Many users of Android gadgets are wondering what the RCP component on Android is. Well, the answer is not so simple, but we will make it for you. Let’s figure out all the necessary information about Android RCP components.

RCP stands for Rich Client Platform. It is a programming tool that developers use. So, if you are an average user of Android mobile phones, RCP is not for you. But If you are a developer, RCP components are something you should know. So, let’s dive into the main content on what RCP components are on Android and how you can use them.

What Are RCP Components On Android?

RCP component is a programming tool and belongs to a group of lower-level frameworks on your Android device. This programming tool allows developers to structure their applications on their previous computing platforms. It simply means that the developer does not need to develop an application from scratch. Because RCP allows the creation of applications without generating the tool first. It means developers just need to write the code and get the application done.

There are some independent software modules like mapping technologies, graphic tools, and others that run smoothly with the RCP software system. RCP components are very useful in creating and publishing the Android application without thinking about connections, compatibility, and other things. The key components of the RCP include the Microsoft interface language compiler, run-time libraries, header files, name service locator, etc.

Why Are RCP Components Seen On My Android Phone?

RCP components play an essential role in your Android phones. The apps combined with RCP components can work with many operating systems that help the app to be launched on different devices via RCP. Furthermore, RCP-based components make the developer task more accessible because they allow developers to create a full-fledged app without creating tools.

It’s more like creating the products without using the framework. In simple words, RCP components develop apps that are built into the operating system of your phone and are used to enhance performance and speed at the same time. These apps continuously work in the background and brace the operation of your smart device.

Can You Disable RCP Components From Your Android Device?

Of course, you can disable RCP components from your Android device. It means you can quickly disable the unfortunate apps and updates running in the background.

Furthermore, you can perform this task freely without harming any other apps and functions of your phone. Here are the quick steps to disable RCP.

Step 1: The most crucial step is to find the unwanted apps from the list of apps.
Step 2: Once done, tap on Edit and then click on Folder.
Step 3: You will see all the information related to an app on the screen.
Step 4: After that, tap on disable the icon, and you are done.

You have successfully disabled the unwanted apps that create problems in the smartphone’s system.

Can You Delete The RCP Components?

Well, the answer is No. No, you can’t delete the RCP components without rooting your smartphone. Many apps on your device may be part of Android. So, removing these apps can harm your device. But if you download or install RCP apps from the Google Play Store, you can quickly delete or uninstall them.

Many useful apps in your phone are embedded in the software, and deleting them from your is quite dangerous. These apps work in the background to increase the speed and functionality of your device. So, remove the unwanted apps, not the software or built-in apps.


So, in this guide, we have learned everything about RCP-type components on Android devices. The benefit of the RCP applications is the increasing compatibility with the devices that use common API.

That’s all for now, and thanks for taking the time to read this post on The Android Portal. We hope with this article you will learn everything about RCP components. If you found our article helpful, do follow us and stay tuned.

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