Recently one of our blog reader has asked question on “How To Set Portrait Mode Wallpaper in Android Smartphones”. He has asked I want to be able to set a picture in portrait mode as my wallpaper without it turning into landscape mode. I see there is an option that lets the wallpaper not move when I switch screens but even after doing that, the picture is still only able to be set as landscape. (It’s a picture from my gallery) I want the full picture on the screen without having to move screens or anything.

How To Set Portrait Mode Wallpaper in Android Smartphones

Well, recently we have written solution on that query on Set Image As Full Wallpaper Without Cropping in Android.Here we would like to write about another possible solution that can help you to solve your problem. Dual Wallpaper Android app allows the user to select two different HD Wallpapers for Android Phones to be set when the phone is either in Landscape or Portrait mode.When the orientation changes, the application will automatically change the wallpaper.


Another best way to use wallpapers from gallery or change HD Portrait Wallpaper automatically is MultiPicture Live Wallpaper.This app is also interesting app & Interesting feature of this app is it allow you to set change wallpapers automatically on a specific time interval.

MultiPicture Live Wallpaper Android App
Portrait Wallpapers for Android Phones

MultiPicture Live Wallpaper Features:
* Show pictures from gallery
* Show pictures from folder
* Show pictures from Web album (need plugin)
* Change picture by double tap
* Change picture by time interval
* Transition effect


You can also use the following setting if you want one wallpaper to just stay in the centre of the screen. To set one wallpaper in center of your screen, go to menu > preferences > appearance >Disable wallpaper scrolling. This will make any Cool Wallpapers for Android Phones to stay on your android home screen. You can also use best home screen launchers to set wallpapers automatically fits on your home screens.

If you are using other Android app or trick to set portrait mode Wallpapers on your android device, feel free to share your views below.

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  1. Nice app to set the wallpapers in landscape mode without cropping it. I will try it on my latest Moto G Android phone.

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