Disable Camera Shutter Sound on Any Android Smartphones

For few smartphones, we are getting click sound while capturing photos on smartphones. This may sometimes not desired when we capture photos at prohibited locations. Sometimes we don’t want our object letting know that his photos are being captured. But click sound noise will let anyone know that you clicked pictures. Here in this article, we are going to discuss how to disable camera shutter sound on Android devices. There are mainly two ways you can make your smartphone’s Shutter Sound Off. First one is with rooting, and another one is without rooting.  Here in this article, we will talk about doing it without rooting.

How to Disable Android Camera Shutter Sound without root

The Stock ROM smartphone does not come with camera sound On/Off setting button, so if you want to off camera sound, you have to choose silent or vibrate mode to off shutter sound.  This works for most of the device that you put your smartphone in silence mode and it will not make a click sound when pictures are clicked. It’s very simple to disable or put your smartphone in silent mode. You just need to use volume rocker keys to a silent device.

Shutter Sound Off on Android
How to disable the camera shutter sound on a Sony smartphones

Some Sony smartphones have option in their camera app to disable camera shutter sound, here is how you can do it.

disable the camera shutter sound on a Sony

First of all, Open Camera app and go to camera app setting then scroll down to “Sound” button to off camera shutter sound. Go to camera setting > Click on the sound button > then disable it using slider button.

How to disable the camera shutter sound on a Motorola Android device

disable the camera shutter sound on a Motorola

The Motorola device has a mini dial for camera setting on the left-hand side of the display, In the mini dial, you can see little loudspeaker icon for sound On/Off. Now press it to disable camera sound.

How to disable the camera shutter sound on an Asus Zenfone Smartphone

This works for almost all smartphone, we have tested it with ASUS zenfone zoom, zenfone laser smartphone device.

disable the camera shutter sound on a Asus Zenfone

To disable camera noise, you need to go to the Camera app and click on the setting button, To Off camera sound scrolls down to sound setting button and press it. Check detailed steps to disable camera sound on ASUS zenfones.

How to disable the camera shutter sound on an LG smartphones

The LG smartphone does not come with any camera sound setting option, so if you want to capture picture silently, you have to silent your smartphone’s ringtone or other notification sound using volume rocker keys. It’s similar to that we do for Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

Disable Camera Click Sound using Android apps

If you are not able to turn off camera shutter sound on your smartphone, you can use some apps available on Google Play store that will help you to capture pictures silently without any click sound. Here we have some Android application that helps you to capture the best picture without any sound. One of them is Silent Camera Pro.

The Silent Camera Pro Android app that can capture the best quality picture without any sound and also can record quick burst shot. The Silent Camera Pro comes with optional sound on or off setting.


  • Pinch to zoom, Multiple picture resolution support
  • Front camera support
  • White Balance, Color Effects, Scene Effects   

App Name

App 2:  Silent Camera [High Quality] 

The Silent Camera [High Quality] camera app allows you to capture photos without any shutter sound.


  • High-speed continuous shot, Timer shooting
  • Zoom, Autofocus or manual focus
  • Scene Selection
  • White balance, Color effect

App Name

App 3:  [High Quality] Silent camera

The [High Quality] Silent Camera Android app full freedom to capture graphics silently with high-quality picture.


  • Silent feature by default
  • Operating mode: General, Black,
  • User Screenshot

App Name

If you are using any other trick to turn off camera click sound on your smartphone, you may feel free to suggest us by commenting in the comment section below.

Last Updated On: January 19, 2017

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