all of the above methods, still, the issue occurs, then try this one. In which, you will have to perform the process of Wipe Data/Factory Reset. This process will completely erase all the data from the smartphone. So, before performing it, make sure about the backup of all of your data.

  • First of all, remove the Google account and Switch off the Samsung Note 5.
  • Now, at the same time, press and hold the Volume Up button, Home button, and Power button.
  • Then, release all the buttons when the mobile powers on with Power On Logo. At the same time, you should see the Android Icon on the screen.
  • Wait till the Android Recovery Screen appears.
  • By using the Volume Down button, go to the Wipe data/Factory reset and select it through the Power button.
  • Now, by using the Power button again, select the prompts.
  • After the process has completed, then Reboot system now appears and then restart the mobile using the Power button.

4.) Getting it Checked from Authorized Service Center

Even after applying all above tricks, the issue continues, then you have to visit the retailer of the phone. Also of that, you can also contact the shop from where you have purchased this Samsung mobile. The Authorised Service Center will also assist you in. At that time, the reinstallation of the firmware is a must. This is the step that you can also do by yourself. But for that, you have to need Odin. The technician will also help you to reinstall the firmware.

Now, we will be completing the discussion on How to Fix Unfortunately, System UI has stopped. You should try any of the tricks from tricks as mentioned above. Other users can also apply these tricks to their devices, but with their own risk. We will not be responsible for any damage on your smart mobile.

We hope that it will be very helpful you to fix the UI error message on your Galaxy Note 5. Stay connected with us for more tricks to fix such Android issues.

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