The smartphones are compatible with all the documents to see despite any format. You can also find a pre-loaded app to load the documents. Also, it helps you to view other Office File Formats like .doc, .docx, .txt, .xls, .xlsx, .ppt, and .pptx.

To have all these features in one app, WPS Office is the best Android app. This app can be the best alternative to the pre-loaded app you have on the device. Even features-wise, you can not deny the fact that this app is the best for any Android user.

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WPS Office – Everything You Need to Know!

WPS Office is developed by the Chinese software developer Kingsoft. This app is mainly available for all OS such as Windows for PC, Android OS, iOS, and Linux.

About its availability for Android users, take a look at it below. You can also get to know about its features.


In terms of the App format, you can use the WPS Office App on both Android and iOS. You can download it from their respective App Store.

For Android users, this app is readily available at the Google Play Store. Generally, this app is available in Free and Paid versions. The free version can easily be downloaded from the Play Store which also offers some qualitative features to use. Apart from this, to have the enhanced utilities, you can upgrade to the Premium version.

The WPS Office offers the best suitability with all of your Android Devices that are running on Android 4.0 or later. This app has got 4.5 user ratings on the Play Store which shows how useful this app is.


The WPS Office Android App is available in Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Vietnamese languages. Also, it is one of the best Free Office Suite App.

It lets you deal with memos, Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations, PDFs, and other formats. If we look at the compatibility, it works well with Microsoft Office, Google Docs, Sheets, Slide, Adobe PDF, and OpenOffice. It also allows you to share PDF documents in terms of picture sharing.

Apart from all these, you can also create PDF, PPT Presentation, SpreadSheets, Memo (Notes), and Documents. It also lets you scan the papers and more to create its document file. This app also works fine for viewing and reading documents.

The updated version of the free app will let you share the documents with numerous social media platforms. The Multi-window mode will let you deal with more than one task at a time. For each document, this app offers Night mode viewing and Mobile view.

You can open files or documents directly from cloud storage like DropBox, Google Drive, Box, OneDrive, and Evernote. You can also add new cloud storage services. After creating a new file in the app, you can also save it directly on your cloud storage.

It lets you add bookmarks for easy access to the documents later. The free version of the app also provides some templates to utilize like Resumes, Themes, Cards, Chart, Report, and more. You can use all these templates freely.

All these features we have seen above are offered by the Free Version of the WPS Office. If you upgrade to the Premium version, you will have more advantageous tools and features to use. Take a look at the below for the Premium Features.

Features of WPS Office Premium

We know that the upgraded version of any app will bring something unique and interesting compared to the free. Here, the same thing will happen if you upgrade the WPS Office to a Premium. The Premium version will allow you to have all the benefits on your Android device and PC too. You do not get any ads, unlike the free version. It lets you download a bunch of templates free of cost under a specific period. You will also get some of the text to use.

One of the best premium features is you can adjust the page in PDF documents. Also, you can add the page, delete the page, and change the page order. Apart from that, you can merge and extract the PDF files.

The merging and extracting features can also apply to the PPT Presentation. You can add and remove the watermark into the PDF while sharing it with others. It supports documents in ODT, ODS, and ODP formats. You can add your sign manually in the PDF like you are doing on paper.

The WPS Office with Premium version allows the conversion of the PDF to DOC without changing the format. If somehow you delete any documents, then to get it back you will have a Document Recovery option.

The deleted file will be in the app for the next 7 days. So, get it back within 7 days. The picture sharing can be done with the readjustment of the layout. Also, it offers an in-built File Compressor to contract the size of the documents.

The Premium Subscription of the WPS Office will cost you 65 Rs. per month in India. For the same, the annual subscription charge is 590 Rs.

How to Create a New File on WPS Office on Android?

Creating a new file with WPS Office on an Android device is quite easy. It takes less time to create a new file of PDF, PPT Presentation, SpreadSheets, Memo (Notes), and Documents.

Here are the easy steps that cover How to Create a New file.

  • First of all, Download the WPS Office > Install it and open it.
  • On the main interface, you will get Four sections Recent, Apps, Templates, and Me.
  • Right above the Me option, there is a + sign inside the red circle. Tap on it.
  • It brings options like New Scan, New Memo, New PDF, New SpreadSheet, New Presentation, and New Document.
  • Now, as per your requirement, choose the option to create a file.

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How to Create PDF on WPS Office on Android?

Alongside viewing and reading PDFs using WPS Office, it also lets you create the PDF file. You can create a PDF file of the documents and pictures. Also, you can scan any document to make it a PDF file.

Take a look at how to create so.

  • Open the WPS Office app on the mobile.
  • Tap on a + sign inside the red circle located at the right lower corner.
  • You will get options like New Scan, New Memo, New PDF, New SpreadSheet, New Presentation, and New Document.
  • Here, choose the New PDF option to create a new one.
  • It again offers three more options Document to PDF, Picture to PDF, and Scan Document to PDF.

From the available options, select one according to your needs.

Document to PDF option can convert SpreadSheet, PPT, Notes, Memo, and more documents into PDF. Just select the document you want to convert and save it as a PDF at the desired location.

A Picture to PDF option lets you convert the pictures into PDF files. For that, you can use the images that you have stored on the device. Before converting, you can also check a preview of the file.

The last option is the Scan Document to PDF. For that, it asks you to scan the documents using the camera. Then, by applying some basic tools, you can generate a PDF of it.

How to Open a File from the Cloud Storage on WPS Office on Android?

This WPS Office app is one of the best Office Suite apps for all Android users. With this, you can load and import all the files of the storage device. Is it not enough for you? It might be enough for you, but not for the app.

The developers would not be satisfied with the other features and that’s why they have included one more feature of loading files direct from the Cloud Storage. Before we start with the step for How to Open a File from the Cloud Storage, here’s how to add a Cloud Account.

  • After opening the app, tap on the Open option which is placed right below the app name.
  • On the new screen, under the Location tag, go to Add Cloud Storage.
  • Here, you will have some well-known Cloud Storage like DropBox, Google Drive, Box, OneDrive, and Evernote. If you do not get the cloud storage that you are using, then add it using the Add option.
  • After choosing the cloud storage, log in with the credentials.

In this way, you can easily link up your Cloud Storage with this app.

After linking the Cloud Storage,

  • Now, you will get all the files and documents that you have saved in it.
  • From there, select the file to open.
  • It will take a while to load properly.

In short, this app also lets you open the file directly from your linked cloud storage account.

How to Save Files on Cloud Storage on WPS Office on Android?

This All-in-one app lets you do many things in one place. It lets you view and read the file from both device storage and cloud storage. Likewise, you can save the file on both device storage and cloud storage.

  • Open the file on the WPS Office App.
  • At the bottom screen, there are three options Tools, Mobile View, and Share.
  • Now, go to the Tools option.
  • It opens half the screen from the bottom of the screen with the File, Edit, Annotation, and View options.
  • Under the File option, tap on the Save As option.
  • It asks you to save the file at your preferred location.
  • The first option is for the Cloud Storage that you linked earlier. Choose it to save the file on that location.

How to Share Files on WPS Office on Android?

Alongside the document viewer, this app lets you share the documents using sharing alternatives.

  • Open the file on the WPS Office App.
  • At the bottom screen, there are three options Tools, Mobile View, and Share.
  • Tap on the Share option which shows you the sharing platforms like Email, WhatsApp, Bluetooth, and more.
  • Choose the appropriate platform and share the file with others through the WPS Office.

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How to Share Picture Sharing on WPS Office on Android?

The Picture Sharing feature is available on both the Free version and the Premium version. But, the difference is only the readjustment of the layout that you can not do with the free version.

However, the Premium version lets you do the same. But, the free version will let you decide which page you want to share as picture sharing.

  • Open the file on the WPS Office App.
  • At the bottom screen, there are three options Tools, Mobile View, and Share.
  • Go to the Share option.
  • Tap on the Picture Sharing.
  • It will take you to the Preview page which contains two options, Layout, and Select Area.
  • As we have discussed, the Layout can only be changed when you have the Premium version.
  • So, just select the area in terms of the page to create its picture.
  • After that, click on the Share button and you get all the social media shareable platforms.

While sharing the file in the form of Picture Sharing, keep in mind that the picture will be shared with the WPS Office watermark.

So, what’s your say on this useful guide to WPS Office? We hope that it will be very helpful to you as the best alternative to your pre-loaded Office File App.

Also, do let us know your suggestions and experience regarding the guide.

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