Viber Android app saving videos and photos automatically download on your android as well as iOS devices. If might consume a lot of your mobile data when you are not connected to a WiFi network. If it continues, Viber keeps downloading photos and videos you receive from your connections and when you need internet connection actually, you are out of your mobile data limit.

Another big issue on Auto downloading pictures and videos on the mobile phone is running out of storage. It keeps downloading media files on your device until you getting out of storage if you receive a lot of messages on Viber.

Fortunately, Viber allows users to stop auto-downloading media files on their device when you disable auto-saving option. Photos and videos shared with you on Viber will no longer download automatically to your android gallery and you can save your mobile data using this trick. This will help you that media files from Viber will no longer occupy unnecessary space on your mobile phone’s memory.

Follow the steps to disable autosaving or loading your videos and photos from Viber messages:How to stop photos videos auto-saving on Viber for Android

  • Go to “Settings
  • Select “Media and storage
  • Tap on the following option to disable or enable it.
    • Auto download media when connected to WiFi
    • Auto download media over a mobile network

If you want to enable auto download media files from Viber to your mobile phone’s gallery, tap on the above option to “Enable” it.

If you don’t want your mobile to download media files from Viber to phone’s gallery, tap on the options to “Disable” it.

You have an option to download video & photos when you are connected to WiFi & it will not download media files when you are on a mobile data plan. You can disable both options to completely stop auto-downloading files to your gallery.

If you are using an Android mobile phone or iPhone, the options will remain the same to enable or disable downloading media files from the Viber app.

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