Want to Clean Junk Residual Files from Android smartphones? If your smartphone’s performance is decreased and went down, and you want to speed up your android smartphones. You can use Advanced task killer apps or uninstall unwanted apps from your smartphones to boost its performance. We have received a suggestion from one of our reader Paresh Patel in the comments, he was suggesting to use Clean Master android app. I have tried installing it on my smartphone and it’s working perfectly. So if you are looking for How to Speed Up Android Phone, this article would be helpful for you.

Clean Up Android Tablet
Clean Up Android Tablet

It’s best android optimizer software to clean up your memory and boost device’s performance. When you open this, you would see junk files, memory boost, security, and app manager. Since we want to remove unwanted junk files, residual files, we would select junk files options.

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How to Clean Junk Residual Files

It would automatically count a number of cache junk from your system and other apps. After searching for residual files from your smartphones, it would show you the results with a number of file size in MB or GB that can be cleaned. Please note that if you choose advanced options, it would also show you all files available on your SD cards and system file manager. So make sure that you are selecting right files for junks to be cleaned.

Uncheck the options wherever you seem system files or anything important data. I would recommend you not to use the advanced option if you do not want to remove any important files from your system.When you tap on clean junk option at the bottom, it would automatically optimize your smartphones and remove all unwanted files, cache and junk files.

Clean Junk Residual Files
How to Clean Up a Tablet

Now if your device is performing slow, here is the quick tips for it. You have to choose memory boost options from Clean Master android app. When you tap on memory boost option, it would automatically count the number of files that can be closed to release free memory.

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By default, there would be all apps checked. When you tap on boost button at the bottom, it would close unwanted apps to release free memory on your device. This Free Clean Master App for Android is the best and works four in one app for your smartphone. You can install or uninstall android apps from app manager tab.

If you don’t know How to Use Clean Master App, here is the video tutorial on the same. Please check it and start using it to boost the performance of your smartphone.

 Clean Master – Free Optimizer Features :

  • Clean Junk Residual Files quickly.
  • Boost performance of your smartphone by making space of RAM.
  • Security and privacy option would show you suggested apps for removal, that are threats and supposed to expose your privacy.
  • App manager allows you to uninstall unwanted files quickly from your smartphones.
  • Similar Android Battery Optimizer Tool : JuiceDefender

If you are looking for android Tablet Cleanup apps, you should use this FREE app that will help you to clean junk from your smartphone or tablet as well as you are also able to delete an app on your smartphone using app manager option in cleanmaster.

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  1. was using clean master for a while and notice that i couldnt receive mms….deleted clean master and all was good…..will try power clean as

  2. We are getting our android remotely turnedon, and unwanted apps downloading onto the phone. We have cleanmaster, and it does clean the phone, but it DOESN’T prevent the apps downloading, and sometimes installing. Sometimes installing, and then uninstalling is the only way to get rid of them. This is using LOADS of battery, and where the battery used to need charging every three days or so, it’s now two to three times a day. Fotunately there is no mobile data set, and we only use the house wi-fi, otherwise this would be costing a small fortune in overusage. Is ther any way, other than turning off the house router (not practical as ther are two PC’s in daily use) to stop this PLEASE!!!

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