We all know that inbuilt camera app on Android doesn’t have any OCR capabilities. You can directly capture an image of any documents you want and store it as PDF on your smartphone. There are lots of Android apps available on Google Play Store that can convert any documents into PDF. How to Scan a Document to PDF on Google Drive With Your Android Phone Here are few steps that you can use to capture any photos as PDF on your smartphone. You would not have to install any extra PDF scanner apps on your device. Google Drive has integrated document scanning and OCR capabilities. All you have to do is snap a photo from your device using scan option on Google Drive. It would save and upload that file as PDF on your Google Drive.

To use your Google Drive As PDF Scanner, you have to open Google Drive app from your smartphone. At the bottom, you would see scan option with a camera like an icon. Tap on it; you would see capturing screen & scanner interface there. Tap on the button at centre. It would capture that file as an image and save it as PDF directly on Google Drive. It would automatically extract document part from your captured screenshot so it can be saved as PDF.

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You can edit PDF file directly from your smartphone because it allows you to select it and crop file or rotate it before you save it on Google Drive.So why do you use other PDF scanner app on your Android. Just use Google drive as PDF scanner and save your device’s space. The good thing is that you would not need any other app, that can convert an image into PDF. Directly capture the image as PDF and make use of your Android smartphone as a power user.

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