Setting a Goal is one of the essential activities that must be done by everyone. Whether you are a student, businessman, teacher, or other, the goal will always motivate you to effort some extra. As a student once set a goal you will automatically get the inspiration to reach the goal. The same thing can also be applied in the business to increase the overall profit. The goal can be of various types like calling someone, conveying a message to someone, taking medicine, and so on. So, to track all of the regular goals, here we are having a discussion on Goal-Tracking Apps For Android.

Best Goal Tracking Apps For Android

Here, this discussion provides you with the Best Goal-Tracking Apps For Android. This helpful guide will have 5 best apps to track your daily goals effectively. all the below-listed apps will help you to remember and complete your goal.

All these apps are readily available at the Play Store free of cost. So, by going there, download it. These apps are coming with high compatibility with all of your Android smart devices.

Best Goal Tracking Apps for Android

So, let us go through it to choose the best one.


To start with this Habitica App, you will have to pass through a little registration process. To stay motivated, this app will help you. Just you have to enter the daily goals like going to the gym, responding to emails, reading, following up, and so more.

This app is the best tool that helps you to complete your daily goals. In the app, you can add your habits, daily goals, and to-do list. To have some regular habits, you can also add them. For the notice of the To-do list, the reminder will help you.


In the app, to add anything related to your daily goal, tap on the + sign. As soon as you tap on it, some options will open like New Habit, New Daily, and New To-Do.

Features of Habitica

  • Stay Motivated with this App
  • Enter the Daily Goals to accomplish
  • The best tool to help you complete your daily goals
  • Add your habits, Daily goals, and To-do list
  • A reminder to notify you of the task
  • Easy and Quick access to add New Habit, New Daily, and New To-Do
Habitica: Gamify Your Tasks
Habitica: Gamify Your Tasks

Google Tasks

Google Task is also the best app which lets you track the goal to complete daily tasks. You can manage, add, and edit all the tasks from anywhere and at any time.

Just add the to-do tasks to the app and track it. It offers sync features to sync with Gmail and Google Calendar to complete the tasks. Also under each task, you can add sub-task too. You can add all the details that are necessary to do.

Google Task

The app lets you check the progress as you complete the sub-task. The task you have created in Gmail gets automatically synced with this app. To not forget the tasks, it allows you to add the due date. Also, set a Due Date notification reminder to track the goal or task completely.

Features of Google Tasks

  • Track the goal to complete the daily tasks
  • Manage, Add, and Edit all the tasks from everywhere and every time
  • Add the to-do tasks to the app and track it easily
  • Great Sync feature across the devices
  • Sync with Gmail and Google Calendar to track the daily goal
  • Add a sub-task under the task for simplification
  • Set the Due Date to accomplish the goal
  • Set a Due Date notification reminders
Google Tasks
Google Tasks
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

Time Planner

As the title suggests, the app provides you with the best way of planning your time for the whole day. Also, by using it, you can easily organize all your activities by managing each second. With the colorful and easy-to-use structure, time planning will be fun for all the users. No ads are coming while using this app.

You will get several activities to choose from Breathing Gymnastics, Walking, Laundry, Project, and many more. Under each category, you can add a task to optimize it properly. To track every task, you will also have a reminder to set.

Time Planner

Also, for the proper understanding, you can have a graph presentation, along with a calendar for a specific time. More than that, the app has a PIE chart presentation to get to know the % work of the added task.

The Settings option will allow you to change the pre-settings of the app. To have additional advantages of the app, there is also a Pro version available by in-app purchase.

Features of Time Planner 

  • Best Planning of Time
  • Organize all daily activities
  • Colorful and Easy-to-use structure and UI
  • Several activities like Breathing Gymnastics, Walking, Laundry, Project, and many more.
  • Add tasks Under each category to optimize it
  • Set Reminders to track every task
  • Graph presentation and PIE chart presentation of tasks
  • Changeable Pre-settings

Habit Tracker

The Habit Tracker is the best tool to keep track of all your day-to-day activities and habits. As you tap to add the habits, it offers many divisions to choose from Arts, Health & Fitness, Money, Social, Sex & Dating, and more. Also, it suggests choosing from Most Popular.

After choosing the relevant category, you can also add the name to that particular habit. Apart from this, it will ask you to set the target to create a new habit. You can set it as your own.

Habit Tracker

After doing so, for extreme tracking, you will have a calendar for each habit. Besides, it displays the Success % to get to know how much % you have succeeded in creating a new habit. To remember it, you can also set a reminder for all the days of the week. You can also add a note for the specific days.

It also allows you to edit the habit as soon as about to complete it. To let the World know your progress, share it on various social media platforms. You can also change the themes and widget themes of the app. It also lets you set the snooze length of the reminder. If you do not want to let anyone know any habits, set a PIN lock to make it secure.

Features of Habit Tracker

  • Track your day-to-day activities and habits
  • Categories to choose from are Arts, Health & Fitness, Money, Social, Sex & Dating, and more
  • Add the name, color, note in particular habit
  • Set the target to create a new habit
  • Weekly calendar and Monthly Calendar
  • Set a reminder to track
  • Share the progress on social media platforms
  • PIN lock for security
Habit Tracker
Habit Tracker
Developer: App Holdings
Price: Free

So, what about your goal-tracking process? How do you perform it? Which one is the best to go with? Share your experience below by leaving the comments.

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