There are so many users, which have use so many application for entertainment, games and other use. There are also so many apps, by which you can get proper information about some particular topics. Here, we are also coming with the same topic, which may need you much. Yes exactly, here we will discuss the Best Weather Apps for Android, which are easily compatible with smartphone and tablet device.

By using these apps, you can stay connected with the latest weather information around your area. You can also get information about the hourly and daily weather. So, now take a look at Best Weather Apps for Android Devices.

Best Weather Apps for Android

Accurate Weather YoWindow App

The Accurate Weather YoWindow app is one of the best weather app for you as well as your smartphone device. It is one of the famous weather app among the most of smartphone users. The rating of users reviews of this app is so good, which is around of 4.5 out of 5.0.

It is featuring lots of features. It comes with a live landscape, which shows you the actual weather. For example, in a rainy season, you can see rains on the window. In cloudy season, the clouds are set at the window automatically.

Accurate Weather YoWindow App

It is also featuring the sunset as well as the sunrise event at the exactly time when it happens in nature. The best thing about this app is that you can also see the weather of a whole day. You can also get information about the weather of several days. By using this weather app, you will also be able to know all the weather information just by a click.

You can also choose your favorite landscapes for the screen such as Village, Town, Seaside, Airport, Sky, etc. This app has an easy user interface and is also easy to use an app for all. You can also set alarm clock according to the app. It shows the weather of your current location. Also of that, you can also search for another location.

Features of the Accurate Weather YoWindow App:

  • Easy user interface and easy to use app
  • Live landscape for actual weather
  • Get weather information about several days
  • landscapes option such as Village, Town, Seaside, Airport and more
  • Set alarm clock
  • Search for other location
YoWindow Weather and wallpaper
YoWindow Weather and wallpaper

Simple Weather App

The another best app for you is Simple Weather app. The users review ratings for this weather app is around of 4.1 out of 5.0. This app is designed with simple looking and obviously according to the Google’s Material design.

It is too good and simple app for the straightforward users. This apps contain the contents are Overview, Hourly Forecast, Daily Forecast, Maps, and Settings.

Simple Weather app

With the help of Overview option, you can get information about the current forecast along with predication of weekly. By using an option of Hourly Forecast, you will also be able to know weather condition hour by hour. This app is also easily compatible with the tablet device.

This weather app has a lack of some stunning features but is does not mean that it is not good for you. It also shows the chance of rain per particular city, that have managed by you. You can also set your city, to get an idea about the weather of it.

Features of the Simple Weather App:

  • Designed with simple looking and according to the Google’s Material design
  • Contents are Overview, Hourly Forecast, Daily Forecast, Maps
  • Get information about Current forecast, Daily Forecast, and Hourly Forecast
  • Compatible with Tablet devices
  • Manage your City

Weather Live Free App

The Weather Live Free is one another best app for you. The user’s review rating is around of 4.3 out of 5.0. It shows window as per the real-time condition of weather. It will give you 24 x 7 weather forecast without interruption. It also shows minimum as well as maximum temperature day by day.

It also shows the speed of the wind in some different units like mph, km/h, m/s. This app also gives an idea about the humidity condition.

Weather Live Free App

You can also get information about the sunrise, sunset, moonrise, and moonset time. This weather app also useful to know the temperature in Fahrenheit as well as in Celsius. It provides both the time format 12 hours and 24 hours. You can also set your favorite live wallpaper.

It will also provide you current weather condition of your location. You can also manage your city. This app will also work very well with Android Wear. By using this weather app, you will also get information about the weather of today, tomorrow or weekly.

Features of Weather Live Free app:

  • Automatically window set as per real-time condition
  • 24 x 7 weather forecast
  • Speed of Wind regarding mph, km/h and m/s
  • Information about Sunset and Sunrise
  • Compatible with Android Wear
Weather Live°
Weather Live°
Developer: Apalon Apps
Price: Free

Forecast Weather App

The Forecast weather is another good app for you, to get accurate information about weather. This app comes with a well user interface, and because of that, it is easy to use. The background window of this app will automatically change according to the real conditions of weather. So, you can feel like actually. You can also see more details about day by day weather.morecast app

It will also show forecasting about tomorrow as well as weekly weather conditions. If you are newer to the weather app, then this is a too best app for you. This app also shows all the information about all the weather condition, which are useful to you. It also consists of beautiful weather widgets, for customization of your device. This app will also contain weather graphs and weather maps as well.

Features of Forecast Weather app :

  • Accurate information about Weather
  • Easy to use app and good user interface
  • Backgrounds set according to the real weather conditions
  • Forecasting of tomorrow and weekly
  • Weather graphs and weather maps
  • Amazing Weather Widgets for customization

Weather & Radar - Morecast
Weather & Radar - Morecast
Developer: UBIMET
Price: Free

Weather Ultimate App

The Weather Ultimate is one of the best weather app. This app will work as a professional weather app. It is designed with simple and good-looking. You can get perfect weather condition for your current location, by just a one click. By using this weather app, you can get proper information about weather condition at any time. It gives you forecasting for next 5 days.

The Weather Ultimate app

The Weather Ultimate also contains some good widgets for your home screen. You can also use any for your device. But, the main and important thing is that if this app is stored on your external SD card, then you can not use any widget.

So, if you want to use widget then store this weather app in internal storage space of your device. You can also set a reminder about sunrise and sunset as well. It allows you to share weather information with your friends and relatives via Email and other ways.

Features of Weather Ultimate app:

  • Work as a professional weather app
  • Proper information about current weather condition
  • Reminder about sunrise and sunset
  • Easy sharing weather conditions with your friends and others via Email
Live Weather - Weather Radar
Live Weather - Weather Radar
Developer: Mobile_V5
Price: Free

Live Weather app

The Live weather is best weather app, to get precise weather information. It comes with an elegant and attractive user interface. It also shows the temperature detail, humidity, the wind and current weather conditions. By using this app, you can get perfect information about weather condition for 24 x 7. It consists of over 100,000 locations. It also has sunrise and sunset time for each and every city.Live weather app

It will able to give weather forecasting about next 4 days along with maximum temperatures. You can share your current location’s weather condition to others by using Email, messages and other social networking sites. It also contains 3 unique widgets for your device. For your simplicity, you can choose temperature unit from available options of Celsius and Fahrenheit.

Features of Weather Ultimate app:

  • An elegant user interface
  • Over 100,000 locations
  • 4 days forecasting
  • Share location through Email, message and others
  • 3 unique widgets
  • Temperature in both format Celsius and Fahrenheit
Live Weather
Live Weather
Developer: Sylvain Saurel
Price: Free

1Weather App

If you want a good-looking and perfect weather app for you and your device as well, then 1Weather app is absolutely for you. This is the weather app which shows accurate weather condition to you. It comes with features that attract you to use that app. It shows perfect time for sun and moon’s different phases. This weather app is also available in different 25 languages.The 1Weather app

It has a great user interface to use it. It is also featuring daily as well as weekly forecasting about weather condition. It also supports Android Wear. It can show current weather conditions and weather forecast for up to 12 locations chosen by you. It also shows some other conditions like Temperature, Wind Speed, Visibility, Humidity, Dew Point and percentage chances of rain. This app will provide you both the unit of temperature, Celsius, and Fahrenheit.

Features of the 1Weather app :

  • Perfect time for sun and moon’s different phases
  • Daily and weekly forecasting about weather condition
  • Correct weather forecast up to 12 locations
  • Android wear supported
  • Also conditions such as Temperature, Wind Speed, Humidity, Dew Point, percentage chances of rain and more
1Weather Forecasts & Radar
1Weather Forecasts & Radar

Accuweather App

This Accuweather app is the app, which available in 33 different languages only for your simplicity of use. It will provide you a correct and precise result of weather condition. This app is also able to give you forecasting for its well-categorized content. The contents are contained in the app such as current condition (now), Daily, Weekly, Maps and more.The Accuweather app

Now option gives you a current weather condition along with the Humidity, UV index, and Wind Speed. By the second option, you will get information about the weather condition with hour by hour details. It also shows daily forecast along with some information about the probability of rain, wind direction, the speed of wind and more. It also gives perfect time about sunrise as well as sunset.

Features of Accuweather:

  • Available in 33 different languages
  • Current, Daily and Weekly weather forecast
  • Weather condition along with Humidity, UV index, Wind Speed, Wind Direction and more
  • Perfect time for sunrise and sunset
AccuWeather: Weather Radar
AccuWeather: Weather Radar
Developer: AccuWeather
Price: Free

Weatherbug App

Another weather forecast app is available for you, and that is WeatherBug app. This is an accurate weather app, which gives you a proper information about weather condition. The user interface of this app is too attractive and good-looking. This app contains well-categorized contents such as Now, Details, Hourly and 10 Day. By using Now option, you can get information about the current weather condition of your existing location.

The WeatherBug app

With the help of Details, you can get insight about the wind speed, sunrise time, sunset time and more. While, the third option will able to give you weather information for hour by hour. This app can also weather forecast for next 10 days. It will also able to forecast for many of locations. You can also customize Android device by using its stunning widgets.

Features of the Weatherbug App :

  • Good looking User Interface
  • Weather Conditions for Current, Hourly and 10 days forecast
  • Attractive Widgets for device
  • Easy to use Weather App
Weather by WeatherBug
Weather by WeatherBug
Developer: WeatherBug
Price: Free

The Weather Channel App

The Weather Channel is best as well as a prominent weather app, to get correct weather conditions. This is the app, by which you can get correct information about weather of 24 x 7. This app consists of many options for correct weather such as Current, Hourly, Daily, Radar and Maps. This app also shows you Wind speed, Humidity, Dew point, Pressure and UV index data.The Weather Channel App

Also of that, it also gives information about sunrise time and sunset time as well. It also provides weather forecasting about next 15 days. It has an easy user interface, in which by just scrolling down the display, you can get all the proper weather information.

It ultimate Weather App For Android also contains videos about weather condition for the latest news about the weather. It comes with amazing background images. This weather app is easily compatible with both your devices, Android smartphone, and tablet.

Features of The Weather Channel App:

  • Correct information about weather of 24 x 7
  • Information about Wind speed, Humidity, Dew point, Pressure, and UV index
  • Forecasting of next 15 Days
  • Amazing background images
  • Weather videos for latest weather news

Here we have completed the discussion about the Best Weather App for your Android smartphone device. In this discussion, we have listed 10 Best weather apps, which is best for you. We hope that from above, you can easily choose your best weather app to alert about the weather conditions.

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