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What will you prefer to find the forgettable ways of the traveling? Obviously, we all have the same answer, if we are using the smartphone. And, that answer should be Google MAP. But, what about the previous era which did not have seen the smartphones? So, at that time, the people were using Compass to finding out the ways and directions. But recently, the place of Compass has been taken by the Smartphone as a GPS and MAP. While it does not mean that the compasses are not useful. They are useful too. And, that’s why you need to check this discussion about the Best Compass Apps for Android.

Yes, nowadays all the smart devices are coming with a pre-installed compass app. Also of that, there are many compass apps are available on the Google Play Store for Android devices. Some apps like Best Weather Apps, Best Wi-Fi apps, Best Camera apps which we have discussed in our previous article. From which, here we are going to list some of the precise compass apps.

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Best Compass Apps for Android:

In the discussion, we will note down 7 Best Compass Apps for Android devices. All of them are readily available at the Google Play Store for all the Android users. The compatibility of the apps is also high. You do not have a need to pay any penny to download these many apps. Because all those apps are freely available at there. So, have a look at the detailed discussion and choose your favorite compass app.

1.) Digital Field Compass:

The Digital Filed Compass is one which gives the accurate readings. It is one of the simple but accurate magnetic compass apps. This app provides all the required information on a single screen. It comes with a comical sighting display. It will also take and store bearings. The Digital Field Compass app shows your heading in degrees. It also allows you to set up the declination for the location. This is not an ad-free app.

By using the app, you can save up to three bearings. To save that, you have to tap on the toolbar as a sign of Triangle, Square, and Circle. You can also select themes to use on this app. To do so, tap on three dots at the top right corner of the display. It brings some options as Store, Clear Bearings, Themes, Settings, and About. In which, tap on the Theme option, to choose your favorite theme for the app. To make some changes in the pre-settings of the app, then tap on the Settings.

Digital Field Compass

This Compass app is very useful tool in a Marine for sailing and boating it. It will also help you when you are interested in hiking, hill climbing, walking, and other activities. It is also useful for navigation and map training.

Features of the Digital Filed Compass: 

  • Gives accurate readings
  • Required information on a single screen
  • Comical sighting display and shows heading in degrees
  • Save up to three bearings
  • Select theme as per your wish
  • Helpful in Marine for sailing and boating, hiking, hill climbing, and walking
  • Useful for navigation and map training

App Name
Chartcross Limited

2.) 3D Compass Plus:

Another useful tool as a compass app is 3D Compass Plus. The users who have used this app also reviewed as an accurate compass app. In a real sense, this app will give real and precise readings. This app comes with an integrated view of each direction. The best thing about the app is, it will also show your current location with a real view. It also includes GPS information within itself. This app uses a 3D Compass for better info about the directions. In short, on a single screen of the app, you can see 3D Compass, Map, GPS, and more.

With the every rotation of the mobile, this app has also changed their orientation for enhanced accuracy and info. For that, you can thank the Auto Rotate feature. More than all the features, it also allows you to record the videos for a better understanding of the location. It helps you when you want to send your location to the unknown person to get to know about it. The time limit for the video recording is up to 15 seconds. But, you may change this time limitation by going into the settings. The feature of video recording will only support the devices which are running on 5 Lollipop and more OS.

3D Compass Plus

You can also click pictures of the location even with staying in the app. Along with the location, it also displays your true address according to the location. It also has a feature of Zoom-in and Zoom-out the location with + and – button. You can enjoy this app with both the view, Portrait, and Landscape. But, before using the app, keep in mind that, the app causes overheating issues. It also consumes the battery power severely. So, along with the use of the app, also take care of your mobile for a better life of it.

Features of the 3D Compass Plus:

  • An accurate compass app which gives real and precise readings
  • Integrated view of each direction
  • Enjoy your current location with a Real view along with GPS information, Map and 3D Compass
  • Auto Rotate feature for enhanced rotation
  • Video Recording feature for a better understanding of the location up to 15 seconds
  • Click images of the Location and Compass within the app
  • Zoom-in and Zoom-out
  • Support both the view, Portrait, and Landscape

App Name
Sam Lu

3.) Minimal Compass:

If you are a user who does not like a full-featured app, then this app is only for you. This app does not contain any special feature and any color combo. It is simple Compass app which helps you to get to know about the proper directions. It is designed with a Simple User Interface. This compass app comes with a combination of blue and violet color in a background. It does not have an option for changing the background color, the theme, and more.

Minimal Compass

So, if you have demanded of just a compass, then it can be your favorite compass app. It will not contain any adds. Also of that, after installing it, it will never ask you about the up-gradation of the app. Such kind of feature will always make happy to their users.

Features of the Minimal Compass:

  • Simple User Interface
  • Highly Accurate
  • Best app for those who are demanding just a Compass
  • Will not contain adds
  • No problem about the up-gradation

App Name
Roshan Prabhakar

4.) Compass 360 Pro Free:

This Compass app also has those feature which deserves to be a useful compass app for you. The Compass 360 Pro app is the most useful app when you are interested in outdoor activities. It will be the best tool for you for the activities like Travelling, Picnics, Hiking, Hill Climbing, and more. This app always provides an accurate result, no matter where you are. That’s why the people are loving to use this compass app on their smartphone devices.

The Compass 360 Pro Free app is designed with a simple UI. It is simple and easy to use. The compass used in this app will work as a real compass. This compass swings automatically along with the swinging of the phone. The main feature of this app is Lock and Unlock. It means you can lock the position of the compass if you want to click a picture of it. You can send it to whom who does not have any idea about your location. You can also use this lock- unlock feature for other purposes. It is exactly below at the Compass and is just like a slider to use it.

Compass 360 Pro Free

For this app, you can also change the surface or skin of the existing compass. To do so, just tap on the little compass located at the bottom left corner of the display. It brings three options for you to choose. For some changes, then you can do it using the Settings. The Settings option is at the top right corner of the display.

Features of the Compass 360 Pro Free:

  • Useful app for outdoor activities like Travelling, Picnics, Hiking, Hill Climbing, and more
  • Provides you an accurate result at anywhere
  • A Simple UI and works as a real compass
  • Lock and Unlock feature to lock-unlock the position of the compass
  • Compass Skin Changing Feature

App Name

5.) Digital Compass:

The Digital Compass is an another best tool if you want to use simple compass app. It is a simple but not an inaccurate app. This app will be able to provide accurate results and reading every time.

Along with the compass, you can also check your location by using this app. For that, you have to enable the location on your smartphone. Then, tap on the left next option to the small gear option at the bottom of the display. It will bring you on a new display. At where you can see your current location. You can see the address of the location above the compass. For more info like Latitude and Longitude, just tap on the “i” sign.

Best Compass Apps for Android - Digital Compass App

But, to use the Map, you must have connected with the data connection and/or Wi-Fi network. Without that, you should not be able to get to know about the Location. The small gear option which we have mentioned above is the option of Settings. By using which, you can change some pre-settings of the app. This app is not an ad-free app. So, maybe this app annoys you with its ads.

Features of the Digital Compass:

  • Provide Accurate Results and Reading
  • Includes Map for the location
  • Info like Latitude and Longitude of the current location
  • Settings to change pre-settings

App Name
Axiomatic Inc.

6.) Smart Compass Pro:

This Smart Compass Pro is a really smart compass app. It always uses the camera of your mobile for the reality and real view. The Compass of the app will be able to work with both the orientation, Portrait, and Landscape. No matter which orientation you are using, but the heading will never change. The Metal detector also includes with it. It will help you to verify the magnetic field. Before using this app, make sure about the performance of your mobile. Because the fulfillment of the app may be varied with the device performance.

You can also enjoy the different modes of the compass. The modes are as Standard Mode, Telescope Mode, Night Mode, Digital Mode, Google Maps, and Google Maps (Satellite). As per your requirement, you are free to choose any of the modes for clarity. To change the orientation of the app, just tap on the three dots at the op right corner of the screen. Then, tap on the orientation. To capture the position, just tap on the Camera sign at the top of the display. With the tap, the image will automatically be captured.

Smart Compass Pro App

This app also offers you to share it with others using the possible ways. To do so, tap on the three lines at the left corner of the screen. It brings options for you, in which select the Share option. If you do not want to run the camera in the background of the app, then what to do? Just disable it by going into the Settings.

Features of the Smart Compass Pro:

  • Uses the Camera for A Reality and Real View
  • Works with Portrait and Landscape orientation
  • Standard Mode, Telescope Mode, Night Mode, Digital Mode, Google Maps, and Google Maps (Satellite)
  • Camera sign will automatically capture the click
  • Easy Sharing option with the Social sites and more
  • Disable the camera running in the background by going into the Settings

App Name
Smart Tools co.

Here, we are at the end of the whole discussion. In which, we have listed 6 Best compass apps for Android. All of these apps are readily available at the Google Play Store. So, to use any of them, just go to the Play Store, download it, and install it. You can also choose the best compass app by comparing with each other. The user’s ratings can also help you to opt the appropriate compass app for your Android smartphone.

That’s it!

We hope that from this discussion, you should get whatever you want to get about Compass apps. We also hope that this discussion will help you to pick up your favorite one compass app. If it helps you, then why do not you share it with other Android users for their advantage? So, also share this discussion of Best compass apps for Android with others. We always looking for the reviews and comments regarding the discussion.

Last Updated On: June 23, 2017

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