This was a very interesting option we have been waiting for. WhatsApp has recently started rolling out dark mode features for all users and your WhatsApp might have this feature. Just check on the Google Play store for the latest version of WhatsApp. In this article, I will show you how you can enable or disable dark mode on WhatsApp in a few easy steps.

Most of the social media apps like YouTube, Facebook Messengers, Google Chrome as well as Instagram have also added dark mode feature for their users. The dark mode is very useful when you are watching or using your mobile at night. It’s black and grey color does not put much strain on your eyes.

WhatsApp dark mode is still in beta feature, so if you are a beta tester of WhatsApp, you can simply update your WhatsApp to the latest version to have WhatsApp dark mode feature.

If you still want WhatsApp dark mode feature earlier, just head over to APKMirror from where you can download the latest beta version of WhatsApp. This is the most popular third-party app stores for Android mobile phones.

You will need to reinstall downloaded dark mode WhatsApp apk file & allow installing an app from an unknown source to use it.

After that, you will be able to continue to install the app update like you are doing usual. You will not lose any data if you follow the steps as mentioned, however, you can always backup your WhatsApp before performing such steps if you worry.

WhatsApp Dark Mode

Now coming back to the main topic, follow the steps listed below to enable or disable dark mode on WhatsApp.

  • Open WhatsApp Messenger
  • Go to “Settings” > “Chat
  • Select “Theme” from the top
  • Select “Dark

How to Enable DarkMode on WhatsApp

You will see dark mode & light mode there as shown in the image above. All you see in while the color will now turn into black color and You can even change the wallpaper to black color to see everything black.

Below is the preview of the image, how WhatsApp options & chats look like after enabling dark mode.

WhatsApp in Dark Mode

You don’t need to restart your WhatsApp, as the dark themes will be applied instantly.

Still, confused? Check the below video to find out step by step guide on using WhatsApp dark mode update.

Have your WhatsApp received a dark mode update? Check it from Settings > Chat > Theme & let us know in the comments below.