How do you term the Productivity? For the industry, it is termed as a rate of output per unit of input. But, when we try to mean the term productivity in our routine life, then? Then, the productivity might be called as the effectiveness of the effort for whatever work we are doing or about to do.

Nowadays, the smartphone has made all our lives very easy and fast forward. It can easily complete many of our regular work tasks. Also, some apps play a significant role to improve our effectiveness while making effort for completing such tasks. This will automatically increase our individual productivity in terms of completing the tasks.

To highly affect your productivity, here we have something to present. We will open up some Best Android Apps for Productivity. Yes, these apps will keen to help you all the way that improve productivity.

Best Android Apps for Productivity

Here you will have a list of Best Android Apps for Productivity. All the here listed apps will be your helping hands that make your effort more effective and productive.

The apps you are taking look here are readily available at the Google Play Store. All you need to do is visit the Play Store and download it on your mobile. For that, you do not need to pay anything as all the apps are free to download and use. It offers high compatibility with all the Android devices.

Smart Kit 360

Android Apps for Productivity - Smart Kit 360 App

Are you tired of using different apps for different tasks? Like, to see the to-do list, open the notepad, at the other end, you might need to open the calculator for some calculation. Likewise, there may be many tasks that you need to perform and for that, you have to move from one to another app. This quick action may hurt the system.

But, what if we suggest the best alternative that offers you all the option in one app? Yes, the Smart Kit 360 app can be your solution. This app is an all-in-one app that combines all the major apps in one app. By using this app, you can also free up the storage space.

In terms of the tools, it offers Productivity & Utility Tools, Calculation & Conversion tools, and Navigation & Measuring Tools. Under the Productivity & Utility Tools, you will get Notepad, Translator, Dictionary, File Manager, Cutter, Recorder, Flash, and many more options. You will also get other useful options under the remaining tools.

Alongside these tools, you can also have All Social Media apps, All World News, and All Shopping sites under the roof of this app. All the options work properly and accurately which will be helpful to you for maximum productivity related to your work. In short, it can be a great alternative that can replace more than 40 apps of your regular use.

Features of Smart Kit 360

  • All-In-One app combining all the major apps
  • Replace over 40 apps
  • Best tool to free up the storage
  • Productivity-Utility Tools, Calculation-Conversion tools, and Navigation-Measuring Tools
  • Productivity Tools offer Notepad, Translator, File Manager, Cutter, Flash, etc.
  • Calculation-Conversion tools have Calculator, Abacus, Currency, and Unit
  • Altimeter, Compass, Heart BM, Map, Leveler, Protractor, Ruler under Navigation-Measuring Tools
  • All Social Media apps, All World News, and All Shopping sites
Smart Kit 360
Smart Kit 360
Developer: Kafui Utils
Price: Free


SimpleMind app

If you want to organize all your thoughts with the help of the mind map, then the SimpleMind app is the best tool. Also, it helps you to recall the things that you need to complete. Alongside, it can also be the reason behind generating new ideas. This app comes with an easy-to-use approach and spontaneous design.

It offers lots of productivity-boosting features to help you. It can be proved handy in various applications like Business, Education, Legal, and more. This mind mapping app offers unique free layouts. Using the free layout, you can create the topics anywhere. You can have unlimited pages and elements to add in the mind map.

You can also apply some styles for the maps. For that, it lets you choose from Bright Colors, Soft Colors, Natural + Colors, Spring Levels, Aqua Levels, Black, Chart, and more. Also, you can customize the central theme style, main branch style, sub-branch style, and label style.

After adding the branches and sub-branches, it allows you to add the note in each. All the maps are shareable with your friends using the available sharing options.

Features of SimpleMind

  • Organize all your thoughts with the mind map
  • Easy-to-use Approach and Spontaneous Design
  • Productivity-boosting Features
  • Useful for various applications like Business, Education, Legal, and more
  • Unique Free Layouts with unlimited pages and elements to add
  • Choose from Bright Colors, Soft Colors, Natural + Colors, Spring Levels, Aqua Levels, Black, Chart, and more styles
  • Customizable Central theme style, Main branch style, Sub-branch style, etc.
  • Add note in each Main Branch and Sub-branch
  • Share using sharing options

TeamViewer for Remote Control

TeamViewer for Remote Control

Want to operate the PC from different location even without having the PC? If your answer is yes, then the TeamViewer for Remote Control app will bring that feature to you. With this app, you can have an easy, fast and secure remote access to computer, smartphone or tablet, even when you are not home.

With this app, you can control your desktop remotely by sitting in the bedroom using mobile. It offers the best support for all the computers running on Linux, Windows, and Mac OS. It allows you to share the screen. You can also transfer the files from mobile to PC and vice versa.

To control the PC from your mobile you need to install the TeamViewer for Remote Control app on your mobile. Also, you need to install the QuickSupport on the PC that you want to control. As you install the QuickSupport, it displays an ID. Enter this ID on your TeamViewer for Remote Control app on the mobile.

Likewise, you can screen the share of mobile to the PC by installing the QuickSupport app on the mobile. In terms of the security, it offers 256 Bit AES Session Encoding and 2048 Bit RSA Key Exchange.

Features of TeamViewer for Remote Control

  • An easy, fast and secure remote access to a computer, smartphone or tablet
  • Control the desktop remotely by sitting in the bedroom using mobile
  • Supports all the computers running on Linux, Windows, and Mac OS
  • Screen Sharing
  • Transfer the files from mobile to PC and vice versa
  • 256 Bit AES Session Encoding and 2048 Bit RSA Key Exchange Security
TeamViewer Remote Control
TeamViewer Remote Control
Developer: TeamViewer
Price: Free


Jorte App

Jorte is one of the best Calendar & Organizer Android Apps available on the Play Store with Editors’ Choice tag. It is available with more than 30 million downloads and this is what makes this app different. The Jorte is the best tool for personal use or for other that lets you manage the routine agenda.

On the main screen, you will get some sections like Today, Calendar, Functions, New, and Settings. For each date, you can add Event, Diary, and Tasks. To let you remind about the important events, it will be highlighted under the calendar. You can also switch to the Day View and Week view from Month View.

It lets you customize the Color, Background, Font, and Theme. For the color, you can have choices like Jorte White, Black, Peach Orange, Ocean Blue, Strawberry Milk, and more. You can also download the additional fonts.

For each event, it lets you set the reminder. This app offers National Holiday of all the country. The national holiday can automatically be updated in the existing calendar. The Premium version offers much more features than the free one. Also, it offers Password Protection to avoid unwanted access.

Features of Jorte

  • The Best Calendar & Organizer Apps with Editors’ Choice tag
  • More than 30 million downloads
  • The best tool for Personal use or for Other use
  • Manage the routine calendar easily
  • Add Event, Diary, and Tasks
  • Switch between the Day View, Week view, and Month View
  • Customize the Color, Background, Font, and Theme
  • Set the Reminder for each event
  • Offers National Holiday of all the Country
Jorte Calendar & Organizer
Jorte Calendar & Organizer
Developer: Jorte Inc.
Price: Free

Business Calendar

Business Calendar

If you are looking to have the perfect calendar that helps you in your business, the Business Calendar app is the best. It comes with the high standards, personalization, and the great sync ability with Google.

This app offers you the calendar with a different view. It allows you to have a calendar in Month View, Week View, Day View, and Year View. It offers a graphical and textual presentation of the holiday and its details.

The Business Calendar app lets you add the event based on the date. For the event, you can set the Reminder. Also, it offers privacy in terms of the Default, Private, and Public. The search option helps you while finding the events. You can also add the New Birthday with name and the date.

This calendar can also be viewed in terms of the agenda or the name of an event. You can also upgrade the service of this app by using the Premium version.

Features of Business Calendar

  • Perfect Calendar for the Businessman and Entrepreneur
  • Offers High Standards, Easy Personalization, and Great Sync with Google
  • Different view with Month View, Week View, Day View, and a year View
  • Graphical and Textual Presentation of the event
  • Add the event based on the date and its description
  • Set the Reminder for important events and dates
  • Agenda offers only dates with the holiday and events
Business Calendar
Business Calendar
Developer: Appgenix Software
Price: Free

So, what’re your formulae to increase the productivity with a minimal but effective effort? However, not everyone has the same belief, but you can definitely go along with the Best Android Apps for Productivity.

Afterward, do not forget to share your experience with us. Also, we appreciate your valuable suggestions and opinion.

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