We have discussed a lot about ASUS smartphones. The common thing zenfone users were looking for was turning off the camera shutter sound. They have a default option in their camera that says to turn the shutter sound, but actually, they don’t turn off the sound. Here we have found a method that helps you to ask your phone not to make a sound while you capture photos.

You can quickly turn off your camera sound If you don’t want to hear it when you take a picture. Turning off the camera sound is quite simple, and anyone can do it. Here we have mentioned below 3 methods to mute or disable the camera sound of Asus Zenfone.

How to Turn Off Camera Sound on ASUS Zenfones

Turn off the camera sound using the Camera setting

camera shutter sound on Zenfone

Step 1: Open the Camera App on your Asus Zenfone
Step 2: Now Click on the “Setting” icon on the top left side of the screen
Step 3: In the settings section, tap on the “Wrench” icon option
Step 4: Now scroll down to the “Misc.” section,
Step 5: Now uncheck the Camera sound option to disable the camera sound

Using Volume Rockers buttons

Use Volume Button to turn off camera sound

To turn off the camera sound, you can use the volume rockers buttons to decrease phone volume. Use your (volume -) button to decrease the volume of your phone, and it also works on the camera app.

Root your ASUS Zenfone(Optional)

We have successfully tested this option in ASUS zenfone 3, Zenfone Max, and Zenfone Zoom. This method is working fine for those devices. However, if the above steps do not fix your issue, you should root your device to turn off the camera sound on your ASUS device.

After rooting your device, you should use a root browser like ES file Explorer. Go to the following file path, /system/media/audio/ui, and rename the camera shutter or camera click OGG files to something else.

If you own any other smartphone and want to disable the camera sound of that app, check this article.

We hope you have successfully tried these methods. If you are facing any difficulties in following those steps, feel free to comment below with your problem.

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