authentication problem in wifi

How to Fix Wi-Fi Authentication Problem On Android

why wont my phone connect to wifi network? You might have seen this issue for public WiFi network. Sometimes your phone not connecting to wifi even if it’s your network. Well, in this article, we are going to discussing authentication problem in wifi network and how to fix that easily. Nowadays, smartphone devices are mostly used to access the internet. Most probably we are using it to browse facebook, chat with friends and surf the web. Generally, the internet by using …

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not registered on network

How To Fix Not Registered On Network Error On Android

Generally, the Samsung smartphone devices have been chosen by the most of the people around the world. One of the reasons behind it is that the Samsung device comes with amazing features. That’s why people choose Samsung mostly. But, sometimes in the Samsung and all other android devices, we get some error. Some errors like a slow response to touch, failure of registration on the network, camera error or play store error & so on. Among all the errors, network …

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What Does Archive Mean - By Swiping an Email from left to right

What Does Archive Mean in Gmail on Android

Nowadays, the Gmail a most useful email client for everyone. Most of the people are using the Gmail for their regular usage. It can be used for to sending or to receiving emails. But sometimes, because of dozens of emails, it is difficult to organize the inbox. At that time, always remember that the Gmail offers you some ways to organize the inbox. The popular way is Archiving, not useful emails, so we can check them out later. But, you might …

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How to cancel pandora

How to Cancel Pandora One Subscription

There are so many apps are available at Google Play Store. But, all they are only applicable for smartphone devices, which runs on Android OS. Among all the android apps, some of the apps are free, while some of the apps come with paid version. Some apps are also there, for which you should have to make the subscription. The Pandora One is also that type of android app. To use Pandora One app, users subscription is the must. But, …

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How to Access to Saved Pages on Android Device

Where Can I Find Saved Pages On My Android Browser

Generally, there are so many web browsers are used for internet access. Nowadays, all the smartphone or tablet devices come with one or two, default or pre-installed browsers. By using those browsers, the users can easily access the internet. Now, the some browsers will come with offline reading feature that allows you to read documents even when youa re offline.The feature is known as Save for Offline Reading. It means, by using this feature, you can save your favorite pages …

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How to open zip file in android

ZArchiver Helps you to Extract 7Zip Files Using Android

Basically, all the android smart devices have its own features.  But nowadays, there is also an amazing feature has been added to the smart devices. This Feature is known as “zip File”. The concept of zip File has already been used in computer world from many years. Here in this article, we will be discussing using Zarchiver to extract or create compressed file using android. In simple words, the zip file is a compressed file in which one or more files …

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How to Enable Download Booster in Galaxy Note 4 Device

How to Use Galaxy Note 4 Download Booster?

As we know, among all, the Samsung is one of the most trusted smart device manufacturer company. Till now, there are so many smart devices have been already launched by the Samsung. Still, it is working on the new device. The best thing about all the Samsung devices is that they all come with unique features. So, here we are also discussing the unique feature of Samsung Galaxy note 4, called as Download Booster. We will also discuss that how …

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What is cached data - hoew to clear it

What is Cached Data on Android Smartphone

Currently, there are so many people are using smartphone devices. They have also used so many apps according to their requirements. But, even after using smartphone device for many years, some users are also there who does not have any idea about some words. Some words like Force Stop, Cached Data, and much more. So, in this discussion, we will discuss that what is cached data on the android phone. What is Cached Data On My Phone This is the very …

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SANMIN Tempered Glass 9H Hardness Glass Protector

Best Tempered Glass Screen Protector For HTC 10

Generally, the safety and protection of the smartphone device is an important thing after purchasing any smartphone device. To protect the device screen, there is so many screen protectors and screen glass are available in the market. All the smartphone users have used the screen protector to protect the screen device. If you are a user of HTC 10 smart device and have a query that which screen protector is the best for the device, then this discussion is for …

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Spigen Neo Hybrid Samsung Galaxy S7 Premium Bumper Case

Spigen Neo Hybrid Case for Samsung S7

There are so many smartphone devices have been launched by the many of smartphone companies. The Samsung is one of the most trusted companies of most of the people around the world. Generally, the Samsung devices come with amazing features and specs. Recently, Samsung has launched its most awaited smartphone Samsung Galaxy S7 device. It also has great specs and features. But, in terms of protection Spigen Neo Hybrid Case is the best case for Galaxy S7 smartphone. Because the protection …

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