Most of the users of a smartphone are wants to best apps in their smartphone devices, to stay connected with the World. There are also so many existing application on the market, by which you can easily link to the surroundings. There is also some apps are recommended by many of sources. There is also some features are offered by a most trusted and very popular search engine Google. One of the best services of the Google is “Google Now,” while the another is Google Now Reminders.

The Google Now is coming with the reminder feature. By using this reminder feature, you will never forget some special days for your family as well as staff members. This exciting feature of Google Now is easily compatible with the Android, iOS & also for desktop devices. With the help of it, you can also avoid some moments which already done with you. You can also search your desired search by saying only “OK Google” to your device. You can also set up a reminder by using your voice.

By using the Google Now Reminder, you can quickly set reminders for your important notes and also for other events. If you miss your favourite TV shows, using some reasons, but now just do not worry about it. Because the reminder feature also allows you to set a reminder for your favourite shows. But, the new users have some query about that how to set up a reminder on a smartphone. So, we have also solution about that issue. Here, we will also include the step by step information about the query. So, now take a look at an easy solution on how to set up Google Now reminder with your device.

How to set up Google Now Reminders in Smartphone

  • First of all, go to the “Google Settings” menu from your device.
  • After that, go to the option of “Reminders”

Google Now Reminders Option

You can also add, remove and edit the existing reminders set up by you. For that, you have to choose Reminders by selecting Menu icon on top left corner.

If you are iPhone user, then also you can use this setting for your device. Just follow the same procedure for your iPhone device. You can also edit and remove the existing reminders, on your iPhone device.

If you do not have used the Google Now service along with Reminder featuring yet, you should try it. It keeps all records for your to-do list and keeps you productive. We hope that the discussion about the Google Now Reminders and how to set it on your device will be very useful for you.

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