We have got cordless Bluetooth headphones for review recently and we got a pair of Bluetooth headphones from dodocool. In past, we have reviewed dodocool Bluetooth speakers & earphones in past. In this article, we are going to review dodocool DA144 stereo earphones.Dodocool Bluetooth Headphones Review

Dodocool DA144 Full Review

Package Includes

The package we received was a nice and compact brown box with dodocool branding. We will also create a video review and unboxing of these headphones and share it with you to see what it looks like and what the things that we have got with the package.

Dodocool DA144 Bluetooth Headphones Review

Sound Quality

Sound quality is an important thing that anyone looks at before buying a pair of Bluetooth headphones. This is why I have written about it first after writing about package content. Other features can also be availed in other Bluetooth headphones but sound quality differentiates each product from others.

I have personally tested these headphones with my multiple devices and played different types of audio and video files to check their sound quality. To be honest, I felt very good listening to the sound from this dodocool DA144 device.

Usually, I was using wired headphones provided by the company at the time of buying new smartphones. If we talk in detail about the sound quality of this device, it is clear with plenty of bass and clean. Unlike other midrange headphones, this is something different from what we have tested.


Comfortability is the second priority thing that anyone looks for, before buying their dream headphones. Even if you spend hundreds of dollars on buying headphones for you only for good sound quality, what if you can not feel comfortable while wearing them? Will you use those headphones or throw them away?

DA144 model by dodocool was really cool and felt comfortable when we tried to wear it with their default earbuds. The arm of the headphones goes over the ear and can be bent or kept according to our convenience. The arm of this headphone seems made up with dull silicone feel to it and is also comfortable too.

The good thing about these headphones is that, when you wear them and listening music using this, you didn’t hear background noise. We have tried wearing them when driving, at home, and at the working desk.

We have found no discomfort and slippage in that earphones. This is the most common problem with in-ear headphones when wearing them. You can not wear it while splitting, it’s a little discomfort feeling.

Only the improvement that we can suggest to dodocool is, if the arm of the headphones can be bent all the way down to touch the ear tips, it will be a good thing for people with smaller ears. Working very good for us, not problematic for me. Rest of everything looks perfect and good.

Features & How to Use it

Both of the earpiece comes with 3 buttons on the earphones for functioning. Using those three buttons is very easy. We have mentioned how to use those controls below.

Volume Down Button – You can turn the volume down or long-press it for listening to the previous track

Volume Up Button – You can increase your headphone’s volume or long-press it to listen to it next track

Play/Pause Button – You can turn on or turn off the power of your Bluetooth device. You can also make use of this button for Bluetooth pairing. You can also use this button to answer a call on your smartphone.

You will also see plus, minus, and play icons on each button to easily identify its function of it. It will automatically shut down if you don’t use it within 5 minutes of pairing it.

How to Pair Dodocool Bluetooth headphones

Pairing both pieces of Bluetooth headphones to your smartphone is very easy. There is two-piece of Bluetooth headphones that should be connected to a single device, it’s a little tricky. Read further to know more on how to connect dodocool Bluetooth headphones to your smartphone or any other devices.

Turn on both the earpiece together and it will gets paired with each other automatically. To confirm, you can press the volume plus button on single pieces to make sure that it connected with each other. To confirm on both devices are paired with each other, press the volume down button on any of the pieces and you will hear that it has been connected successfully on both the ear headphones.

Pairing both connected headphones to the device was a little difficult, as we tried to pair these Bluetooth headphones with 2 smartphones but it was not able to discoverable by the device. Then we tried to connect the device using the user manual that helped us to pair it.

  • Press and hold play button on the device(You will notice blue light blinking besides the charging socket, it means device has started)
  • Turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone or the device you wish to connect & search
  • You will see “dodocool-DA144” on your device, tap on it to connect(Some devices ask password, you can press default code 0000 to pair it)
  • Repeat the above steps pairing unsuccessful.

You will notice blue light blinking at every 5-second interval once it gets paired with your device.

Build Quality

If we talk about how long this Bluetooth device last, we can only say it seems solidly built and rigid case. It feels nice to touch and smooth surface. You can store both in a company-provided case and it protects them very well while traveling.


To charge the device, you can use the micro USB port on the earpieces covered with a small plastic cover.

The charging cable consists of 1 USB port with 2 micro USB ends. So you can charge both the earpiece together with a single charge. However you will not get a charger with the packaging, you will need to use your smartphone’s charger or laptop’s USB port to charge the device.

Dodocool Bluetooth HeadphonesWe tried to charge the device and it took around 1.5 hours to fully charge. Also to check the battery backup of these headphones, we played them continuously for a long time and they worked for around 5 hours on a single charge.

We have also created an unboxing video of these headphones, check out that unboxing of dodocool headphones from below.



  • Sound Quality
  • Adjustable ear hooks
  • Comfortable wearing experience


  • Little Difficult to pair



Will we recommend it? Yes, if you look for a portable solution for listening and don’t want to worry about wire again. Price aside, it’s a little higher than usual earphones that you can get for under $20 while some cost $100+. Easy to handle, operate and carry with you while traveling.

Updated: 06-07-2022 (This Bluetooth headphones are no longer available, below are few alternative options you can choose from)

Will you go for these headphones? Do share your reviews in the comments below. What is the ideal price for this kind of headphones you think? Share your views in the comments below.

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