Nowadays, for most of the people, social networking sites are one of the daily needs. There are also some individuals who are buying best budget smartphone only for to use the social sites. We all know that how many of the social sites are currently in actions. In which the most favourites are Facebook, Whatsapp, Hike, Snapchat, Instagram, and more. Also of that, there are also some other sites are in the way to get introduced. So, as we are talking about the social media, we would like to discuss one another site or app. Here, we will discuss the interesting social app Telegram.

There are a lot of similarity between Telegram and Whatsapp. You can send an instant message using telegram similar to what WhatsApp can do. We also came to know that we can delete sent messages on Telegram while WhatsApp can not do that task. So, take a deep idea regarding the app and keep using this Telegram app for Android as much as you can. To take a brief idea of this unique app, just visit below discussion.

Telegram Android App

The Telegram is an instant messaging app for Android that is also available for Windows and other platforms. You can easily download Telegram app from the Google Play Store. It is free to download, so you don’t have a need to pay for it. The Telegram app is compatible with all of your Android phones. It comes with very simple but attractive user interface. It is also one of the fast and secure social apps.

Likewise all the social apps, you also have to make an account to use this Telegram app. After registering yourself, you can enjoy all the greatest features of this app. The messaging system of this app is made in such a way that it works even on the weakest connections. This app has a magnificent image and video editing tools.

Telegram Android App 1

It also provides you GIF files and stickers for unlimited fun. This social media app is very easy to use and has an attractive user interface.

Currently, there are more than 100 million users of this android app across the world. By using this app, you can access to your messages through all of your devices like Laptop, PC, or Tablets. It also permits you to write your messages using the Laptop or Tablets, even after starting from the phone. The Telegram is connecting the people via a unique way across the world.

Telegram app allows you to make groups for chats over 5,000 members, which is highest among all the social apps. While for WhatsApp, we can create a group of only 250 members as of now.

Telegram Android App 2

This app allows you to share media and files without any limitations. As a media, you can share music files, images, videos and much more. You can share all the files with its actual size as well as type. It also allows you to share large size videos, while WhatsApp will compress video and affect its quality.

Telegram 3

Also of that, you can also share the documents with any format like doc, mp3, zip, or more, that Whatsapp doesn’t allow users. The conversation you have made with your friends through this app does not require spaces to save it. Because the Telegram Cloud storage will keep all chat conversation automatically and securely on the cloud instead of your device’s memory.

So, to get unlimited fun without any cost, then the Telegram app is the perfect app for you. If you have not download this app yet, then do it as soon as possible.

Developer: Telegram FZ-LLC
Price: Free

Are you already using Telegram app on your device? Do share your feedback, do you like this app? Which is your favourite instant messaging app?