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As we know, the Gmail is one of the best services of the Google. The Gmail is a service which provides Email service freely. This Google service is available in different more than 70 languages. Nowadays, the Gmail is one of the services which used by most of the people around the world. The Gmail works very well with smart devices as well as Desktops. But sometimes, it shows problems. One of the biggest problems occurs in Gmail Syncing on your device. The users have also faced the problem with the statement “sync is currently experiencing problems it will be back shortly .”

Most of the people are facing such kind of the problem while using Gmail service on Android smartphones and tablets. But, in most of the device, this kind of issue may be for a temporary. So, in most of the device, this problem is solved by itself automatically. So, to wait for some time is one of the best solutions. Still, you are facing this issue then go ahead with the further solution.

How To Fix Sync Is Currently Experiencing Problems?

Here, we will discuss some further solutions, to get the solution. So now, take a look at the solutions written below. Keep in mind that these solutions are only applicable for the devices which are running on Android 6.0 OS.

By Performing the Manual Syncing of the Google Account

By using this fix, you can quickly solve the syncing problem of the Gmail. This fix is too easy to perform. You can perform this fix with the help your Android device. In which, you will have to turn on the Sync now option for a particular Google Account. To do so, follow the easy steps mentioned below.

  • First of all, open the “Settings” of your Android smart device.
  • Then, scroll the display down and tap on the option of “Accounts” which comes under the Personal section.
  • Here, go to the option of “Google.


  • Now, you should see the three dotted points at the right corner of the display. Tap on it. It will open a pop-up for you with an option of “Sync Now.” Tap on Sync Now, it will solve your syncing issue.

After performing above steps, the Gmail Syncing issue will automatically resolve. You can also do the same steps for multiple accounts. But, to sync your multiple Google account, you have to choose it one by one.

By Clearing the Data and Cached Data of the Gmail

In which, you have to clear up the data as well as cache data of the Gmail app. Here, we will discuss the steps to do so. So, now take a look at the easy steps that you have to perform.

  • First of all, unlock your Android device and go to the “Settings.”
  • Then, go to the “Apps” option which you can find under the section of “Device.
  • Now, here choose an option of “All Apps.” It will show you all the apps contained by the device whether it is enabled or disabled.
  • Here, find the option of “Gmail” and open it. After doing that, it will show you an another display on which you should see the Storage option. Tap on it.


  • Now, one display will open along with the option of Clear Data and Clear Cache.
  • Tap on that both the options one by one. If any prompts are coming while doing it, say OK to all the prompts.

If you are experiencing a syncing issue with your Google calendar or contact sync, you can clear cache data for that from app manager of your device. It will fix the problem of syncing of any apps. If this method didn’t work for you, check out further steps below to fix this.

By Checking about the Android Updates

The Android updates of the device may also cause the syncing problem of the Gmail. So, it is better that you should check for Android Updates. This fix is not working all the time, but it does not mean that it should ignore. To check for Android updates, here we will be mentioned the easy steps. So follow it and keep solving the syncing issue.

  • Go to the Settings of the Android device.
  • Go to the bottom of the display by scrolling down the screen. Here, you should see an option of the “About Device.” Tap on it. It will show you all the info regarding your smart device.
  • Now, tap on the option of “Software Updates,” to get the info that any update is available or not.


  • If any updates were available, then it says with an option of Install. If there are no any updates, then the display shows “Your system is up to date.

In some devices, there is syncing problem occurs due to the Android updates. So, to face it, check the Android updates for your smart device and get solution about Syncing.

If you are facing issue with contact sync on Google account, you may try Contact Sync Fix app; that help you to fix your contact syncing problem. However, we recommend you to create a full backup of your contact before you try this app. So if this app is unsupported for your device, or create any issue later, you can easily fix this by restoring your contact again.

By Checking that the Internet Connection is Works or Not

This fix seems like a funny fix, but sometimes, it also works. Sometimes because of the eagerness of the people, most of are forget to turn on the Internet Connection. So, it is also one of the reasons for the Gmail problem.

If you notice that the internet connection is not activated, then kindly connect the device with the connection.

By Changing the Time and Date

In most of the devices, this is one of the reasons by which the syncing issue happens. At that point, you have to correct the date and time in your smart device. To do so, follow the below steps.

  • Go to the “Settings” app on your smart device.
  • Then, scroll down the display, find the option to “Date and Time” and tap on it.
  • Here, you should see an option of “Automatic Date and Time.” Now, turn on that option. It will set up the right date and time on the device.

Sync Is Currently Experiencing Problems

  • If once the time and date are set up, then the Gmail sync error may be gone.

As we discussed ago, here we have listed best solutions to fix google sync is currently experiencing problems. We hope that this discussion may be very helpful to you. If this google sync is not working fix helped you, share it. If you are still experiencing Google sync not working with your device, feel free to comment below.

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