Samsung Galaxy S3 & S4 smartphone comes with extra ordinary features for advanced users. It allows you to take HD quality pictures and video recording from your smartphone for better user experience. For some personal reason, you want to disable camera shutter sound and click photos. E.g. if your baby is sleeping and you want to take her/his picture, if Camera Noises is there, it would disturb her/his sleep. So it would better to disable camera shutter sound and then click photos.

Sometimes when you are at office or silent place like a library, and you want to click photos with your smartphone, if shutter noise would occur while capturing pictures it would disturb others. To avoid that disturbance you don’t know How to Turn Off Camera Sound; you can do it by using following tips provided here.

How to Turn off Camera Shutter Sound on Samsung

Disable Shutter Sound from Default Camera Setting

  1. Go to Camera app through Home screen or from App drawer.
  2. Tap on Settings gear located on the upper left screen.
  3. Tap on Shutter sound to switch it on or off.
Turn Off Shutter Sound S4
Turn Off Shutter Sound S4

This is the easiest way to disable and on camera shutter sound from your Samsung Galaxy smartphones. You can directly enable or disable that from camera setting. I don’t like camera noise and always prefer to disable it while capturing any photos.

Make Your Device Mute or Silent

Samsung Galaxy Sound Settings
Samsung Galaxy Sound Settings

There are many ways to silent your device. You can either up and down volume button to increase or decrease volume. To mute, press and hold volume down key. Another way to silent your Samsung Galaxy S4 or S3 is from the notification bar.

You can also press and hold the power button so that you would get mute or silent option on the popup box. Choose that option to mute your smartphone’s camera while capturing image from it.

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Using Camera Apps for Android

There are some Android apps available in Google Play Store to make camera sound off. They are Silent Camera, Spy Camera OS,  VolShutter Camera, Note 2 Hidden Settings,  Quiet Camera, etc. When you use those apps on your device, you can quickly help you to make Android Turn Off Shutter Sound device.

For Rooted Devices

For a Rooted smartphone, there is an extra facility. You can rename the original camera shutter sound file by using root explorer or ES File Explorer File Manager. If you have rooted device, it will give you access to explore android root system folders and modify it.

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