As we know, currently Google is one of the largest search engines. For all the Android users, the Google is like a base. Because it has launched all the updates regarding the Android devices. Also, the Google Play Services is a useful feature for all Android smart devices. The Google Play Store is also a valuable tool for Android users. Besides that, there are so many functionalities that have been launched by Google like Map, Gmail, Google Drive, and more.

In short, all the Google features are very useful for all Android devices and users. But sometimes, because of continuous updates from the Google Play Services, the user may get irritation. It also creates some disturbance for the users. This is the reason why most of the people would like to stop the Google Play Services. However, some new users do not have any idea regarding the stopping of Google Services. So, for those users, here we will describe the procedure for how can you stop the Services.

How To Disable Google Play Services

How do I stop Google Play services?

To prevent the updates from the Google Play Services on your device, follow the below trick.

  • First of all, unlock your Android device and open the Menu.
  • Go to the Apps option under the Device tag by going into the Settings.
  • Now, by swiping the display, go to the All Apps.
  • Here, by scrolling down the screen, find the app of Google Play Services. Now, tap on it to open it.


  • It will open a new screen for you. On that screen, you should see options of Force Stop, Disable, and Uninstall Updates.
  • Tap on all the three options by turns.

It will stop all the updates of Google Play Services from installing automatically. After performing the above method, you will not be able to get updates on it.

By using the above trick, you can easily stop the Google Play Services updates. If you see that this trick is useful, then also share it with others. Also, leave comments for this discussion.

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