Are encountering parse errors on an Android phone or tablet? No problem! Here is how to fix that.

Parse; the mystery surrounding of this error makes people extremely annoying and interrupts the delight of smooth functioning. Though most of the android users are not familiar with this type of error, if you are one of them, then you have come to the right place. 

In this post, you will discover how to fix parse errors on Android using native resources. However, you need to follow the instructions carefully to obtain the best results out of it. So, stay tuned with us to fix Parse Error In Android.

How To Fix Parse Error on Android?

How To Fix Parse Error on Android

Proceed with the below steps to resolve this error without any complications.

Enable The App Permission From An Unknown Source

Enable The App Permission From An Unknown Source

  • Go over the “Settingsoption on your Android device and tap on it.
  • Once you have opened the settings, head over to the “Privacy Section, and open it from the submenu.
  • Now type “Unknown Sources” in the search bar or select this option if it appears on your display.
  • Now, enable the Unknown Sources option, and you are all set to fix the Parse error on Android.

This will allow you to install external APK files on your Android phone, otherwise, you can only install the app from the Google Play Store. All other apps you download from another website will be blocked.

Note: It is always advisable that you check the source of the app you are downloading from. Apps downloaded from unreliable websites will harm your device’s privacy & security.

By Disabling The Security App (If you have one) To fix Parse Error on Android

  • Go to the security app and open it, then go to the changes option from the menu bar.
  • Select the “Disable Security” option. Once you complete the process you are trying to do earlier; then you can enable the Security by repeating the same steps.

Enabling USB Debugging

How To Enable USB Debugging on Android

USB debugging works as a trick here. Some users have reported that they have fixed the very same issue by enabling USB debugging on their phones. So, there is nothing wrong with giving it a try.

  • Navigate over the settings app and tap on it. After opening the Settings app, go to the “About Phone” option.
  • Now scroll down a bit and tap the Build number seven times precisely.
  • Select the Developer options from the pop-up menu and tap on the Enable USB Debugging option.
  • Check whether the Parse error is fixed or not. If this step doesn’t work for your device, then proceed with the next one.

Restart Into Safe Mode To fix Parse Error In Android

Rebooting your phone into safe mode is the next thing you can do to get rid of the parse error on Android. So, let’s try this method too!

  • Press and hold the power key for a while till a popup window appears.
  • Select the “Restart in Safe Mode” option from the menu and tap on it.
  • Wait until your Android device restarts.

Hard Reset Your Android device

When you’ve no idea what’s wrong with your phone, the best way to fix it is to reset it hard. Yes, hard resetting your phone can fix most minor to major issues in seconds. So, proceed with the steps below to hard reset your phone.

If the error continues, then use the below steps to fix the Parse error on Android. Create a backup of your data and proceed towards the Hard reset.

  • Open the “Settings” application on the device you are using.
  • Head over to the “Advanced option” from the menu, then select the “Reset” option from the submenu.
  • Now tap on the “Factory Reset” option.
  • Enter the PIN, pattern, or password if you have one, and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Once your Android device is Reset, then select the “Restart or Reboot” option. Do not drag the processing straight after the reset.
  • Wait till your device completes rebooting.
  • Now you can use your device as you get to fix Parse’s error on Android.

Remove All Bad Third-party Application To fix Parse Error In Android

If your device has any bad third-party apps installed, that can also lead to this error. So, the idea is to remove all such apps from your phone. Do follow the steps below:

  • Open the “Play Store app” on your Android device.
  • Go through “Settings” and select the “My apps & games” option.
  • Select the app you want to remove and follow the on-screen instructions for further process.
  • Once you have selected all the apps, tap on the “Uninstall” option from the menu bar and wait till the process completes.

Pro Tip:

This guide includes some methods following which you may lose your phone data including images, audio, and other files. So, if you’ve any important data stored in your phone, please create a backup of that first.

Moreover, we have explained here how to create a cloud backup of your smartphone or tablet so that you don’t lose any of your important data. So, do read that and follow the steps to successfully create a backup of your phone on the cloud.


So, that’s how you can fix the parse error on an Android phone or tablet. However, if one of the above-instructed methods doesn’t work on your device, try the next, and so on. One of these methods will surely work on your phone to fix the parse error in Android. Also, don’t forget to tell us in the comments section which of these methods have worked for you.

So, that’s all for now, and thanks for reading this troubleshooting post here at The Android Portal. Furthermore, do follow us to read more such posts and stay updated with all the new Android news and trends.

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