Google Chrome is one of the most used Web Browsers for both, PC as well as Smartphone users. The name of this browser suggests that Google develops it. Also of that, Google has also launched other user-friendly contents like Play Store, Google Drive, Google Keep, Picasa album, YouTube and more. In which, here we are discussing an interesting topic about Google Chrome Browser. In the Chrome, Google has also added some noticeable features that are actually very helpful. The Chrome Autofill Forms is also one of them. In every Google Chrome Browser for the mobile has this amazing feature of Autofill Forms.

When you associate your Google account with your device, it will automatically sync all the contents. It will sync all the data including history, bookmarks, and all the required info. Likewise it, Chrome also offers you the feature of Autofill Forms. This feature will automatically fill up the form of any sites which involves specified fields like name, address, and other info. By using this feature, you do not have to fill up any form again and again. But, for that, first of all, you will have to enable or fill up Chrome Autofill Forms feature.

Along the form’s info, this function also allows you to fill the info regarding the Credit Card. It makes your purchasing through the Chrome too easier. Also of that, it also allows you to add new profiles and editing of the current info. You can also make changes in the info of the Credit Card even after saving it once. For that, here we will also discuss some useful info regarding the Chrome Autofill Forms feature.

How to Use Chrome Autofill on Android Smartphone?

In this discussion, we will discuss enabling and disabling process of this Chrome Autofill feature. We will also suggest you how to add profiles and how to add Credit Card. As we discussed ago, it would help you whenever you need to fill the form info. But, before using this trick, make sure that Google Chrome is on your device or not.

So, now have a look at the full discussion and keep using the Chrome Browser on your Android smartphone.

How to Enable and Disable the Chrome Autofill on Android

In this process, we show you some steps to enable and disable the autofill forms on Android device. To do so, just follow below steps.

  • First of all, launch the Menu of your smartphone.
  • Open the Chrome Browser.
  • After opening it, on the Home page of the Chrome, tap on the top right corner. There are three vertical dot points(Option) are at the upper-right corner.

How to Enable and Disable the Chrome Autofill on Android Mobile

  • It will open a half screen for you with some options. In which, select the Settings option.
  • On the next display, you should see the second option of Autofill Forms. Tap on it.
  • Here, you should see an On/Off toggle.

How to Enable and Disable the Chrome Autofill on Android Mobile 1

  • To make the Autofill Forms feature enable, just tap on the toggle. If the activation of it is succeeded, then the toggle change its color in Blue color.

To make it disable, follow the same steps. And at the end, the toggle will be converted into White color, it means, the feature is disabled.

Now, we will move to the next process which is regarding the adding the profile in this feature.

How to Add Profile in the Chrome Autofill on Android Mobile

By using this trick, you can easily add a new profile in the Autofill Forms feature. So, to find it and add it, take a look at the below steps.

  • Firstly, activate the Autofill Forms in the Chrome by using above steps.
  • On the same screen, below the on/off toggle, you should see two options, Addresses and Credit Cards.
  • Here, to add a new profile, tap on the + sign which at the exact below of the toggle.

How to Add Profile in the Chrome Autofill on Android Mobile

  • The next display is Add Address. Here, you should see options like Country, Name, Organization, City, State, Phone, and Email to add the profile.
  • After adding all this compulsory info, click on the Done button.

Now, your new profile is successfully added.

As same above process, now check out the steps to add Credit Card.

How to Add Credit Card in the Chrome Autofill on Android Mobile

To go ahead with this process, make sure that the Autofill Forms option is enabled or not. If it is disabled, then make it enabled by using the first trick.

Then, add a Credit Card details using below steps.

  • On the same screen, below the on/off toggle, you should see two options, Addresses and Credit Cards.
  • Here, tap on the + sign, which is in front of the option Credit Cards.
  • It brings you on the next display of Add Credit Card.

How to Add Credit Card in the Chrome Autofill on Android Mobile

  • Here, enter all the required info to add the Credit Card.
  • After adding all the info, now it’s time to submit it. To do so, click on the Done option, which is at the lower right corner of the screen. Tap on it.

After that, your Credit Card details is added to the future use of it. At the time of purchasing, you do not have to enter the info that you have filled up already. Check this Google help page for more details on this. But, you will have to enter the three character security code that is given at the back of the card. So, this thing always keeps in mind.

How to Delete the Existing Profile in Chrome Autofill

To delete any existing profile, apply below steps on your Android device.

  • Go to the Google Chrome >> Option/Menu >> Settings >> Autofill Forms >> Enable.
  • Here, tap on the profile that you want to delete permanently.

How to Delete the Existing Profile in Chrome Autofill

  • On the next screen, you should see a Delete option. Select it to remove the profile from the Chrome Autofill forms.

You can apply the same process one-by-one for both Addresses and Credit Card. So, now we have finished this useful discussion regarding the Chrome Autofill feature. Both this option contains a same deleting process. You can perform these processes as per your requirements of the use. We hope that this discussion of How to Use Chrome Autofill on Android Smartphone will be very useful to you.