Want Cool Phone Backgrounds for your smartphone? There are bunch of android apps available in the market that helps you to download Cool Phone Backgrounds and wallpaper free for your smartphones. Check out few recommended apps to download hot wallpapers for android.

Every user of smartphone device want to make the look of their device stunning. For that, they have used many smartphones accessories, back cover , flip cover etc. But, there is also one efficient and easy way, which makes your device’s look stunning. This way is take place by setting the some cool wallpapers & background as a display of your device.

Yes exactly, if you have noticed ever that the good wallpaper of your device also make its look well. It is not difficult to find out some amazing and interesting wallpaper for your device.

There are so many app are recommended by various sources, which makes selection of live wallpapers & background very easy. In addition of that, some best wallpaper apps are also available at the Google Play Store. By which, you can easily set some beautiful wallpaper to your device.

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Cool Phone Backgrounds & Wallpaper Apps for Android

Here, we have came up with the best live wallpaper apps for your smartphone device. Those wallpaper apps comes with amazing wallpapers, some cool phone backgrounds to feel your device’s display amazing. So, now take a look at few best wallpaper apps for android from below.

Backgrounds HD Wallpaper App

The Backgrounds HD Wallpaper is one of the best wallpaper app for your android device among all other wallpaper apps. You can download some amazing wallpapers using this app. This wallpaper app comes with more than 7,000 high quality HD wallpapers. From which, you can easily set new wallpaper everyday.

This HD wallpaper app will also allows you to crop wallpapers and set it to fit to the screen of device. The wallpapers does not consume much battery power of device. You can also save your favorite wallpaper in your device.

Backgrounds HD Wallpaper App - Cool Phone Backgrounds

The wallpapers are well categorized in different different 30 types of categories. So, you can also find your favorite wallpapers by using categories.

The categories of this app like Airplane, Buildings, Cars, City, Flowers, Heart, Love, Mountain, Nature, Portrait Mode, Quotes, Rain, Summer, Sunset, Trees, Universe, Vintage, Winter etc.

The good and important thing of this app is that beautiful wallpapers are daily updated. The users ratings of this app is very good which is 4.6 out of 5.0 given by the users of this app.

Features of the Backgrounds HD Wallpaper App

  • More than 7,000 different different high quality HD wallpapers
  • Crop and set it to fit to the screen
  • Does not consume battery power
  • Categorized in 30 types of categories
  • Beautiful wallpapers are daily updated
Backgrounds HD (Wallpapers)
Backgrounds HD (Wallpapers)
Developer: OGQ
Price: Free

Wallmas App

The another best wallpaper app for your device is Wallmax android app. This wallpaper app is not well known like others, but it is a best option to finding out amazing wallpaper. It featuring lots of free wallpapers, to make background of your smartphone very stunning.

It also allows you to save your favorite image or wallpaper, by sign in with your existing Google Plus account. You can also use that wallpapers for device, after the long time of downloading. By using this app, you can set your favorite wallpaper by just one click.

Wallmax android app

The Wallmax app also consists of so many wallpaper, which is categorized by its resolution. It provides high resolution wallpapers with range between the 1024 x 786 to 3840 x 2160 pixels. By using this facility, you can find wallpaper by its particular resolution.

In addition of that, it also has Ultra HD wallpapers are also available for your smartphones. You will also be able to search your favorite wallpaper by tags. It comes with full details of each and every wallpaper such as resolution, dimensions, upload time etc.

Features of the Wallmx App

  • Featuring lots of free Wallpapers
  • Save favorite wallpaper by sign in with Google Plus account
  • Set favorite wallpaper with just on click
  • Consists of so many wallpapers with the range of its resolution
  • Find out wallpapers by Tags
  • Every wallpaper has detailed information

Wonderwall Wallpaper App

The Wonderwell app is newer but at least good wallpaper app for you. It is very useful wallpaper app for you, if you are interested in landscape wallpapers. Because, this app adds a new and handpicked landscape wallpaper every day to the existing collection of it.

This app also featuring auto download and auto set option for you as well. You can also change the background wallpaper every day, from its huge collection. This app comes with easy user interface and also easy to use.

Wonderwall Wallpaper App

It also provides each Cool Phone Backgrounds with high resolution. This app is designed according to the Google’s Material Design principle. You have never loose your favorite wallpaper, by starring it. You can also find that from the history.

You can search your desire wallpaper from its well-categorized contents. The categories which are consists of by this app are Mountains, Waterfall, Sea, Bridge, Road, Fog, Urban and Space. In short for Landscape wallpaper lovers, this is a very good option.

Features of the Wonderwall App

  • Lots of collection of landscape wallpaper
  • Easy to use wallpaper app
  • Automatic wallpaper changer app for your smartphone
  • Featuring auto-download and auto-set option
  • Provides wallpaper with high quality and resolution
  • Well categorized contents such as Mountains, Waterfall, Sea, Bridge etc.
Wonderwall - Wallpapers
Wonderwall - Wallpapers
Developer: Ignace
Price: Free

Zedge Ringtones and Wallpapers

An another important wallpaper app for you is named with Zedge Ringtones and Wallpapers app. This is the app which offers alarm tones, notification tones, app icons, ringtones along with the hot wallpapers. The wallpapers are arranged by category, by which you can easily find it.

Zedge Ringtones and Wallpapers

You can easily save your favorite contents in your own personal lists. Every Cool Phone Backgrounds & wallpapers offered by this app is perfect for your device.

It also offers automatically changing wallpapers. You can also set ringtone and notification tone to your particular contact, by using this app. Any wallpaper of this app, you can set by quickly set. This is the best multifunction app for you if you loved the customization of your smartphone device.

Features of the Zedge Ringtones and Wallpapers

  • Offers alarm tones, notification tones, app icons, ringtones along with the wallpapers
  • Huge Collection of all the contents
  • Well categorized wallpapers
  • Automatically changing wallpaper
  • Set ringtone and notification to your contact
  • Rapidly set any wallpaper to the device
Zedge™ Wallpapers & Ringtones
Zedge™ Wallpapers & Ringtones
Developer: Zedge
Price: Free

Cool Wallpapers HD

The Cool Wallpapers HD app is not so popular app but a best app to finding HD background wallpaper. The users’ review of this wallpaper app is so good with ratings around of 4.8 out of 5.0. It also supporting Android Wear. This app comes with a huge collection of cool HD wallpapers around of 100,000.

Each and every wallpaper comes with high quality to makes backgrounds amazing. This is the app, in which some awesome wallpapers are also updated every day. The wallpapers are categorized into categories like Anime, Cars, Games, Movies, Music and more.Cool Wallpapers HD

You can also find your favorite wallpaper by searching tags and colors. You will also be able to share your favorite images via some social networking sites like Facebook, Email, Twitter and more. It also offers Live wallpapers for your device. You can set any wallpaper from the wallpaper library of this app.

Features of Cool Wallpapers HD

  • Good user reviews
  • Android wear supporting app
  • Great collection of HD wallpaper up to 100,000 +
  • Categorized in Anime, Cars, Games, Movies, Music and more
  • Find wallpaper by tags and colors
  • Easy Sharing of wallpaper via social networking sites
  • Offers Live wallpaper also
  • Daily updates of new wallpaper
Kappboom - Cool Wallpapers & B
Kappboom - Cool Wallpapers & B

Minima Live Wallpaper App

The another best wallpaper app for your smartphone device is Minima Live Wallpaper. It provides you live wallpaper, to makes your device’s home screen live.

Around of 35 different themes provided by the free version of this wallpaper app. While the Pro version of this app gives you more than 90 themes. By using Pro version, you can also edit the themes and also create your personal themes.Minima Live Wallpaper App - Cool Phone Backgrounds

It also allows you to share your creations to other users. Pro version also offers an option of Automatically changing wallpaper. All the wallpapers are designed clearly, so it matched to your device properly.

Features of the Minima Live Wallpaper App

  • Provides Live Wallpapers
  • Free version gives 35 unique themes
  • Pro version gives more than 90 themes
  • Edit themes and make your own themes by editing
  • Option of automatically changing wallpaper
  • All the wallpapers easily matched with device
Minima Live Wallpaper
Minima Live Wallpaper
Developer: Joko Interactive
Price: Free

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The Terra Collection App

The Terra Collection wallpaper app is another good app for your android device. It consists of 102 wallpapers with a resolution of 4800 x 4800.

It also has 14 wallpapers with 4800 x 2740 resolution. This app comes with very high resolution up to 6940 x 5900 along with 18 wallpaper. This app also has categories of Android L/M wallpapers, pixel sorted, experiment and latest.The Terra Collection App

All the Cool Phone Backgrounds and wallpapers come with an option of apply, by which you can set that wallpaper in your device easily. It also has save option. By using Save option, you can quickly save that wallpaper in your device. It comes with good design and easy user interface, which makes its use very easy.

Features of The Terra Collection Wallpaper App

  • 102 wallpapers with 4800 x 4800 resolution
  • 14 wallpapers with 4800 x 2740 resolution
  • 18 wallpapers with 6940 x 5900 resolution
  • Also optthe ion of Android L/M wallpapers, Pixel sorted, Experiment and Latest
  • Save as well as Apply option

Wallrox Wallpapers App

An another good wallpaper app for your device is Wallrox app. This Wallrox app comes with a huge collection of designed wallpapers. This all wallpapers are having a resolution around of 3200 x 2560.

It also offers Ultra HD wallpapers, to makes your device’s background stunning. The contents of this wallpaper app is well categorized. It contains categories such as Black and White, Blur, Christmas, Crystal, Geometric, Gradients, Lines, Liquify, Landscape, Low Poly and more.Cool Phone Backgrounds

All the wallpapers are modern and hand crafted. Each wallpaper gives you four option like Quick Apply, Crop and Apply, Save and Back.

By using Quick apply option, you can set that wallpaper quickly. The second option allows you to crop that wallpaper and after then apply to the set to the device. You can also save those Cool Phone Backgrounds and wallpapers to the device.

Features of the Wallrox Wallpapers App

  • A huge collection of modern and hand crafted wallpapers
  • Wallpapers having resolution of 3200 x 2560
  • Categorized into categories such as Blur, Christmas, Crystal, Geometric, Gradients, Liquify and more
  • Offers option of Quick apply and Crop & apply as well
  • Save favorite wallpaper to the device
Wallrox Wallpapers
Wallrox Wallpapers
Developer: Double A Studio
Price: Free

Walloid HD Stock Wallpaper App

The Walloid HD Stock is one of the best app for your smartphone from all the wallpaper apps. It is designed according to the Google’s material design. This app is easily compatible with all the version of the Android operating system.

It provides HD wallpapers & Cool Phone Backgrounds for your device. It also offers the option of Stock ROM wallpapers, Material wallpapers and Custom ROM wallpapers.Walloid HD Stock Wallpaper App

The options are given for comfort to choose favorite wallpaper. It also featuring the wallpapers that you can also finds on smartphone devices of companies such as Acer, Apple, Blackberry, Samsung, Sony, Vivo, Asus and many more.

It contains more than 6000 wallpapers. Every wallpaper of this app will provide an option like Quick set, Crop and set, Edit, Save and Slideshow. By using slideshow option, all the wallpapers move one by one automatically. You can also edit the existing wallpaper for future use of it.

Features of Walloid HD Stock App

  • Designed according to the Google’s Material Design
  • Offers option of Stock ROM wallpapers, Material wallpapers and Custom ROM wallpapers
  • Contains over 6000 HD wallpapers
  • Well categorized contents
  • Easy to use app with option of quick set, crop and set, edit, save and slideshow

Hipster HPSTR Wallpaper App

The Hipster HPSTR wallpaper is another best app option for your device. In which, the app contains three sources like 500px, Reddit and Splash. Under the three sources of app, the categories such as Film, Black and White, Landscapes, Journalism, people and more are there.

Hipster HPSTR Wallpaper App
Cool Phone Backgrounds

This app will also provide an option of automatically changing wallpaper. You can also use shapes and filters, to make it more attractive.

You can also save your favorite wallpaper to the device. If you want to fix any wallpaper to the device, then do not forget that enable the option of Force Wallpaper scrolling. The user reviews rating of this wallpaper app is around of 4.2 out of 5.0.

Features of Hipster HPSTR App

  • Contains three sources 500px, Reddit and Splash
  • Categorized in Film, Black & White, Landscapes, Journalism, People and more
  • Easy to use app
  • Another auto wallpaper changer android app
  • Save favorite wallpaper to the device

Here, we have listed Best free wallpaper apps for Android smartphone and tablet device. In which, you will be able to download some Cool Phone Backgrounds as well as hot wallpapers for free.

If you do love any other android apps, feel free to suggest us. If you are an android developer & have developed any such Cool Phone Backgrounds & wallpaper apps, feel free to suggest us to improve this list. Also feel free to contact us for your android apps reviewed by our team.

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