Telegram is the most popular cloud-based instant messaging app that is available on Android, App Store, and WP. Telegram allows you to use it on multiple devices at the same time. It also provides a computer login web page if you want to use it on your computer. It supports any web browser on your computer. To log in, only you have to enter your number to connect to the web telegram.

In 2017, telegram launched its new 3.16 updated version of the Telegram app for Android smartphone users, which comes with lots of new features. The updated Telegram version comes with the all-new Un-send (delete sent messages) button that allows you to delete sent messages from your phone.

The Un-send feature can be applied to both sender and receiver chats. This all-new feature only works on messages that you have sent within 48 hours. If you’re using the older version of the telegram, then update it. Because this feature only works on a new updated version of the Telegram app.

With the “Un-send” feature, The updated version of the Telegram app comes with a “Network usage option.” The Network usage feature allows you to view all data usage amounts that you have to consume by using the Telegram app on your Android smartphone.


The Telegram app also comes with a Storage usage option in the usage section. That allows you to view how much Telegram uses the space on your Android smartphone. The latest version of the Telegram app now supports Google’s Gboard keyboard app. With the Gboard support on Telegram, you can now send GIFs, images, and stickers like WhatsApp directly from your Telegram app keyboard.

Now you can share your file quickly because, In the 3.16 version, telegram adds one other feature called the “Recently downloaded file” section. That allows you to view newly downloaded files from chats or Groups on your phone. You can see all recently downloaded files in the sharing section of the Telegram app.

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