Water is undoubtedly the source of every life, but it’s also the reason behind the death of cell phones. So, are you exploring the internet to find the best solution and tips concerning what to do if your phone gets wet? Don’t worry; here are the tips and methods you can consider to minimize the damage that water can cause to your phone. 

Let’s start with a ubiquitous question that almost every smartphone user has in their mind…

Why Some Phones Survive Water Damage While They Are Not Waterproof?

Fact is, some smartphones are designed to turn off immediately when being put in water. So, such smartphones survive the water damage dramatically after they’re dried. Overall, not all smartphones are waterproof, even in 2019. However, some come with auto turn off programs to survive the water damages successfully. 

Well, no matter whether your phone is waterproof or not, there are the chances of circuit damage when it comes in contact with the water. So, here are some of the practical and useful tips that will help you in giving your smartphone a new life after dropping it in the liquid/water. 

5 Actions That You Need To Take If Your Phone Gets Wet

The internet is filled with a lot of tips and ways to recover a water damaged phone. However, not all those tech tutorials are that effective and may cause further damage to your phone. Mostly you will find that they are suggesting to put the wet phone into a rice jar. 

Well, that works, but there are negative sides to it too. So, here we will explain to you all such facts and methods to help you not get frustrated if your phone gets wet any time any moment in the near future. 

So, let’s start exploring them all one by one. 

Most Important Part: You Must Cut The Power To Prevent Damages 

If you’re wondering what to do if your Phone gets wet, the very first thing you should do is cut the power immediately. 

If you’ve dropped your phone accidentally into a pool, sink, or toilet, fish your phone out immediately. Right after that, disconnect the power as soon as possible. 

Furthermore, if you have a phone with a removable battery, just remove the battery to eliminate the power source. Otherwise, try to turn your phone off by power button of your phone if you find your phone panel still working after dropping it in the water. 

Disconnecting or turning the power off will prevent the electricity from making any contact with the water which is seeped into your phone. 

Plus, if you’ve dropped your phone somewhere in salt water, turn it off and give it a rinse in the freshwater stream. It will prevent the salt from settling inside your phone. 

Put Your Best Effort Now: Remove Whatever You Easily Can 

Start by removing the sim card of your phone. This is because even if your smartphone turns out to be a goner, you will be able to save your contacts stored on the SIM card. Furthermore, do the same with other accessories attached to your phone, like SD card, battery, and other parts. It will help you save all the crucial data that you’ve stored in your smartphone. 

Apply The Heat Now: Start Drying Your Phone Now

Go and get a towel so that you can dab away the moisture from your phone (if possible for you). Also, do the same with other parts and accessories of your smartphone, that’s sd card, battery, and other components. 

Now just put all these parts and accessories on another absorbent towel and let your phone rest too. Well, we know that you would be tempted to turn your phone on and check if it’s working. However, we suggest you don’t do that and let your phone have rest for at least one day or two. 

You should never use any hair dryer or any other appliance to dry out your phone. This is because it will result in electronics frying inside.

Furthermore,  some people will suggest you use a vacuum stick and suck out the moisture from the phone. Well, don’t do that as it will damage the static electricity of your phone. The best and safest course of action is to do nothing and keep patience. 

Think Twice: Putting Your Phone In Rice Is Not Always A Good Idea

Many internet pages suggest that stashing your moist phone in an uncooked rice bag for one or two days can effectively suck the remaining moist out of the smartphone. Well, the method is effective but please note that rice can leave sediment inside your phone. 

Alternatively, you can use a desiccant, and that can do the job correctly for you. Just take a pack of silica gel which is well packed inside dry clothes, or other boxes. They are best for handling moisture, and thus they can help you dry your phone out effectively. However, the only trouble is that you need lots of them for this purpose. So, either you can start hoarding the packets or order some from any online stores. 

Note: The last and final option is visiting manufacturer’s repairing center to deal with a wet phone. Also, you can turn to an outside service if you’re looking for some quick services. 


So, that’s all about what to do if your phone gets wet. We hope this guide has explained everything properly and you’ve dried your phone pretty well. Also, don’t try anything without knowing what’s the impact of that on your phone. Internet is flooded with lots of approaches and methods that actually fixes the issue, but that’s not a long run solution. So, do take care of that as well. 

So, that’s all for now and thanks for reading this post here at TheAndroidPortal. Do follow us to read more such posts & articles and stay updated with everything about Android.

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